The Irrevocability Of Our Demise

Obviously, I have had nothing to post. Or to be more honest, I dared not. Because I’ve nothing good to say about any of the absolute garbage I’ve been reading.

I’m not interested in any of the latest gobbledygook “news” that has been making the rounds. It’s the same garbage as before with the same kind of rampant dishonesty that is so common now. The connedspiracies about the Notre Dame fire, the Sri Lanka bombing, yesterday’s “missed Rapture” (imagine that), and the Mueller Report are just more useless distractions for the brain dead masses.

What really matters in a normal, decent and responsible world doesn’t matter (at all) any more. That’s all long, long gone now. Truth is utterly dead. Important news about world events, national issues and unfolding circumstances that affect us all continues to take a back seat in the major media news cycle of pablum and circuses. That’s why the devastating fires in Mongolia, the incredible loss of mammals on the planet, or the unfolding climate emergency that will drive humans into near-term extinction continues to be ridiculed, derided and ignored. We’ve utterly lost our ability to be discerning individuals.

It seems like the more something is proven in the realms of science, environment, or climate change, the more vehemently it is denied by the idiotic stupidsphere. I would have NEVER believed that the crescendo of brain dead STUPID could get this bad if you had told me it would happen like this just two years ago. And even now, I don’t think we’ve actually hit rock bottom, not yet. Not after seeing what I’m seeing.

The comments that follow the article linked above (and many thousands more that are just like it over the last year) are the reason why humans are going to utterly fail to save themselves. Of that, I have no doubt at all.

The stupidity, arrogance, willful indifference and endless distractions to endless layers of total irrelevant bullshit are now the driving forces influencing our species and the decisions we’re making. Nobody is immune to this virulent brain disease. Not our politicians, our governments, or the media. The public at-large is generally totally inept and incapable of even recognizing how distracted and mislead they’ve become.

We will never do the “right thing” based on actual evidence we’ve seen when this evidence challenges our preconceived notions or our confirmation bias (or our pockets). We’d rather just be entertained to death while stupidly speculating about utterly useless bullshit. Stupidstitions are now rising higher then ever, affecting even the highest offices in the world, and when none  prove to be true (not a single one), the escalating atmosphere of deception and dishonesty continues to rise higher and higher.

There can only be one place where this all winds up. This house of cards and global deceptions will eventually crash down and fail very badly. Even within the areas of interest that I tend to follow, I’m seeing gross distortions and seriously watered down reporting, also avoided the real meaning behind the news. What is actually MEANS. What it INDICATES. What is actually HAPPENING and WHY.

Apparently, the editorial filters are so good these days that nothing of real substance is going to be shared with the reading public. Rampant, wide-spread stupidity and dishonest reporting is what is going to kill our species as we gobble down the tasteless garbage deemed ‘fit’ for public connedsumption.

Yeah, I warned you. I don’t have any thing good to say. I’ve been reading a really wide array of news and reports on a daily basis, but one thing really, REALLY stands out to me as I digest more and more of these stories. NONE of them want to state what I believe should be stated in no uncertain terms – what is unfolding in our world today is just like when the water rushes out before a massive tidal wave strikes. All the signs are there. The water is rushing out, the economy is contracting, the media is lying, the harvests are dying, the environment is diminishing, the scientists are lying, the politicians are deceiving, the distractions are rising, and the ignorance about what is going to happen is rampant.

There is a MASSIVE deception unfolding on the world right now. I stupidly thought that as we got closer and closer to our collapse that we would all come to recognize this and even take personal actions to mitigate our own personal vulnerability, but that is definitely wrong. The denialsphere has ensured that this isn’t going to happen, not even close.

This is in fact, the only reason I’m even bothering to write this post on this blog – to admit my own errors here. We’ve stepped back from the edge, but only in our own minds. The precipice isn’t where we thought (or where we’ve been told). We’ve have already taken that final, fateful, irrevocable plunge over the edge – and everybody else is lying about this. And there is absolutely nothing that is going to change this fact.

If I were to title this post (which is not actually required, but I did it anyway), I would title it the “irrevocability of our demise” because that is exactly what I sense is unfolding now. We’re not even able to have an honest conversation about this topic anymore. My own personal assessment of what I’ve absorbed in the water-down news “cycle” of the state of the world today is that we are well and truly fucked – far, far beyond what is actually being reported and permitted into print.

That’s all I have to say.






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4 thoughts on “The Irrevocability Of Our Demise

  • April 25, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    I would have to agree with you that anything that comes out of the MSM is just bread and circuses at this point. The only sources I trust are the stuff you post, Doomstead Diner, Arctic News, Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Center and a few others. If I watch MSM I just end up yelling at it for the lies it tells (or the truth it omits to tell). Even most collapse sites don’t want to say we have to lose about 6 out of 7 people IF WE WERE TO AVOID extinction – and even then it’s problematical with what Climate Disruption is starting to throw at us. I truly don’t think we have years left, all that is left is for the system to collapse in a cascade as Korowicz postulated in his paper a number of years ago.
    I still generally trust Climate Scientists to publish accurate scientific articles, but when they talk to the media I think they pull their punches and don’t state how dire they personally see the situation (that or they too are consumed with Normalcy Bias).
    I still think you should keep blogging, but it can get depressing being one of the few who get it.
    (I did look at the comments to the article you linked to. Not surprised since the article was posted on Yahoo and I would expect the comments to be from Trump Brain idiots).

    • April 25, 2019 at 4:58 pm

      I’ve reached the end of the rope here. I’ve said that before, and came back, more then once, but I got devastating news today that makes it look final this time. The problem is – I’m not allowed to tell anyone what I know. So it sounds like bullshit, but it’s not. I do not lie to people. Not here, not anywhere. But I’ve stopped expecting anything from anybody because I’m generally let down.

      Something is definitely going on in the climate science realm. I think they’re pulling their punches big time. Or it’s the media outlets that vet their articles doing it for them (making sure we only get digestible pablum). I want to scream from the rooftops that anybody who is not prepared for the collapse is on a suicide path, but nobody is listening anymore.

      • April 26, 2019 at 2:38 pm

        I’m sorry to hear this may be the end of Survival Acres (just discovered your website this year), but I understand. Our political and economic system as well as our culture seems locked in for destruction. Most of us are not going to make it and I count myself as one of the doomed. Good luck to you and your loved ones.

        • April 26, 2019 at 2:50 pm

          Thank you. The site is being deleted today. Wasn’t planning on making any announcements or anything, but since you just registered, sorry you weren’t here before.

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