The Freedom Of The People

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It’s extremely doubtful that millions of idiot Americans have any idea what the above quotation means, or even where it comes from.

If this by chance describes you (my readers are smarter than this), I’ll give you a hint:

It’s in the founding documents of this country.  The big “C” in other words. You know, what created this modern nation after we stole it from the Indians.  The U.S. Constitution.

It’s short, sweet, and easily understood. Yet it is one of the most contested statements in the Constitution.

It need not be.  Any idiot should be able to understand it.

It doesn’t say anything about hunting. Or target practicing. Or the Army. Or Internet sales.

It doesn’t give the government, or liberals, or the media, or any idiotic do-gooder the right to restrict Arms (firearms), in any manner.  That is what “shall not be infringed” means.  Arms is even capitalized so we won’t misunderstand.

It is the right of the people to keep Arms. Bear Arms. This right shall not be infringed. That means regulated, restricted, permitted, taxed, taken, or removed.

All existing gun laws (all of them) are Constitutionally illegal. More gun laws are Constitutionally illegal.

Why is this so damned important?  Do we REALLY want to have Americans armed to the teeth with no restrictions?

Yeah, we really do.  There are just too many examples throughout history where a disarmed population was treated to things like genocide, tyranny, and torture once they were disarmed.  And since the U.S. Government has now authorized genocide, tyranny, and torture of any civilian,  including Americans,  anywhere in the world, what exactly do you think is going to happen if we relinquish our firearms?

Or are you so stupid to believe that “It can’t happen here”?

Good God man, it already IS happening here!  America is conducting push-button genocide against whoever the hell it wants. “Oh, but they’re a different people” (religion, race, skin color, they wipe with the left instead of the right), yada, yada, yada. They’re terrorists!

Say’s who?  Your government? Those lying sacks of shit stuffed into a business suit? Those defense industries who are raking in billions upon billions of your dollars, enjoying each bomb drop?  The same idiots that lied about 9/11, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and “yellow cake”?

Wake the fuck up.

America is on a fast-track to self-destruction. Let me get SPECIFIC. We are facing WAR on American SOIL. War against the American PEOPLE.  Bombs and rockets and tanks and American blood in American streets.  Get it?

Every single one of you that intends to disarm Americans is COMPLICIT in this agenda. You are NOT making “America Safer”. This is a bald-faced LIE.  How can I, or you, or anyone be “safer” when I have no means to defend myself against anyone? That is a factual impossibility.

If you are concerned about criminals engaging in criminal acts, fine.  Do something about it.  But do NOT make me RESPONSIBLE for their actions by taking away my rights.  I am not and never will be responsible for what they do.  Criminals do not even CARE what laws are. Laws do not stop crime. There is ample proof of this fact.  There are over a million laws on the books now.  Crime has not decreased at all.  The problem with crime and criminal activity is not a problem “in law” or will it be fixed “in law”. More laws will deter nothing.

The gun-control agenda intends to make millions of Americans into criminals and then strip them of their rights and freedom. This agenda is stupid beyond belief, but par for the course in this country. We do a lot of very stupid things.

I shouldn’t have to say it, but I do.  Millions of Americans are brain-dead. Mindless, non-thinking zombies that obtain their opinions, beliefs, and attitudes from the idiot box and are utterly incapable of thinking for themselves.  I do not care one bit if this statement makes me unpopular. This blog has never been about popularity, it’s always been about speaking the truth.  If you mindless morons continue to push this gun-control agenda, you are going to seriously fucking regret it, because your country and your children are going to fall to despotism.

We are very close to full-blown dictatorship now.  George Bush the Idiot laid down the foundation.  Barak Obama is a thousand times smarter than that smirking monkey. He knows EXACTLY what he is trying to do. We cannot let this happen under ANY circumstances.

Obama has issued illegal executive orders, which is what DICTATORS do.  Get that FACT through your thick head.  This is supposedly a country of LAWS and LEGISLATION, where Congressional DEBATE and REASON are undertaken before passing any new law.  An executive order is not law. It is FIAT.

Dictators rule by fiat.  Republics do not.

If the American people are disarmed by some magical means, then there is nothing whatsoever to stop anything else.  This isn’t fear-mongering, which I absolutely hate. It is the simple fact that the people, having no other recourse at the soap box or ballot box, are only left with the cartridge box to preserve, protect, and restore their stolen rights and freedoms.  To reiterate:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It is the people that make up the free State.  It is our right, the people, to keep and bear Arms, and this shall not be infringed.

