The Guilty Go Unpunished

The corrupt countries of Ecuador, England and the United States acted in concert today to arrest Julian Assange.

Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador, is facing a corruption probe for corruption, perjury and money laundering. Wikileaks revealed the INA papers (1), (2),(3), and warned that Moreno’s corruption scandal is not going to be forgotten. Corruption in Ecuador is staggeringly high and involved billions of dollars.

Anyone who think that the United States (or any other country) is going to “do the right thing” on anything needs to have their mental health examined. Power always attempts to protect itself, and corrupt power seeks retribution.

The world would have never known of the many U.S. crimes without Wikileaks, including human rights violations, murdering civilians and diplomatic espionage. Silencing voices that revealed these crimes isn’t “justice”, it’s the attempt to cover up the crimes themselves, and redirect attention to the whistleblowers.

Chelsea Manning, another whistleblower is in jail again for refusing to submit, and with Assange facing extradition (rendition?) to the U.S., journalist world-wide should pay particular attention to what is happening (again) on the world stage.

These are the actions of fascist empires. Countries that no longer abide by their own laws and international agreements and arbitrarily go after civilians. Countries that unilaterally agree to violate human rights and engage in a global conspiracy to cover up their own crimes.

Almost nothing the main stream media reported on Assange could be trusted, nor can it be even now. They want, like everyone else who supports Empire, to make this issue about Assange himself, when that is nothing but a distraction from the real issue – the crimes of Empire and how Wikileaks become they thorn that they could not (and will not) remove.

Bad publicity isn’t good for the public image – or good for business. Numerous corporations have wanted to step on Wikileaks because of the public outcry. The Trump Administration was just as corrupt and angry as Obama’s, but in the end, Barak Obama issued a pardon from Chelsea Manning. That didn’t last long under Trump, Manning was re-imprisoned for refusing to co-operate any further (which was not a condition of the pardon). Manning rightly saw that U.S. officials already had all that they needed and there was nothing more that could be added in their quest to find cause and justification to extradite Assange.

So putting all that into historical context, it makes you wonder if their claims and charges are entirely fabricated or not. I have no idea and nor does anyone else, but one thing I do know – the State will viciously protect itself against any threats. Wikileaks and Assange are both a threat, because they have provided the world with an outlet to expose the deep corruption and crimes spanning decades of the world’s government and businesses and individuals.

Assange’s fate is ‘unknown’ but only if you are naive. This will drag on forever as the Empire extracts its retribution. But lest anyone forget – this is not about Assange, this is about the Empire and the crimes of Empire which continue to go unpunished.


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13 thoughts on “The Guilty Go Unpunished

  • April 11, 2019 at 9:34 am

    From Caitlin Johnstone’s blog:

    This is seriously gut wrenching news. Here are ten thoughts on the matter in no particular order:

    1 – The Metropolitan police were let into the embassy by the Ecuadorian ambassador, his political asylum revoked under entirely false pretenses in gross violation of international law. Shame on Ecuador.

    2 – Assange is an Australian citizen. As of this writing, the Australian government has still not interceded to protect its citizen. Shame on Australia.

    3 – The US government is setting a precedent which, if carried out, will constitute a grave threat to press freedoms the world over and a greater leap in the direction of Orwellian dystopia than the Patriot Act. Shame on America.

    4 – The UK government is collaborating with the US government’s efforts to imprison a journalist for publishing evidence of US war crimes, just as it has collaborated with the US government in perpetrating war crimes. Shame on the UK.

    5 – This arrest warrant was issued under the Trump administration, in full alignment with what the Trump administration has openly been saying about its agenda to silence WikiLeaks. Shame on Trump, and shame on anyone who continues to support him.

    6 – This arrest is a Trump administration action, and has nothing to do with the 2016 Russia nonsense that Democrats have been shrieking about, yet these same Democrats who claim to oppose Trump and oppose his war on the press are currently cheerleading for Trump’s prosecution of a journalist who told the truth. Shame on Democrats.

    7 – I am going to have a zero tolerance policy for QAnon cultists who try to tell me that this is actually 5-D chess by Trump to overthrow the Deep State. Stay out of my comments, stay out of my social media notifications, stay the hell away from me, and please rethink your worldview.

    8 – The precedent set by imprisoning a foreign journalist under the Espionage Act will enable the US government to arrest leak publishers anywhere in the world who expose its crimes. This will cripple our ability to hold the most powerful institution on the planet to account in any way. There is no excuse for any journalist anywhere not to oppose this tooth and claw. If you see anyone calling themselves a journalist but failing to oppose Assange’s extradition, you should call them out for the frauds that they are.

    9 – And yes, like it or not, Assange is a journalist. There is no legitimate argument to the contrary.

    10 – This is it, folks. This is where we find out what we’re made of as a species. This is where we find out if humanity gets to survive, and if it deserves to. If we can’t stop the empire from imprisoning a journalist for publishing facts right in front of our eyes, we might as well roll over and tap out right now, because if we lose this one it’s never going to get any better from there. If we can’t pass this test, the oligarchs and the opaque government agencies which are allied with them will march us into extinction or Orwellian dystopia, and there’ll be no tool in our toolbox to stop them. We need to seriously dig deep on this one.

  • April 11, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi also went totally unpunished. Khashoggie was another journalist. His fate was to be murdered in an embassy and then his body was cut up into pieces.

    Donald J. Trump cozied up to his murderer too – and did nothing about it. Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s assassination – and he’s now one of the best friends of Trump.

    Wake the fuck up people. They’re all out in the open now, operating with impunity – and still we do nothing about it.

  • April 12, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    The arrest if Assange is indeed depressing, so soon again after the re-arrest of Manning. The MSM in the USofA is so predictable. I had to cancel my WaPo subscription because they editorialized that Assange deserved it. And now that person who would have been the first female president says Assange should be prosecuted. AND I VOTED FOR THE BITCH. I should have voted Green as a protest. The democratic party is as corrupt at the Rethuglicans. Why vote? the game is rigged.

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