The Methane Threat

Andrew Glikson has published a warning: Methane and the mass extinction of species

Everyone should read it. The sudden methane release (imminent), and the rapidly escalating risk of methane already occurring destines the Earth to a non-livable near term future (in your lifetime).

Glikson points out that several major countries are still hell-bent on both oil and coal exports. This will of course, utterly negate the misleading “zero emissions” claims and paper exercises for a “clean economy“. Civilization will never have a zero-emissions economy under any of the proposals being examined today, it is a factual impossibility.

It is a certainty that this warning will be ignored as have all the previous ones. The handful of voices in the world that are desperately trying to warn the world’s leaders that we are plunging headlong towards extinction are being broadly neglected.

What most people don’t seem to understand is what this means. Life is going to get really, really difficult going forward. As the global environment collapses, so will the life support systems for humans. Everything that we depend on to keep us alive, comfortable and safe. Virtually all of it is at-risk and accelerating fast towards having none of it.

The focus on transient and mundane and irrelevant issues “of the day” dominate the snooze cycle within the media. But none of these things are truly important. An existential threat to the future survival of our entire species is unfolding right now. It is being mostly ignored, and what scant attention it has received is downright pathetic.


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  • May 31, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Spot on. I couldn’t have said it better.

    We have been facing the existential threat of rapid release of methane and severe overheating for a long time -Natalia Shakova (University of Alaska) was in tears when she highlighted the potential for meltdown (back in 2011 from memory). That’s ‘only’ ten years ago.

    I first became aware of the danger methane posed in the year 2001, via a documentary ‘The Day the Sea Caught Fire’, and began writing about the threat that methane posed that year.

    As with all warnings, mine was ignored. And I was vilified for even daring to suggest that Industrial Civilisation had a grim future at best, and very likely no future at all.

    Even as parts of NZ face water shortages and others are under unprecedented amounts of water, the corporate media continue to promote everything that makes matters worse faster! Tourism, motor racing, corporatised sport, rampant consumerism…

    And the government has no answers for anything that matters, of course. So it gets by from day to day via egregious lying.

    I remember how, back in 2005 how ‘clean coal’ was going to be our saviour. Then it was ‘the hydrogen economy’. Then it was ‘the biofuels economy’ that was going t be our saviour. Then it was fracking to acquire ‘clean burning natural gas’ that was going to save us.

    I haven’t heard much about ‘clean coal’ lately. I don’t know whether me jumping on Genesis Energy for promoting coal as ‘perfect for cleaning carpets’ had any effect. I like to think the stink I raised and lambasting senior executives had some effect, since they did stop the bollocks shortly afterwards.

    But now we’re back to ‘the hydrogen economy’ and electric cars and windmills being ‘the saviours of Industrial Civilisation.

    How many windmills do we need? 50,000. No problem! We’ll make them and install them at the rate of 3 a day for the next 50 years. Or 30 a day for the next 10 years. Better make that 50 a day for the next for the next two years, just in case a few break down..

    That’s just to supply NZ, of course.

    And if they don’t produce the required results we can always expend 10 to the power of 12 megajoules building rockets to mine asteroids and build bases on the Moon and Mars etc. so we can acquire rare minerals to make more solar panels and higher efficiency electric motors etc.

    “It’s all bullshit. And it’s bad for you.” -George Carlin

    • May 31, 2021 at 3:32 pm

      It’s all non-stop lies. Either deliberately in many / most cases, or by ignorant people who have (still) failed to look in to what it takes to build these energy technologies. They’re being lied to, and they’re repeating the same lies, ignorantly or knowingly. They’re all technologists, convinced that after thousands of years of progress and development, Utopia is just around the final corner. Meanwhile, their devices continue to destroy the habitability of the biosphere, faster and faster.

      Admitting to the truth is harder then perpetuating a lie. This is actually why civilization will fail. There is no truth. No honesty. No admission of guilt, blame, or responsibility. Civilization destroyed the human future, but who will admit to this fact? Nobody – instead, more civilization and more development must be the answer!

      “Humans can’t change the climate!”

      “God will never allow that to happen!”

