The Human Condition – Part II

(Continued from Part I)


Such is the “human condition” – how it stands today, and how it looks to be for the foreseeable future. The slavery of the entire human race and the living biosphere, all harnessed to the contraption called “civilization”. We’re also told that we should fight for this, by any means possible, continuing our destruction of the biosphere and each other.


Except there is nothing at all “civilized” about it. Civilization is ruthless, insensitive, blind, arrogant, indifferent and uncaring in reality. Beating at the heart of our civilization is apathy, indifference and greed. And all that is coming from just one species. The only species on the planet that is doing all this.

We were all taught from a very early age, that competition, ownership, possessions, wealth and achievement were the highest ideals – goals which we were encouraged to strive for. Each goal would elevate our status, position and self-esteem – we would be happy. Or so we were told.

Society encouraged these goals too, instructing us that these were really desirable by all.


Entire institutions were erected to promote these ideals.


But in case your wondering, it all leads here. Most of it actually starts and ends here too by the way. We’re the world’s largest exporter of death and despair for example. They still call this “democracy” here, but it’s not.


We’ve now had many hundreds of years, even thousands of years, of this “experiment”.

But now we have disease, death, heart failure, sadness, loneliness, despair, destruction. The environmental ruin we’ve also left behind (especially overseas) is astounding. But greed is supposedly “good”, right?

Existence has become meaningless to many. An endless treadmill of sameness, which must be run everyday in order to survive.


Examples of the good life – slave labor for the masses who are embracing the “Dream”.


There are a lot of people (hundreds of millions) whose “Dream” is really just daily nightmare of toil, enriching the Big Box stores and the already-wealthy.



Our sons and daughters have also become commodities in this “survival” of the fittest:


Indoctrination and brainwashing begins at a very early age.


We do it here too.






We’re constantly reminded of our boundaries and differences. We are different from “them” and therefore, we must overwhelm them through economic superiority and by force.


Pictures of the “undeserving”. To some, the “enemy”. To others, the “unpriviliged”. Hiding behind the words is the injustice and despair experienced in these lives every day until death.



It takes a lot of force to convince people to live like this. So that’s exactly what was done – develop the management tools to keep the disparity and injustice in place.


Sometimes “they” object a little bit, so a little application of who’s the boss, and who is working for whom, can be helpful.


Any conflict or strife creates even more opportunites for the architects and overlords of our civilization to exploit whatever remains.


Profits soar, making trillions of dollars for these companies. They’re running out of places to pile it all up.




Small business are also squeezed out of any possible competition or survival.




But even this isn’t enough for the architects and overlords, so they conspired amongst themselves and devised ways in which to gain even more riches:



Many of their empty promises wound up causing this:

Our leaders were supposed to help us (the people), but time and again, we find that they are only helping themselves and the corporations they work for:

Even the medical institutions and hospitals got in on the act of making trillions – profits for themselves and nothing for the people:


The number #1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States is medical bills.


Survival for billions of humans has now become a living nightmare, with everyone seeking refuge from this toxic reality in one form or another.



But all of these are neither substitutes for a healthy existence or a fix to any of our many problems, all of which continue to this day.

Protests, marches, demonstrations have been tried to draw attention to everything that desperately needs to be fixed:




Environmentalist, scientists and many others have desperately tried to convey the seriousness of a collapsing environment:




But the elitist within government, industry, business and the citizenry have refused to pay sufficient attention to any of this. We could accurately surmise “they don’t give a fuck” about you or anyone or anything else and we’d be quite right. Profits, ownership and control are all that seem to matter.

But the reality is – the average human doesn’t really care about most of this stuff either. Please take a few moments and examine this article for current evidence. You need to read the comments from the posters to fully grasp just how indifferent people are to the primary message by the author of that article.

I suspect that most of these people are Americans. Their indifference, anger, arrogance and apathy is quite astounding. Even photographic evidence does not convince them that humans are trashing the planet. They’re totally blind to reason, or understanding how this is all part of the injustice and disparity and suffering being caused in the world. They don’t even want to understand the connections.

What this means is they are extremely brainwashed. They’re just like those Communist Chinese marching in lockstep. They have been fully conditioned to deny actual reality. Even physical, measurable evidence (the gold standard for determining reality) is not considered valid. Instead of addressing the evidence, the commentators attacked the messenger and his message. This is a very common tactic, something I’ve experienced myself. Anyone who refutes commonly held but wrong beliefs will have experienced this.

