The People Have No Rights

America’s northern neighbor, Canada has a long history of suppressing indigenous rights and taking over land for ‘development’. They’re not particularly nice about it either, utilizing heavily armed troops and the RCMP (police).

When Indigenous Assert Rights, Canada Sends Militarized Police

Like the United States, Canada is building its own Empire. To get there, they’re auctioning off land and resources while poisoning and polluting the environment. The people that live there are ignored, arrested or even killed when they protest their mistreatment, or when their towns are poisoned from toxic runoff and their children sicken and die.

It’s the same story all over the planet as the rapacious monsters in our midst and working in government all over the world simply bulldoze their way towards more riches.

I’ve read hundreds of stories like this, in Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, the Congo, and even in First World countries like Germany, Finland, Sweden and of course here, in the United States. If there are resources to be found there for profit, governments and corporations conspire together to steal it away from the current landowners. If there is any opposition, they either arrest, imprison or threaten the protestors, or even kill them.

Most Americans are at least a little aware of the Standing Rock protests that happened here that made national news, but they’re not much aware of the protests that have been ongoing all over the world. The American media pays scant attention to these conflict points that are destroying lives and ruining futures because they’re part of the same Empire that benefits from these actions. But it’s all part of the ongoing planetary destruction that is heavily contributing to climate change and global environmental ruin.

So far, nothing we’ve done has stopped this. For every tiny injunction or temporary success, a hundred more attacks against the environment are launched leaving behind toxic waste, poisoned water, widespread sickness and disease and a questionable future for those who are caught up in these conflict areas. The medical costs alone are now in the billions of dollars as people are slowly poisoned to death by the effluent and wastes from these operations polluting the air, water and soil. Everything from tar sands production to mining wastes are dumped wholesale into the larger environment, poisoning the air and water used by wildlife and communities. People get sick, people die, it generally just gets ignored.

How many people are aware of the mining dam failure that just occurred in Brazil? The ruined lives and drowned dreams in a sea of toxic mud? The hundreds of missing people that probably died?

The people have no rights. Not really. Not when the courts collude with the governments and the corporations behind all of this. Which is what most often happens. It’s why we’ve have such a toxic soup to live in today, no matter where you live, we’re all being slowly poisoned to death of past and present poisonings that were ‘authorized’ by the Courts.

Everything else is really just a sham. Treaties and Constitutions and Agreements pretend to protect the individual and the native peoples and the land which allegedly belongs to them. These documents pose as paper claims to ancient tribal lands for indigenous people all over the world. Most were hard fought and won with blood. But they’re often just as easily tossed aside and nullified today as it would be to make them a paper airplane and toss it out a window.

Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing can be preserved anymore. Nothing can be respected, protected and simply left alone. God forbid valuable resources are found in, on or under the ground, or even if a parcel of land just happens to be ‘conveniently situated’ for a pipeline, highway, tunnel, airfield, railroad or even a bombing range. If they want it – they’re eventually going to get it because they never stop coming after it, no matter what documents stand in their way.

The problem stems for broken agreements and dishonesty and deception being practiced in the Courts and by governments and corporations. Payoffs are common, but so is rampant corruption. What should be ironclad agreements to respect the rights of people simply aren’t. They’re ‘re-evaluated’ and ‘re-examined’ for clarity, for loop holes, for opportunities for exploitation, or they’re simply torn up and discarded if it suits these rapists. And nobody stops them. They’re no different then the rapists we put in prisons for violating the rights of men and women.

We think this shredding of agreements only happens in banana republics, but that’s simply not true. It’s happened everywhere, even here, time and time again. And as the people get pushed around and made poisoned and homeless, defrauded from the land and their rights, they sometimes push back. But usually, it’s never enough because they ultimately lack the resources themselves to push back indefinitely. And it’s very, very costly for them to take any kind of a stand at all. Even simple protesting with signs can get you arrested, jailed or even imprisoned. You can have you property taken away from you, lose your children, lose your job and be blacklisted for life. And when conflicts escalate to more the simple protesting, you might wind up losing your life has heavily armed ‘enforcers’ for the State show up to brutalize, torture and even kill the protesters.

It’s not fair and it will never be fair. It’s ugly, disgusting, brutal, violent and downright evil and immoral. The Wetiko spirit that inhabits these evil people is endless greed and they simply do not care how they get what they want, as long as they get it. This is what ‘civilization’ really is now. It’s greed. It’s a constant insatiable desire to take, take and take. It is the more and more and the business-as-usual and the status-quo and the never ending quest to further the Empire that is found in every town, city, State and Nation all over this planet. It’s a sickness and a disease that pretends to ‘care’ about the future while destroying the present and the possibility of a tomorrow. They endlessly claim that if they just have just a little bit more – there will be jobs, opportunity, growth, expansion, and development. But what we wind up getting is ruined future.

Not many people consider the real costs and what this will actually mean for the future when the entire planet has been turned into a cash machine, spitting out an endless array of products and poisons into the atmosphere, water and soil, infecting billions with an enormous array of toxins and wastes. Or how we are going to even live on this planet as we continue to drive up the global temperatures higher and higher, destroying our food supplies, driving species into extinction and making billions of people sick. All they can see is dollar signs, that greedy spirit that has permeated their minds and polluted their thinking. They don’t see or hear or even acknowledge all of the life that is being extinguished and ruined.

It’s very, very sad. I’ve seen quite a few documentaries now that show the bottom of the sea floor all around the world that looks just like a garbage dump. I’ve seen children and orphans, mothers and fathers picking through enormous heaps of garbage to try and glean a meager living by sorting waste. I’ve seen the devastated forests and moonscape results of ruined habits after they’ve been razed down, burned up and consumed in a fit of greed. Do people even care what is happening? Do they even really know that we’re driving our entire civilization towards self-extinction?

I don’t think that they do, and I don’t that that they care. Only the now and this moment and how to get through this week seems to be what is on most peoples minds as they uselessly spend away their empty shallow lives staring at screens. They’re not the ones razing the forests and polluting the skies anyway, it’s their corporate masters and governmental overlords that are really the greedy ones, trying to fit in all the needs of a over-populated, highly distracted and deeply divided planet.

But we’re most definitely part of the problem too, because we continue to line up at the trough and devour what they offer, and we’re doing little to nothing to change any of that. Nor are we trying very hard to put a stop the global planetary destruction that sustains us. I think we inherently know that we do not have any rights and that there isn’t a lot that any of us can really do. I think we know that and we have resigned ourselves to just trying to survive on an increasingly stupid and crazy world.

But I also think that we have given up far, far too easily.

And I don’t think we should.

I think that we should rebel at every opportunity and in every place where we can. It would be a start.

If we really finally learned to care about the future.

What will you do?

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