The Hard Road Ahead

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You just can’t make this shit up .

“Less than a week since signing the global climate deal in Paris, Japan and South Korea are pressing ahead with plans to open scores of new coal-fired power plants, casting doubt on the strength of their commitment to cutting CO2 emissions.

Even as many of the world’s rich nations seek to phase out the use of coal, Asia’s two most developed economies are burning more than ever and plan to add at least 60 new coal-fired power plants over the next 10 years.”

Money will always rule the day. Last night, I got to watch “Who Killed The Electric Car?” on Netflix. It was interesting. The staggering levels of money required for car builders to “succeed” would blow your mind. Money is always in the way when you try to do the right thing because profits are deemed more essential then anything else.

This is a poor approach for sustainability, which implies conservation, preservation and the natural levels of replacement (the true meaning of renewable) of resources. The so-called “Green Economy” and all other things greenwashed is built upon an economic model of profits first and foremost, and preservation and sustainable ranks at the very bottom. In other words, it’s not really any different then any other economic model, just new nomenclature and glitzy advertising with feel-good overtones.

If you want feel-good and if you are easily deceived, you can try these techniques covered here: The Top Ten Reasons To Be Hopeful On Climate Change

It’s all bullshit of course, every single one of the “ten points” listed.

There seems to be an entire industry springing up around these ridiculous claims. Why not? Ultimately, this is profitable too.

The new mantra now rapidly developing is “hope and change” under the title of climate solutions. Sound familiar? It should, because it absolutely dominated U.S. politics a few years back… and it was of course, yet another lie by the established spinmeisters who knowing the dumbed-down levels of intelligence and awareness in the American population, wrung it all out and flung it into the public sphere again

Will we never learn? Apparently not. I like to point to how history reveals what we are, who we are, what we embrace, what we don’t and so forth. Yes Virginia, we’re pretty stupid, even at the best of times, because we often repeat the same lies to ourselves.

So be it. I got really tired of being a fool so I set myself to try and understand the reality of the world. I know that (s)Election 2016 will be an unmitigated disaster because (s)Election 20XX has always been a disaster and using the historical trends of what’s occurring in this kountry, 2016 will bring forth a level of fascism that we’ve not seen since the 1940’s. But at no time will America “solve” its energy use problem – or effectively deal with its fossil fuel consumption. We’re definitely NOT there yet, despite the “promises” being made now or the TED talks to convince you otherwise.

I suppose it’s high time I let some of my readers in on a little secret (if you’re still here of course). Ok, here it is:

We do not know how to fix this. It’s quite uncertain that we can.

There, I said it. The harsh truth is, despite all of the rhetoric, empty promises, hand-wringing and escalating angst, the Genie has been let out of the bottle and it’s unlikely as a snowball in hell that we can fix much of anything.

You have to look PAST the rhetoric to understand this, and the disinformation, and the denial, and importantly all the “missing” and non-reported factors at work. Yes, we can plant millions more trees – but that’s not going to solve the phytoplankton problem in the oceans.  We can build those cool electric cars too – but it’s fossil fuels that actually build them and the plants their built in… however, we can’t replace the missing ice, or cap the sea bed, or cool the oceans or even extract the CO₂ from the atmosphere, or stop the “unstoppable” catastrophic melt of Antarctica or Greenland now. It’s too f’ing late – get it?

There are several hundred, if not thousands of these issues all directly related to the unstoppable feedbacks that we keep contributing to, one way or another. Civilization IS the problem, and it will ALWAYS be the problem, and it is deeply embedded with our overpopulation problem that everyone in power keeps pretending doesn’t exist because it would affect our growth economy so let’s not talk about the untouchable and instead let’s congratulate one another that we’re finally talking about the problem and we promise that we’ll find the solutions in time before it’s too late and focus instead on our economy which is of course the most important thing for human survival and all this talk about the environment or habit is just all so much nonsense after all because humans can always come up with solutions which is what we’ve always done and we’re absolutely certain we can do this now of course too….

Our capacity for self-delusion is quite amazing. Well, maybe not… Consider how religion has polluted the world into believing incredible fantasies and you get the general idea at how easily deceived and manipulated we really are. After reading a lot of history and anthropology, I believe that this capacity for self-delusion is inherent within our species, and that it’s always been with us. It dates back as long as we have been in existence. Because of modern knowledge and developed science, we can look at the past and know that these superstitions were false (then and now), but this doesn’t stop the species from embracing them anyway. We’ve always done this.

This is the part I actually find amazing. Why did evolution bring forth such a destructive, deluded species? The question implies “intent” or “design” which I find no evidence of at all (and I looked for twenty years). Far more likely and true is “opportunity” of which there is ample evidence. Life always manages to find a way given opportunity. Our species arose within these opportunities through millennia, but carries within it a “stupid gene” (the name of which I don’t know, so I’m generalizing here). We still have it, obviously because our capacity of self-delusion and destruction and distraction remain. Big brains don’t always mean what everyone thinks…

Life on Earth evolved over eons of time.  All living things are predatory (as far as I know), which is essential for survival. Taking from their surrounding environment, life exploits what it can in order to sustain itself. You will find this basic requirement in all life forms found on Earth, even in the deepest ocean trenches to the bacteria living in the air.

This need to exploit the natural world around itself has always been so. It is in fact the natural order of things for life on Earth.