This can only happen when humans choose to continue in their ignorance. They are quite unable to overcome their bias and lack of knowledge. But it becomes something more then that, it’s often a form of “willful stupidity”. This kind of stupidity is not without harm because it leads to generational denial and entire lifetimes of bad decisions (and suffering everywhere). The environmental and economic costs of this ignorance are in the trillions of dollars.

P.S. – I strongly suspect that this sort of “dog-pile” on the message and the messenger isn’t accidental either. It is deliberate, almost as if a siren is being blown to attack (which is exactly what does happen). Any threat that dispels a common view as invalid is targeted by these individuals (and organizations) all over the world. They orchestrated an attack in a defensive action, which is designed to convey a false consensus of denial and disbelief.

The Internet is full of this sort of thing. You will find it anytime there isn’t even a reasonable balance of dissent and disagreement.

The Native Americans (and other indigenous cultures) believed that the white man has a mental illness. They called this “Wetiko” –

“The ‘norm’ for humanity is love. Brutality is an aberration. We are not sinners by nature. We learn to be bad. We are taught to stray from our good paths. We are made to be crazy by other people who are also crazy and who draw for us a map of the world which is ugly, negative, fearful, and crazy.”– Jack D. Forbes, Columbus and Other Cannibals

In his seminal book Columbus and Other Cannibals (1978), late University of California professor Jack Forbes gives a glimpse into the history of terrorism enacted upon Native Americans by European invaders and founders of the United States. But Forbes, who is of Powhatan-Renape and Delaware-Lenape heritage, also provides readers with something else: a description of the mindset that leads to such brutal acts of genocide, imperialism, and oppression. Forbes explains the concept of Wetiko, a Native American term for an evil spirit who terrorizes other creatures. This term is commonly used as a reference to cannibalism, or the self-serving consumption of another person. In Forbes’ interpretation, Wetiko underlies the most savage form of cannibalism known to man- the consumption of the lives and cultures of other people through imperialism and exploitation.

Forbes sees Wetiko as a psychological condition, a form of psychosis that distorts one’s sense of humanity and moral behavior. Sanity and normality involves a natural respect for other individuals and life forms, but Wetiko makes people believe that they can rape, cheat, lie, and steal without consequence. It was as prevalent among those who slaughtered entire Native tribes and enslaved millions of African families, as it is among those who exploit low-income workers and brutalize innocent motorists. Those afflicted with Wetiko feast upon the spiritual, cultural, and psychological “flesh” of others because they themselves are lacking and deficient. Though Forbes contends that Europeans were the first carriers of Wetiko, he acknowledges that this psychological condition is highly contagious and has appeared in various human civilizations throughout history. Like cancer, it spreads by destroying healthy cells and rapidly multiplying until it dominates an entire region.

Wetiko: The mental disorder we NEED to hear more about

Paul Levy has also written quite a bit about the Wetiko virus that inflicts humanity, you can read more about this here and here.


Science has made many breakthroughs and developments that could help alleviate some of our problems, but even they are being highly regulated and manipulated, preventing these advancement for achieving equality, justice and improvements:


Many scientific developments were instead harnessed against us, and now control us and threaten our very existence.






After a long battle on virtually all fronts, people all over the world have finally begun to realize that this civilization is not what we want.

It is not healthy, just, fair, equitable, kind, loving, nurturing or intelligent. It is ugly, destructive, exploitative, enslaving, murdering and uncaring. Through massive amounts of propaganda, billions of people still believe that this all normal, that this “is” the human condition and we’ve no choice – we have to accept it. That we are warlike, competitive and will continually seek advantage over everything and everyone else. We’ve learned to adapt, tolerating this inequality because we’re taught that this is how we really are and nothing will really every change this.

But this is a fantastic lie, perpetrated upon us all and by every succeeding generation. It was not always this way. Humans once lived very differently then we do today, requiring absolutely none of the destructive and exploitative methodologies and technologies that have enslaved us all. We were neither consumers nor commodities. We had community and cooperation. But this has been stamped out of even our memories. This is why the few surviving indigenous communities in the world today still face extinction. They alone hold the ancient memories of a former human existence that was not based upon exploitation, excessiveness and greed, but community and cooperation. Today, their very survival is threatened with extinction by ruthless and vicious corporations and mercenaries who are trying to eradicate the last vestiges of our former existence from the planet.

Once their gone, then all that will remain is us. A people also exploited, brainwashed and packaged like so much meat, to be bought and sold as a commodity, standing in line for our next meal, exchanging our time, labor and life for the sustenance that we need to survive – into eternity (or what remains of it).




