The Past, The Present, The Future

There is almost nothing worth posting online anymore. Most of the garbage I’ve been reading is designed to keep you distracted, disillusioned and constantly brain dead, feeding you a never ending drip feed of useless information.

This is why there has been few updates here.  No point in passing on more of the illusionary crap that passes for ‘news’ these days.  I’ve no interest whatsoever in being a part of the infotainment distraction.

But this however, is worthwhile:

Will Americans FINALLY wake up to the chasms of deception that have brought this country to near ruin?

And if they did, if they finally removed their blinders, and opened their eyes, what happens then?

Will they rise up and overthrow their plantation masters?

Or will they continue to attend state sanctioned protests and picket lines, begging for more crumbs?


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