Like it or lump it, the fact remains that it doesn’t matter what you “think” or what your “opinion” is or whatever torturous interpretations you attempt to apply, our right as the people to bear Arms is forever ours. Unless you abolish this government and write a new Constitution, then you are stuck with the fact that we have this annoying Amendment that makes it very clear: we’re not going to be disarmed.

Take our Arms away and you will face war.  The government has already laid the foundation, passing into law and by executive order to abolish ALL your freedoms and liberties. This is NO ACCIDENT and was completely unnecessary if we truly were a free State.  But we are not, and have not been a free State or a free People for a very long time.

The ONLY way you are going to have Peace, Safety and Security is to RESPECT the rights of the PEOPLE, which includes the right to bear Arms.

Leave us alone.  We are not the problem and never have been.  It is not the armed People that threaten the security of our society, it is a dictatorial government that threatens OUR society and the criminal elements within it.  The armed People of our society enhance our security.  A disarmed People increase our instability.  History is replete with countless examples – including acts that have occurred within our own history. Not only are you then victimized by criminals, you are victimized by governments.  This is exactly what we did to the Native Americans when we stole their land.  We disarmed them all. Throughout the world, this has been the path followed in case after case.

Do not try to disarm us. Do not take this path of despotism.  Do not stupidly assume that your benevolent government intends you no harm. If that were true, NONE of these executive orders, acts, laws, or decrees would have ever been issued.

They are using the path of incrementalism to browbeat brain-dead Americans into acceptance. Little by little they intend to keep pushing their Agenda.  Wake the fuck up before it is too late.  If you do not, you will see slaughter in the streets of America. In your neighborhoods. In your cities.  And in your homes as tyranny advances and attacks Americans.  This is a HISTORICAL FACT. It can happen here.  Firearms in the hands of Americans prevent this and provide security to ALL the people.

If you do not want a firearm in your home, fine. It is your right to be a victim. This however, does not give you the right to choose for me to be a victim. You do not have that right and never, ever will. The government does not have that right. Nobody does.  My rights to self-defense will forever remain mine. They supersede any document. They are inalienable rights inherited by ALL people, worldwide.  Countries which have stripped the people of these rights are wrong.  No government and no legislature has the right to dictate to you how you can or cannot defend yourself. If they had such a right, then they have the right to dictate who lives and who dies. Does any thinking person believe that anyone in the world has such a right?

If such a right existed, then they would also have to assume the responsibility to take care of me. To defend me at all times. But do they do that?  The Supreme Court has ruled no less then eight times that the police have no obligation to protect you.  Then who does?  Who has the obligation and the right to protect me?

I alone have that right and obligation.  Therefore, if I lose that right, if I am somehow stripped of that right by fiat or law, then what does this really mean?

It means that my right to exist, my right to live, my right to experience life itself, is gone.  I would have no right to live at all.

I would live only at the chance of not being victimized.  There are hundreds of millions of people who did not get that chance, having been disarmed.  I categorically refuse to join them under any circumstances. I have an obligation to my family to protect them. I alone am the only person who can do that. No other carries this responsibility and obligation.

I often write about responsibility. Accountability. Let me make further mention of obligation. We have an obligation to humanity itself to not submit to disarmament. How is that? Because Americans, as fucked up as we are, still represent something absent in the rest of the world. That absence is personal liberty.  If we somehow lose this (and we are very, very close) then this would extinguish the opportunity for personal liberty elsewhere. Americans represent something not found anywhere else. Our ideology.

We believe we are “free”. We believe we have the right to say whatever we want. We believe we have the right to do whatever we want as long as it does not harm anyone else. This is unique in the world, once very briefly embodied by the U.S. government and enumerated in our Constitution.  Clearly, we have lost many of those rights, but not our belief in them. This is what makes us unique.

Kill that belief and you have killed the hope of humanity the world over.

We are far from perfect. But we do have something that has been almost extinguished elsewhere. We are the last country to still embrace the rights of the people ABOVE their government. We yet still believe in the rights of the individual above all others.  If we lose that, if we submit to tyranny, dictatorship, fiat or decree, if we tire and abandon our principles, if we relinquish this belief to media lies and distortions, liberal stupidity and government deception, we will have killed the hope of the individual the world over.

I will die before I let that happen.

I am not the pawn of government or the media. I am not their slave, their cog, their economic unit. I am not at all willing to submit to their tyranny in any way, shape or form. My liberty and my freedom is not subject to debate, decree or discussion.

I am an American, but I am much, much more than that.  I am a free man in my heart, a citizen of the world, a human being who has rights and responsibilities and obligations to life itself.  I will not let you take this away from me under any circumstances.

You do not have the right, and never, ever will.

We The People


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