The Horrors of Cell Phone Usage

Brain expert warns parents of horrors that await juvenile smartphone users

In search of evidence, 214 juveniles in Sendai between the ages of five and 18 were administered MRI brain scans over a period of three years. Youths who regularly utilized the internet, as opposed to those who did not, showed impaired development in the volume of the cerebral cortex in all major areas of their brains. The latter group also showed a similar shortfall in the volume of white matter that transmits data via the nerve cells.

From this, Kawashima concludes that use of the internet and/or smartphones not only reduces a child’s academic performance, but even more alarming, negatively affects overall brain development.

As the children’s brains were not subjected to actual forensic autopsies, Kawashima can only speculate on the degree of damage, but is convinced that follow-up studies will provide more valid evidence.

As a practical cure, or at least a partial cure, Kawashima believes that reading books is effective. Unfortunately, however, growing numbers of today’s children cannot concentrate on something for more than five minutes at a time, making reading books a struggle.

Of course, more evidence is needed, but add this to the hundreds of other studies claiming that cell phones are damned dangerous. (Related: The NSA is Still Spying On Your Cell Phone. But then again, so is Google and Facebook – Admin)

We’re mass-producing functional idiots. Neuroplasticity is mapping the brain’s neural pathways too – in negative ways. By using the Internet, memory recall is impaired, and cognative skills are diminished. Technologists don’t care, nor do they want us to accept the hundreds of negative studies on what cell phones, cell towers, and Internet usage (“screen culture”) does to humans. But I’ve been investigating this topic myself and believe this is all related to the decline in society, discourse, reasoning, ability to discern facts from fiction, and probably most importantly, the horrible lapse in moral judgement.

Technology is killing us. Technology is killing the biosphere. The extraction of rare-earth metals, slave labor, cycle of addiction and waste cycle of cell phones is well known, but it doesn’t stop there. This goes on and on and on. Watch “The Hidden Life Of Garbage“. We don’t seem to be able to get much of anything right without ruining everything else.

It’s no wonder we are totally unlike our ancestors now. We’ve poisoned the air, water, soil, space and even our own brains. We’re so distracted, disconnected, poisoned and polluted that we can’t seem to fully grasp what we have done to ourselves even when we use our best ‘technology’ and most advanced science and obtain the most accurate measurements. We read about what we’ve done, but we don’t really seem to grasp it, and we keep on doing it anyway.

Obviously, something drastic needs to happen. But these calls for fundamental changes on how we live on this planet, how we treat each other, how we poison the world, consistently fall on deaf ears.


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