For billions of people, this is all considered quite normal. The security of knowing that food will be made available whenever wanted, that products and goods can be readily purchased, all in a “fair” exchange of one’s life and labor (with a retirement “coverage” at old age) – which is “good enough”. This is progress, the price of an advanced civilization and technological development that can now support billions upon billions of people, which heretofore was an impossible task.

But all of this is not the true human condition. Manimals are not commodities. We’re not slaves, destined to work 40 years at hateful tasks all designed to exploit one another and the natural environment. These are all artificial creations by the architects and overlords that govern and control our world.

Instead, we are cooperative animals, not at all unlike the evolutionary beings from which we came. Our needs for survival and for day-to-day existence aren’t any different then theirs. Our only difference is our capacity to learn and employ that learning (knowledge) to the environment around us. We’ve chosen to make it better in many ways, conquering cold and hunger (for some), disease, sickness and difficult lives, creating whatever was needed. Our reach eventually extended to the bottom of the oceans and the height of space itself, enveloping all that we could grasp and see. We’re still striving for more too, advancing science, medicine, biology, climatology and more in our quest to be the ultimate masters of our Universe. We’ve even envisioned a time when we just might control and obtain it all. Quantum physics and string theory and the M-verse might unlock unimaginable possibilities.

And allegedly, technology and its advancement is supposed to have improve our existence and make us free. But this has not been the case. We’re actually more enslaved, controlled and manipulated then ever. We’ve exchange the toil of the farm for the toil in the factory or the cubicle. We’re free to entertain now, travel and live “better” lives while we continue to enrich the architects and overlords of civilization. The “lucky” ones will achieve “success” in life, love, wealth, property and prestige, a goal which we are all actively encouraged to achieve.

But what do we really have, even if we have all of this, or even just a tiny portion of it?

We still have injustice, poverty, sickness, death, destruction, depletion, competition, war, crime and more. Our lives are always on the same treadmill as everyone else, the only difference is how fast you can run and whether or not your treadmill has had many opportunities or few, or none at all. But we’re all the same people in reality, despite the propaganda of boundaries, difference, and artificial divisions that have been created.

We’re all human beings, and we all live on the same planet, and we all want the same things. Happiness. Health. Family. Security. Food. Shelter. Sustenance. Laughter. Life itself. We want long, productive, enjoyable lives, living and experiencing our own dreams and desires.

But we spend our entire lives emphasizing our differences and disagreements. Our tribe has become too big now and boundaries were supposed to help – but they didn’t. Instead, they made things even worse for all of us. However, we’re so damned busy with this business of living and survival that many of us don’t even notice. We’re blind and ignorant to our sameness, and we’re totally disconnected from the natural world around us. It too, seeks to survive. The life of all of these other plants and animals is very much like ours. We’re even made of the same atoms and require the same things in order to live. We’re connected in ways which most of us barely understand and many simply choose to ignore. But the reality is we are actually all the same, sharing nearly all of our DNA with the lifeforms around us. Our sameness is astounding and really a cause for amazement and celebration.

This is the true human condition. That we are one and always have been. We are only different in shape and creativity then the other living entities around us. Humans may be at the apex of these differences, but we are by no means the only species that possess them.

Our ignorance and disrespect to other living entities and what truly sustains us all reveals the fatal flaw in our culture and knowledge that we’ve lost. We believed this once and it was just as true then as it is still today. But this knowledge is no longer taught or passed down except in just a few surviving cultures.

The importance of all this cannot be underestimated, because when we kill off the biosphere, we are actually killing ourselves. Our very civilization is at fault, and is guilty of biocide.

If you dare to go even deeper then even this, you can. The study of science and the nature of the Universe reveals that virtually everything has a deep, common heritage, and that everything is connected by the same kinds of atoms and molecules and subatomic particles, all of which is interacting in known and still-unknown ways. Quantum physics has discovered quarks and their “strange” and spontaneous behavior. The energy of matter, and how it came into being, and how it behaves, and how it causes interaction of elements, particles, quarks a, is still being extensively studied and researched. But what is already known is very important – everything, including us – is made up of the same elements and these elements DO interact in amazing and unseen ways.

It is the sameness in all things that should give us pause as we examine our civilization, our culture, our behavior and our heritage. Our emphasis on differences and how we might exploit them for our exclusive advantage should become far less preferable then our cooperation with each other and all that we need to survive and sustain ourselves on this planet.

The energy we take from our environment through its many forms is needed for our survival. It is the excessive and irresponsible (wastefulness) consumption of this energy that is our failure. What we need is a cooperative relationship with everything that we need to survive instead of an exploitative one.

Understanding our sameness and our likeness to the world we live in, would be a great first step towards changing this destructive, predatory paradigm that we’ve come to accept as “life”.



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