The Human Condition – Part I

This is our world today:


Millions of human beings take this sort of thing for granted. Vast cities filled to overflowing with millions of people.

Towering high-rises. Jam packed street full of cars, trucks, buses and pedestrians. An endless supply of electricity. Glittering light lighting up the night.


We’ve come to believe that these are some of the things define our civilization. The teeming masses of humanity, piled on top of one another, living in tower after tower of glass, steel and cement.

Examples of Earth conquered. Full of everything imaginable, crafted by humans. And endless array of “stuff” created from the resources of the Earth.


To many, the American Dream. Nice house, nice car, a comfortable life. A place for family, children and freinds.¬† BBQ’s on Saturday, church on Sunday.


Civilization has expanded all over the globe, taking up a permanent residence wherever it can. We think this is all quite normal for a modern, “civilized” world. Expansion and growth are what we do.

But civilization also brings this:


The “Dream” abandoned. Decrepit and downtrodden ruin.


 Sometimes the Dream means something else that resembles a dystopian nightmare.



In order to participate in this structure, human beings are required to toil away the vast majority of their lives in order to purchase the things they need. Commute from the American Dream to the factory, cubicle, high rise employment. Work very hard for very long and you might get this:


If you’re one of the fortunate few, you might have worked hard for this.¬† A slice of “paradise”, wrested from the Earth. Transported to your location of choice, another “monument” to “success”.


You can also have one or several of these, financed over many months, interest payments and all. Mobile behemoths of more glass and steel belching fire and smoke. Buy a new one every year if you can.


Great fun! Your own private outing on the waterways of America in your fiberglass chariot.


However, most will have to settle for more mundane entertainment. This is the working class of America.


Entertainment for all, for the price of a ticket or magically beamed to the comfort of your living room couch.


You can always go here too. Food for the masses. It’s toxic to your health, but millions upon millions eat it anyway.


And then there is always this in one form or another, gladiator sports for the masses to sit back and enjoy their favorite team pummel another.

But these aren’t really the things humans need. They’re all products of a society that has placed a price tag upon this human existence.


Everyone is “employed” somewhere, exchanging time and labor for money, which is exchanged for consumer products.


In every store in America, there is an endless array of “choices” for you to buy in exchange for your weekly labors.


And advanced society requires many tools and processes in order to run as efficiently and as profitably as possible.

Enter the factory farms. They’re all over the world.


It also requires the total enslavement of all other species of life in order to continue its existence.


Just a tiny example of the ongoing factory horror that is hidden from our public perception.


This is what is needed to support this society. Environmental injustice to the entire biosphere, the enslavement of virtually everything – humans, resources, animals, plants, water, even the soil. Everything is harnessed to our needs.


We are long past the point where this is the only way in which we can continue to survive and feed the masses of humanity.


It all comes at a price. Everything must be harnessed for its power, resource and energy.


But it all comes at a price (in case you forgot). The refuse of human activity continues to pile up.


Higher and higher.


The price of our civilization is actually hidden from us. The assumptions we make are that whatever it may “cost”, it must be worth doing (because we’re still doing it).

This has been put into practice all over the world for thousands of years (but not by every civilization). Do what other have done before you. Grasp any growth and call it “good”.

The real cost of our growth and expansion is truly terrifying. It’s so massive and so large now that it is extremely difficult to grasp and understand because we are all immersed in it every day. Even these images are “normal” now to our indoctrinated minds on endless consumption and growth.


These aren’t just empty shells. They represent far more then that. These are weapons of war, used on other humans, once wrested from the Earth as raw materials, leaving behind a ruined landscape, then crafted and fashioned into the delivery of instant death, stockpiled and stored away until an opportunity arises. Now they’re discarded refuse, just like the lives they’ve taken.

Because we must still compete with each other, we must also wage war, not just against the Earth and her resources, but against other humans. We’re very good at it.


Some regions of the Earth are always at war. Divided by religion, political beliefs and profits, war has become the human way to settle our differences. Except it really never works, which is why we’re always at war.


So humanity is saddled with endless wars, which occur again and again throughout our entire history as a “civilized society.” We do this quite regularly.

We are a species plagued by conflict with all that is around us, especially with other humans.


Just a small example of the horrific brutality we are capable of to each other.


Our civilization is by nature, predatory. So are humans in reality.

Manimals exploit their surroundings – and each other, seeking competitive advantage over one another and over the environment. But this comes at a extremely high cost.


Uninhabitable places, wrecked by mankind.


Resources from the living Earth, extracted for exlusive human use, leaving nothing behind for anything else. We’re really good at this too.


It’s happening all over the entire planet, faster and faster, and not just in advance countries, but virtually everywhere.


We’ve even scraped the bottom of the ocean totally clean, utterly devoid of all life. What was once verdant living corals filled with thousands of fish, is now utterly dead and destroyed.


