The Politics of Death & Collapse

Here’s how legalized vote manipulation is handled in the United States: States are redrawing every congressional district in the U.S.

This is the “normal” process for America. Redraw the lines every ten years to make it favorable to one party or another (Democrat or Republican). It’s a scam of the highest order. Americans who think they’re vote “counts” and that they have “fair representation” need to understand what machinations take place behind the scenes.

Politico also has a report on Trump’s Administration COVID-19 interference: Emails reveal new details of Trump White House interference in CDC Covid planning

This is why so many Americans believe Trump is a mass murderer. But this report is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many, many videos depicting Trump directly downplaying the pandemic and flat-out lying to the American people. The end result (so far) has been a quarter-million dead with more to come. The U.S. is still #1 for COVID-19 deaths officially and we can lay that directly at the feet of Traitor Trump.

He was too busy attempting to steal the election to give a goddamn about his own constituents, who are seriously over-represented in the nation’s death tolls and infection rates. That’s because they still believe in the fantasy connedspiracies, falsehoods and claims about the pandemic, vaccinations, treatments, distancing, testing, masks, etc.

Quite a few of America’s woes are related to this too – even our labor and driver shortage and product supplies disappearing. Most of the economic problems are because too many Americans ignored common sense advice, got sick and / or died, many others simply quit their jobs.

As of this week, the death rate for people with COVID-19 was 44.4 per 100,000 in counties that voted over 60 percent Republican in statewide races in 2020. By contrast, counties that went for Democratic statewide candidates by 60 percent or more have a death rate of just 6.8 per 100,000.

COVID-19 deaths are much higher in Washington’s Republican counties, analysis shows

There’s plenty of articles online to show the red wave of death and illness:

Deadly partisan divide: Gap between COVID deaths in red vs. blue counties larger than ever

‘Red COVID’? Coronavirus deaths are highest in counties with the largest share of Trump voters

In a truly bizarre twist of reality, Wyoming Republicans have decided to cancel Liz Cheney’s “Republican” position. She’s no longer a Republican – because she does not support Donald J. Trump.

In essence, the Republican party has fully embraced fascism, despite Trump losing the 2020 election (fairly). He is apparently, still the Great White Hope for the party and the millions of blood red Americans who think he actually represents their best interests. This level of delusion is truly mind-blowing, but it’s still getting worse post-election, post-lost – not better.

After all the crimes, misdemeanors, impeachments and high treason he committed while in office, to say nothing of all the criminal activity committed before taking office, this demonstrates clearly how a very large percentage of this county has lost its mind. Trump is a traitor to his country and to the U.S. Constitution as the evidence clearly shows, but his fans do not seem to care one bit about any of this and apparently, neither does the Republican leaderships either.

These are the politics of death, an Empire in the throes of internal strife and division, signs of the impending collapse are everywhere here. But it’s way, way worse then this here, politics and political backbiting, gerrymandering and voter suppression is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve already published numerous entries here about the partisan divides and the march towards civil war, this is still accelerating. I’ve experienced first-hand how hateful my fellow Americans have become, if you don’t support their warped ideologies, rabid racism, or religious fantasies, they’ll refuse to cooperate at any level.

These are signs of collective madness and collapse. Strangely, it appears very little is being done to counteract this internal conflict. I can only surmise that either nobody is taking this seriously enough or they’re too distracted to pay close attention. Law enforcement agencies are involved – but they’re part of the problem themselves, refusing to police their own ranks and deal with internal corruption and collusion with radical right-wing agitators.

Whatever fantasy world these ignorant fools are envisioning as a result of their betrayals and itchy trigger fingers, it won’t come about. It’s much too late for that. We’re all going to suffer, together.


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2 thoughts on “The Politics of Death & Collapse

  • November 18, 2021 at 11:19 am

    Throughout the western world politics is 90%-to-100% bullshit.

    It is very interesting for me that my son, who a year ago thought that Jacinda Adern was okay, now recognises that she is despotic and is causing mayhem. (Whether the burgeoning mayhem is deliberate or the consequence of ineptitude, is conjectural.)

    Meanwhile, whatever their politics, maniacs in power continue to orchestrate the conversion of anything remotely sustainable into that which is totally unsustainable.

    As for deaths from Covid, well we know that humans were at their peak of intelligence and health in the last phases of being hunter-gatherer -managed to build Stonehenge, a celestial temple, without calculators or iron tools, on the basis of knowledge acquired over hundreds of generations-   and we know that around 7 billion humans are going to starve to death or drown or overheat over the coming decade or so, so I am not worried if the process commences with some of the worst fuckwits on the planet.

    ‘Gaia’s Revenge’ is manifesting in ways that are going to bring the corrupt and unsustainable system to a fairly rapid end, if the flooding in B.C is anything to go by:

    ‘Food and toilet paper have been stripped from grocery store shelves across British Columbia as panic buying follows the realization Wednesday, Nov. 17 that the previous day’s Biblical flooding means road and rail connections with Vancouver and southwestern British Columbia could be disrupted for months.

    There are now worries of imminent hunger and empty fuel stations in communities cut off from resupply by road or rail, with hundreds of people still marooned and waiting for evacuation by Canadian Forces helicopters. Some communities are without water, sewage power and natural gas as winter temperatures threaten to freeze homes.

    Both the CN and Canadian Pacific main lines along the Fraser River are out of service and will require heavy reconstruction of bridges and railbeds. Vancouver, the country’s biggest port, is closed. Coal mined from the Rocky Mountains is piling up at loading terminals along the Continental Divide. Potash unit trains are backed up at mines in Saskatchewan. The Prairie grain harvest, which should be flowing West at peak seasonal volumes, is constrained to CN’s northerly route from Edmonton to Canada’s secondary Pacific port, Prince Rupert…..’

    Disastrous Flooding Cuts Vancouver Off From Rail, Road Service – Railway Age

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