In the advancement of time, evolution eventually created a rather unique species, homo sapiens sapiens. What is incredibly unique about our species is our ability to prey upon everything – living and non-living. We can take anything – rocks, dirt, trees, animals, plants, even the very air and exploit it to our advantage. However, we also seem to be completely blind at a fundamental level to the damage that this causes. Conceptually we understand it, but that’s not good enough as the record shows. Instead, we embrace self-delusion and distraction, we even react violently when provoked (and even when non-provoked) with escalating levels of destruction. No other species exhibits this stupidity. It’s a suicide-gene in reality, and perhaps that’s what it should be called. It’s certainly leading the entire species to extinction.

What is a true wonder is why did this happen? Why is their a form of life that can exploit virtually everything? Why is our species so capable of self-delusion and distraction? I ponder this question and am not ready to pose an answer. Clearly, our capabilities are evolutionary, so this may be the wrong question too. But it’s quite odd that a species would eventually arise, then dominate, then eventually manage to destroy everything including the water, soil, atmosphere and biota of the planet. Apparently, the opportunity existed, but it’s been a fateful one at that.

Not many people seem to be aware of the vast array of man-made chemical compounds we’ve released into the environment, or how we’ve changed the entire chemistry of the biosphere. We’re definitely unique in that dubious “skill”. A good read is “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman will give the reader a good understand of the fundamental changes humanity has made upon the earth, the vast, vast majority of which have occurred in the last 50 years or so.

I’ve long contended it doesn’t have to be this way – we didn’t have to drive the world into extinction, but we most certainly are. However, the world is (now) run by sociopaths and psychopaths and we’re doing next to nothing to stop them except pay them lip service when what we really need is a lot of rope. And I honestly do think it’s too late, too many gigantic errors have been made on a finite world. But my self-delusion is that we should still try despite the very low chances of success or salvation. Don’t give up. Ever. Why should we?

So in the daze ahead, realize that the media, what many call the “mainstream” (but now it’s even in the so-called “alternate news”) will pledge and promise and dance and contort for their few moments of glory with the message that we’re all going to be ok. And industry will jump on board in a BIG, BIG way now because their sniffing the money to come and they too will keep telling everyone how great they are and how much they care and they’ve got the answer we need. But in all this, never, ever forget that stupid gene we still carry, that suicidal tendency to ignore the reality of the world around us and how we are having a devastating impact upon planetary survival of the biosphere.

And of course, keep up on your reading. Science is literally “shitting in their pants” to quote Anderson, about what they’re discovering and the growing awareness of just how fucked we really are. They’re scared, and they’ve been silent too long (or beholden to the grant money). Whatever it is, they’re starting to speak up a bit more now.

I’d like to see a crescendo of qualified expert voices start SCREAMING at the world if that’s what it takes. Approximately two years ago, I begged the readers and posters on Real Climate to do exactly that – and was declared an instant pariah, “unqualified” to “judge” or even comment. Hogwash. I’ve been right about everything so far. I’m not on anyone’s payroll and never have been. Being opinionated does not make me wrong. And I’m LONG past caring what other people think. My only horse in this race for survival is to hope for a livable, habitable future for my children which I have serious doubts about now. I truly believe with all of my being that the future is going to be a living hell for those that survive long. I’m doing what I can, where I can, but it’s admittedly not enough and never will be.

But I’m not giving up. Nobody should – it’s WAY too early for that. But the whole world needs to know the truth about all of this – and you’re NOT getting the whole truth yet. This is critically important – we have got to stop LYING about what’s going on. This is why I am so disgusted with deniers who are astoundingly ignorant beyond description. But they’re just a minor footnote – the real problem is our ongoing capacity for self-delusion and distraction. We’ve got a honest-to-goodness real planetary emergency on our hands affecting every single living thing on the planet – and we’re acting like children, we’d rather “play” and refuse to grow up and act responsibly.

This is insane behavior. This is suicidal. This is of course, absolutely unacceptable. But too few seems to realize the truth and what’s really at stake here. That message needs to change FAST.

It’s been said “we need a war footing to combat this emergency” – so why isn’t there one? It’s obvious that we have to change HOW we communicate – so where are the communicators?

Once again – only the SCIENTISTS can do this, precisely because they have the credentials, experience and breadth of understanding and knowledge required for the true message to be received. But it’s painfully clear that they lack the political leadership and maybe even the skills required to convey this message. I don’t know how to fix this, other then just urge them along at all possible speed. But my voice is unknown, unqualified and unrecognized – so if there are by chance, any of you out there that also feel the same way as I do – encourage the world’s scientists to step up to the plate on a national level and loudly declare an emergency for mankind. THIS IS URGENT!


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  • December 17, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    The instrument has yet to be invented that is sensitive enough to measure the amount of ‘shit’ that humans have NOT perpetrated. Humans are nuttier than a fkn squirrel turd. Truth is what the facts are. Abideth NOT the moron, else microbes shalt inherit the the Earth. ‘Luv’ Geezuz? Then exit stage up – immediately if not sooner. All militantly ignorant deluded anti-reality bigots. get thee each the FK out of here. Absent that, eukaryote extinction beckons. Absolutely.

    this has been a test… if this had been an actual emergency, you would be directed to kiss your sorry ass goodbye.

  • December 19, 2015 at 11:12 pm

    Ah, you said it. But leave it to humans to decide that kissing ass might be a good way to get ahead…

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