The “Grind”, a celebration of slaughter and destruction of intelligent species consumed for our food. Repeated yearly.


Our civilization also creates boundaries to enhance competition for these resources. Boundaries provide opportunities for management, control, politics and ownership.


But boundaries also create additional demands for space, opportunity, migration and “jobs”.


Funnels for humans – all leading towards places of competition, occupation and “opportunity”. We’ve built over a million miles of these things.


Civilization has to be controlled, so we enact laws and restrictions, and divide them up by boundaries and zones.

But some zones are restricted in different ways where humans are free to “enjoy” themselves.


Ownership and control of each zone is managed by governments and individuals. Everyone is encouraged to participate and obtain their own levels of ownership.


Some are more privileged then others. The fences aren’t meant to be friendly, but then again, neither are the inhabitants.


Wealth and prosperity can “buy” you some peace of mind against your fellow humans.


Violation of boundaries (of any kind) can result in conflict. We’re good at this too:


Gates aren’t always sufficient however against your fellow humans. So we devised an endless variety of ways for our “defense”.


Ownership of resources also results in increased demands upon resources. Who controls or owns what becomes the primary goal of individuals, business, institutions and governments.


The byproduct of this society creates waste, inequality, injustice, indifference and competition. We’re also really good at ignoring the cause and effect of our actions.


This is the toxic byproducts of our civilization, mountains of refuse usually hidden from our sight. You can also rent an apartment on the other side of the building where you won’t see this.


The final resting place for some of the toxic crap we generate every day. Hundreds of millions of tons – each day, winds up in places like this:


And this. This is the island of Kirbati, which was one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Not anymore.


Our invisible man has taught us all to look away. Don’t let the suffering inflicted by an injust society ruin your day.


Innovation at the bottom.



Civilization is willing to do anything to maintain its present state of existence. The primary method of doing so is through deceit and manipulation of the people while still making a profit.


Nothing is sacred if it can be sold. And as we all know, anything can be sold.

Distraction, deceit and delusions are all packaged up in slick advertising and sold for a profit.


Distractions vary by advertiser and target “audience”.



Various studies have shown that advertising is a very effective tool and can be used to sell anything to anybody.

Consumers are actually real people. But advertising has everyone believing that people are really just consumers. Manimal machines that exist to buy mountains of useless shit.

And endless array of “stuff” is constantly being created to always provide something new, converting raw resources into purchasable commodities.


The real cost of this is always hidden as far away from our awareness and understanding as possible.


Politics and corporations spend billions of dollars on propaganda, advertising and deception to keep as many of us as possible ignorant of what the true cost actually is. To fund this expense (and to build and maintain the supporting civilization), taxes are levied against all the humans, with the vast majority of humans willingly participating in this scheme of death and destruction. The enslavement of mankind, and the natural environment, continues as long as the finite resources may allow.

But this causes some unforeseen effects. The ugly that we are creating is extensive and vast and now encompasses a large portion of the Earth.


The impacts of our unchecked activities is now being felt all over the world. Here is the American Dream lying in ruins. The cause is really not up for debate.


But even this is deemed to be an ‘opportunity’ to further exploit a region which was once unavailable to us. So we ignore the cause and now call it “opportunity”.


But even this is seen as a “human opportunity” to further exploitation of the Earth’s resources for profits:



It seems that at every opportunity, government, industry and business have conspired to perpetuate the status-quo. Profits are to be perpetuated at the cost of extraction (resources and labor).


This all required massive levels of energy, which was once harnessed early on using wind power. This was pretty close to sustainable, but it proved to be insufficient in the long term as humanity “advanced”:


Which transitioned then to steam power.


The Industrial Revolution was well underway. So was our slavery, which we supposedly abolished.


Oil was discovered, leading to even more production and profit opportunities.


We found ourselves having to go bigger, better, faster, more, so we kept at it:



We even conquered the air with our machines:


Protecting all this industry, business and ‘investment’, which are just euphemism for global destruction and slavery of the natural and human capital, required large standing armies.


Many humans deemed it essential to “dominate” everything: Air, water and land with a vast military to protect their interests and control, even if it’s far, far away and occupied by someone else.


It’s now the 21st century, and we’ve advanced ourselves quite the distance. We build a lot of these too to drive around:


And in time, resource wars for what still remained on the Earth were deemed essential, as human governments divided themselves over who owned what and how these things were to be used.


The ensuing wars were non-stop, with over 1000 waged across the world. Nobody was exempt.


Over 100,000,000 people have been slaughtered. It continues to this day.


Stock images meant to remind us of what we are capable of. Except they don’t work very well as reminders because we’re still quite capable of doing this again and again and again since these were taken.


These were taken in just the last ten years. There are over a million more pictures that could be posted in that span of time, depicting our true nature.

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