The List of Traitors Who Acquitted Trump

Here’s how each senator voted for the 2nd Trump impeachment acquittal. A “Y” vote was the same as “Guilty” of high crimes and misdemeanors which was obvious even to the most dense elected official. A “N” vote was “not guilty” and a vote for acquittal.


Senator Vote
Tammy Baldwin, Wis. Y
Michael Bennet, Colo. Y
Richard Blumenthal, Conn. Y
Cory Booker, N.J. Y
Sherrod Brown, Ohio Y
Maria Cantwell, Wash. Y
Ben Cardin, Md. Y
Tom Carper, Del. Y
Bob Casey, Pa. Y
Chris Coons, Del. Y
Catherine Cortez Masto, Nev. Y
Tammy Duckworth, Ill. Y
Dick Durbin, Ill. Y
Dianne Feinstein, Calif. Y
Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y. Y
Maggie Hassan, N.H. Y
Martin Heinrich, N.M. Y
John Hickenlooper, Colo. Y
Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Y
Tim Kaine, Va. Y
Mark Kelly, Ariz. Y
Angus King, Maine Y
Amy Klobuchar, Minn. Y
Patrick Leahy, Vt. Y
Ben Ray Luján, N.M. Y
Joe Manchin, W.Va. Y
Ed Markey, Mass. Y
Bob Menendez, N.J. Y
Jeff Merkley, Ore. Y
Chris Murphy, Conn. Y
Patty Murray, Wash. Y
Jon Ossoff, Ga. Y
Alejandro Padilla, Calif. Y
Gary Peters, Mich. Y
Jack Reed, R.I. Y
Jacky Rosen, Nev. Y
Bernie Sanders, Vt. Y
Brian Schatz, Hawaii Y
Chuck Schumer, N.Y. Y
Jeanne Shaheen, N.H. Y
Kyrsten Sinema, Ariz. Y
Tina Smith, Minn. Y
Debbie Stabenow, Mich. Y
Jon Tester, Mont. Y
Chris Van Hollen, Md. Y
Mark Warner, Va. Y
Raphael Warnock, Ga. Y
Elizabeth Warren, Mass. Y
Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I. Y
Ron Wyden, Ore. Y


Senator Vote
John Barrasso, Wyo. N (traitor)
Marsha Blackburn, Tenn. N (traitor)
Roy Blunt, Mo. N (traitor)
John Boozman, Ark. N (traitor)
Mike Braun, Ind. N (traitor)
Richard Burr, N.C. Y
Shelley Moore Capito, W.Va. N (traitor)
Bill Cassidy, La. Y
Susan Collins, Maine Y
John Cornyn, Texas N (traitor)
Tom Cotton, Ark. N (traitor)
Kevin Cramer, N.D. N (traitor)
Mike Crapo, Idaho N (traitor)
Ted Cruz, Texas N (traitor)
Steve Daines, Mont. N (traitor)
Joni Ernst, Iowa N (traitor)
Deb Fischer, Neb. N (traitor)
Lindsey Graham, S.C. N (traitor)
Chuck Grassley, Iowa N (traitor)
Bill Hagerty, Tenn. N (traitor)
Josh Hawley, Mo. N (traitor)
John Hoeven, N.D. N (traitor)
Cindy Hyde-Smith, Miss. N (traitor)
Jim Inhofe, Okla. N (traitor)
Ron Johnson, Wis. N (traitor)
John Kennedy, La. N (traitor)
James Lankford, Okla. N (traitor)
Mike Lee, Utah N (traitor)
Cynthia Lummis, Wyo. N (traitor)
Roger Marshall, Kan. N (traitor)
Mitch McConnell, Ky. N (traitor)
Jerry Moran, Kan. N (traitor)
Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Y
Rand Paul, Ky. N (traitor)
Rob Portman, Ohio N (traitor)
Jim Risch, Idaho N (traitor)
Mitt Romney, Utah Y
Mike Rounds, S.D. N (traitor)
Marco Rubio, Fla. N (traitor)
Ben Sasse, Neb. Y
Rick Scott, Fla. N (traitor)
Tim Scott, S.C. N (traitor)
Richard Shelby, Ala. N (traitor)
Dan Sullivan, Alaska N (traitor)
John Thune, S.D. N (traitor)
Thom Tillis, N.C. N (traitor)
Pat Toomey, Pa. Y
Tommy Tuberville, Ala. N (traitor)
Roger Wicker, Miss. N (traitor)
Todd Young, Ind. N (traitor)

Store this list somewhere where you will remember it. Make sure none of these traitors are ever re-elected to any position anywhere. None of these traitors upheld their Oaths of Office and once again, betrayed the entire country. Quite a few of them didn’t even bother to fully attend the impeachment trial, having already made up their minds beforehand. And bizarrely, they refused to allow witnesses, making this not a trial, but a judicial joke.

The evidence against Donald J. Trump was absolutely overwhelming (my wife watched every minute of the trial), yet justice was not served and therefore, there can now never be any “reconciliation” or phony claims of “unity” with these traitors, ever.

Even Mitch McConnell admitted Trump was guilty, yet still voted to acquit. He’s dead wrong on whether or not Trump could (now) be held responsible since he is now out of office. This is the same as saying that crimes committed while IN office are unprosecutable if the trial is held after the term of office has expired, which is exactly what happened. Nobody is above the law, in or out of office. To suggest otherwise it be complicit in the crimes committed.

So far, the Republican leadership has proven that criminals in office can do whatever the hell they want if they have their party’s support. They’ve refused to perform their lawful duty and hold these criminals accountable for their actions, whether they’re still in office or now out of office. There is no justice in that and never will be. They’ve now set a exceedingly dangerous precedent: If Biden or any other President commits a crime near the end of their term, they should be automatically acquitted if the trial takes place after their term has expired.

Of course, this makes no sense whatsoever, but this is the position held by these traitors to the Constitution and the American people. Voting these bastards out won’t be enough. For starters, they need to be blacklisted for life for everything by everyone. Let them go to Russia where Putin will welcome them with open arms, declaring “Well done, my faithful servant”.


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