      “We can always solve our problems!”

      “The next Ice Age is coming!”

      “Climate change is a liberal hoax!”

      “The planet isn’t warming!”

      “Carbon dioxide is good!”

      Here in America, we are surrounded by stupid. Stupid permeates everything. Stupid governs decisions, stupid makes money, stupid ignores everything else. Stupid predicts a bright, profitable future. Stupid proclaims the rightness of their cause. Stupid claims patriotism, stupid practices hatred, stupid brandishes guns, stupid kills children. Stupid claims more is always better. Stupid thinks greed is good. Stupid embraces lies, connedspiracies and quacks.

      America is, by and large, stupid. Stupid people elect stupid politicians who listen to stupid ‘advisors’ who embrace stupid policies and even stupid ‘science’. When you realize that this is also called ‘best practices’ you’ll finally understand just how incredibly stupid this all is.

      Stupid thinks that space travel is a reality, that there are trillions of tons of free and available resources just ripe for the picking to be plundered and pulverized and brought back to Earth. Stupid thinks that energy is ‘free’ and carries no consequences at all, that carbon dioxide is good for the plants and trees and that more is always better.

      Stupid even sees all the ice-bound regions as just obstacles to more growth, more energy resources, more ‘opportunities’ and more wage-slavery. Stupid wants to line up and enslave themselves to these new opportunities, buy shit they can’t afford, build enormous debts and work themselves to death at jobs they ultimately wind up hating. Stupid believes that the economy has to constantly grow, and that population should always be increased, and that if humanity tries just a ‘little bit harder’, pushes forward just a little bit more, that all the problems of the world will finally be solved. Stupid believes that money is the cure for everything.

      Stupid believes in the ‘rightness’ of their ’cause’ and the moral ‘superiority’ of their race / ideology / religion / society / civilization. Stupid will stand on that last island and chop down the last tree and proclaim themselves ‘victorious’ over nature while their own children lay dead, dying and gasping for clean air to breath.

      Stupid will destroy the human race, of this, I have no doubt whatsoever. Examples abound, you can’t step out of your home, turn on the television, surf the StupidNet or even take a breath without running gob-smack into escalating levels of ‘stupid’, rising rapidly, everywhere. There is no escaping this, there is no place to go, no place to hide, no place to run, no where to find, stupid will be there, in power, controlling, ordering, demanding, using, consuming, devouring and destroying everything. Stupid will insist on their ‘authority’ and their ‘demands’ and even stupider people will keep going along with it.

      I have to laugh at the morons that are convinced aliens are about to be revealed (or visiting us). Why would they? If they dropped by, all they would have found was a backwards, self-destructive, arrogant and hateful species hell-bent on shitting in their own nest, destroying their only home and convincing themselves that their endless lies and rampant deceptions were finally going to all come true. If this sounds like ‘religion’ to you – you’d be right.

      Civilization has become a religion of the worst kind, deceptive, manipulative, controlling and destructive. Any alien visiting would immediately send out a Universe Alert Code Red that a dangerously stupid species inhabits the third planet from the sun in the corner of the Milky Way Galaxy and should be avoided at all cost, we will self-destruct soon enough, no intervention required.

      (precursor to this rant is our ‘national holiday’ today – endless levels of propaganda and constant promotion of historical dishonesty to provide a steady stream of willing sacrifices for Empire which we are instructed to ‘celebrate’ for the “cause of freedom” by engaging in beer and gluttony. Stupid embraces these lies and passes them on to their children to be the next sacrifices, institutionalizing the deception).

      • May 31, 2021 at 7:15 pm

        It reminds me of what Bill Mollison (co-founder of permaculture, along with David Holmgren) said about humans and space travel: [even of it were possible, which it isn’t] “We would not be welcome anywhere in the Universe.”

        I read the phrase ‘plague of greedy apes’ on a blog about a decade ago. I’ve never forgotten it.

        Q. Are humans smarter than yeast?

        A. Some are but most aren’t.

        And the majority decide what happens.

        I’ve known for a long time that I’m living on the wrong planet -the Planet of the Greedy Apes.

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