The Lies of War

I just received the Anti-Empire report in the mail. A careful read is in order, and a “must watch” of this:

Humanitarian War in Libya: There is no evidence

The circular reference to non-documentable “crimes” as justification for war is worth paying quite close attention to. This is exactly what happened with the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

The information supposedly coming out of Iraq was never verified (ie, “yellow cake”, “weapons of mass destruction”, “killing babies in incubators”, etc.), but the invasion took place anyway. Now, one million plus lives dead later, we all know that the stories that surrounded Iraq were absolute lies. Totally 100% fabricated.

Notably, the American media is far too stupid to do this type of investigation, relying instead on innuendo and lapdog salivating for crumbs at the feet of the White House.  Embedded means “inept”, just in case you didn’t know.

Lazy and inept, the American media will never report the startling fact that justification for war and the destruction of yet another (oil rich) country has utterly ignored this: “there is no documents” (watch the video) from the very source that actually got this war started. These sock puppets are too busy congratulating each other and pretending to be “journalists” to bother.


Nobody is questioning whether or not crimes have been committed, but the justification for war, including flying tens of thousands of aerial bombing strikes, and destroying thousands of lives is not there.

We must ask ourselves — who here has committed the real crimes? Another (oil rich) country now lies in ruins. Again.

Read and (absolutely must watch): The Assassination of Gaddafi (with video, Corbett Report).

Do not move to an oil-rich country (that includes Texas by the way). Do not move to a mineral-rich region either. Do not “resist” the Empire if you do. Be prepared to endure lies, deceptions, deceit and death of your fellow citizens, your family, your friends, should you refuse in any way any of the ridiculous demands made by the puppet masters. Don’t plan on living long either.

To all Americans – your country is a death machine, endlessly churning our reams of charred bodies, weapons of mass destruction and endless global suffering. If you do not yet realize this because you are a victim of a public education, media brainwashing and television programming, then read some history and get the facts. Kill your television.

Also read Steven Lendeman’s articles: Libya: War Without End, Obama’s Legacy of Shame. There are thousands more sources available for anyone who wants to wake up.


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