The Men Who Made Us Fat

There’s an interesting article in the Guardian about why waist lines have exploded so rapidly. We’re in a new age of obesity. How did it happen?

The shift has not happened by accident. As Jacques Peretti argued in his film The Men Who Made Us Fat, food companies have invested heavily in designing products that use sugar to bypass our natural appetite control mechanisms, and in packaging and promoting these products to break down what remains of our defences, including through the use of subliminal scents. They employ an army of food scientists and psychologists to trick us into eating more than we need, while their advertisers use the latest findings in neuroscience to overcome our resistance.

I’ve always contended that they have “poisoned our food supply” and this definitely backs this up. Maybe it’s not the poison you thought it was, after all, it “tastes good”, but it is causing enormous health issues all over the world, particularly in developed countries where we consume trillions of tons of this stuff.

Most food storage companies follow lock-step with this recipe of death. Seriously – you are buying the same toxic garbage as what is found in the snack aisles. It’s one of the reasons I stopped promoting this kind of food, it’s unhealthy and it’s not real food. If you do have food storage – you need real food, not junk.



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