The Hot Zone – Death In The Gulf

Andy Levin has a high quality photo show on the destruction in the Gulf. Worth seeing.

This lady claims first-hand evidence of massive coverups, staged “photo ops” when officials visit, widespread sickness and a conspiracy of monumental proportions:

Make of it what you will.  Very odd they’d allow someone such an ‘insiders view’ to all their meetings. Many people are not being allowed to help, or to work, or to operate their equipment. Photographers are being kept away, the Net has been scrubbed of many stories and videos, and this lady claims a free pass…  and she’s all over YouTube.

Something isn’t right here.  Your guess is as good as mine.  She herself comes off as credible (I have only watched the one video above and not all the others), but the big question here is “Why”?  Why would they allow her all the access denied to everyone else?

If this is deliberate, then they are still manipulating her and everyone else and for a reason.  What is that reason?

If it is not deliberate, then why her?  Why not many others?  Why let her now speak out in public about what she reports to have seen and heard?

Many, many people have been threatened with arrest and prosecution for speaking up — so this is why her story and the reasons it’s now out there makes no damned sense at all.

There are always two-sides however to every story. I’ve long believed that they (the opposing forces, usually government or the corporations behind them) deliberately allow ‘conspiracy’ to develop.  They’ve been caught doing this many, many times too.  The reason is diversion.  This functions as a ‘steam-valve’ to distract the people and diffuse their anger.  It’s a psychological techniques used all over the world, and some countries are very good at it, including this one.

You give an angry dog a bone to chew on so he doesn’t start chewing on you ….

The growing dissent and anger over this disaster is causing various groups to spring up and start demanding that they themselves take action.  I do not blame them.  But they can be quickly dissuaded by tossing in some bones ….

As a side point, where the hell is the so-called “militias” in this country?  If there ever was a “reason” for them to involve themselves, now would be the time.  But they are no where to be seen.  This is why I have always thought the militia movements were a sick joke.  Instead of allowing BP to stop the cleanup, stop the news coverage, stop the investigation and stop even stupid stuff like refusing to allow people to wear respirators, these so-called “protectors” are STILL sitting on the sidelines doing nothing.

Which is in point of fact, what they will always do when shit happens. Everybody should realize that. This is yet another one of those “bones” that are tossed into the mix that appear to offer something while doing absolutely nothing at all.

It’s more the BP that is behind this, obviously.  I’m just using them as the point men in a general term.  There is a lot of collusion and collaboration going on here.  Most of us are sitting at home, hoping like hell that they get their act together and get this fixed and then start remediation.  But the current stories coming out of the Gulf indicates that what has been done is woefully inadequate, that there is a lot of coverup taking place and that the people are not being adequately protected.

Here’s my take on this: not much CAN be done.  It’s too damned big.  It’s an environmental disaster of biblical proportions.  BP is following its business-as-usual model (self-protection and asset preservation). The government is colluding with this as much as possible, while giving the illusion that BP will be held responsible.

Something HAVE been done, but it’s obviously not enough.  The Coast Guard and the private security hired by BP and probably Halliburton are colluding on damage control.  Limit access, limit public awareness, ensure that a tight lid is kept clamped down on how big this is and how many people are actually “aware”.  And somebody has hired a whole shit-load of people to scrub the Internet.  The largest single disaster in human history is unfolding and the actual coverage is tiny in comparison.

Of course the MSM is just as involved as the rest of the collaborators.  Every reader of this blog should know that the U.S. media is really a bunch of whores that do exactly as their told.  I have no respect for them at all.  You still have to go offshore in many, many instances to find real news reporting and coverage, or find some independent news source that isn’t beholden to their boardroom.

I do not personally buy into the “conspiracies” that are now raging.  This is a disaster of unequaled size that very quickly got totally out of control.  No conspiracy is necessary.  The coverup however is quite real.  The lies and misrepresentations are also quite real, they’ve been found out already too many times.  Where this is going is anybody’s real guess.  I think millions are going to be affected.  I think most of the life in the Gulf will die.  I don’t even have any hope that the relief wells will work as expected.

Ultimately, the Gulf is toast imo, only a fraction of what was there will remain fit for human use.  Those residents on the coastlines will either suffer through with ongoing health and environmental issues for a long time, or move (or simply die).

I do not know what will happen next month, or in August when the relief wells will be finished.  The seabed could split open and spew forth billions of toxic crude, and earthquake could strike, or a super-hurricane could dump oil inland, anything could happen.

The Gulf disaster is human-caused folly.  Our hubris exemplified to apocalyptic levels for all to see.  No conspiracy necessary, just human stupidity and arrogance.

The Blow Out Preventer sitting on top of the well is in peril.  It’s leaning and could fail.  Being extremely heavy (450 tons as I recall) if this thing fails, then it would probably be impossible to ever stop the leak.

“Eventually even that will be futile as the well casings cannot support the weight of the massive system above with out the cement bond to the earth and that bond is being eroded away. When enough is eroded away the casings will buckle and the BOP will collapse the well.”

Pensacola Beach Water “Bubbling” — interesting.  The beaches are “gone”.


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