The Land Of Zombies

According to this study, Extreme Weather Can’t Change Climate Change Beliefs, even hurricanes will not change beliefs about climate change.

Those in denial stay in denial, no matters how fast the waters rise.

So this is going to mean what I’ve long suspected. Nothing much will actually get done about climate change, thereby committing the world to absolute, total catastrophe. There will be endless talk and discussion and a little action, but overall, we will refuse to accept reality.

We’re just too damned comfortable to really want to change. Life has been too easy. And we’re going to hold onto it for as long as we possibly can, even if it kills us all.

Don’t believe me? Read this:

Specifically, they found support for general adaptation planning increased by one-tenth of 1 percent among people who had experienced severe weather during the previous month. This small increase faded to zero among those whose most recent experience with extreme conditions was longer than one month earlier.

That number is exactly the same number I have used regarding who was preparing and who was not. It was estimated by me years back that it was just 1/10th of 1% who were making any kind of preparations.

I still support Food Assets. We’ve sold exactly 1 order as a result of the hurricanes in Texas and Florida so far. Just 1. It’s a very strong indicator that denial runs rampant, “it won’t happen to me” sort of attitude. But this study goes much further, it reveals that the general population who actually experienced severe weather the month before was just 1/10 of 1% who then belatedly chose to prepare (after the fact). But that only lasted for one month and then faded to zero.

I’ve also heard from another survival blogger – he’s experiencing the same type of apathy. Virtually NOTHING will wake people up to the unfolding catastrophe. People read the information and just ignore it. It’s like living in a land of zombies.

Collapse is unfolding faster and faster now and we fully intend to do nothing at all, not even try to save ourselves.

So I’ll spell it out – this means that almost nobody is really preparing. Those that don’t remain 100% dependent upon somebody else to help them out when disaster strikes. This creates a massive strain at an impossible level upon aid agencies. And if they can’t provide sufficient support, then all these zombies will turn towards those who do have preparations.

Within a few years from now, climate chaos is expected to be so bad that superstorms and droughts will be everyday events. All the summer ice in the Arctic will be gone, the Jet Stream will have stalled and whatever “weather” is occurring will go on and on and on. So whether it is drought or deluge, ice or snow, windstorms or tornadoes, they’ll be bigger and in some cases, last much longer. And the failure of hundreds of millions to prepare for any of this means they will be heavily impacted.

Climate chaos is now a fact of life. Hunger, thirst and devastation will be ‘normalized’ into the American vernacular.


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