The First Tiny Step Forward – Mandatory Education

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Rudy E. Verner: Trump’s immoral climate policies

Morality, philosophers and priests tell us, is concerned with the consequences of individual and collective action. It asks us to consider not only the effects our actions have on those around us, but on those who are distant and do not have voices of their own. Future generations and even today’s children are rightly included in the category of people without real standing when it comes to political affairs. It is up to us to protect their rights and interests, just as our fathers and grandfathers stood up for our right to live in a free society by joining the fight against Nazism in World War II, and the tide of communism in Korea and Vietnam.

The right of future generations to live in a free and prosperous society is in peril today, just as it was then. The only difference is many in this country refuse to acknowledge the threat. Contrary to the opinions of some, it is undeniable that failing to address the threat of climate pollution will have profoundly negative consequences for our children and grandchildren. Those consequences will be measured in terms of increasingly deadly and costly natural disasters, more frequent military conflict, and less reliable sources of food and water. In other words, if we choose not to act, and other nations fail to act as well, we will all but ensure lower standards of living and greater human suffering for future generations.

This is the definition of an immoral choice.It follows that policies that intentionally ignore climate change and the rights of future generations to a livable planet are immoral. But those are exactly the policies it appears President-elect Trump will adopt when he takes office, as evidenced by his choices to head the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy and Interior Departments. The men Trump plans to appoint to these cabinet positions have not simply expressed disagreement over how these federal agencies have operated in the past. They have staunchly opposed or even shown outright hostility to them. Case in point, Trump’s pick for secretary of energy, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, ran for president on the promise that he would abolish the Energy Department. These nominations do not bode well for combating the climate threat, as the agencies these men will run are the very agencies with the power — and in the case of the EPA, the obligation — to address the disastrous effects of carbon pollution.

The president-elect’s choice for secretary of state is no less disconcerting. As CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson lobbied against sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014 because the sanctions halted his company’s off-shore drilling operations in the Kara Sea. It is naïve to think that Tillerson will not have Exxon in mind when he considers such issues as secretary of state. But what is good for Exxon is not necessarily good for the United States, a country which has historically used sanctions to punish violators of international law. The decision to use such an effective international relations tool should not be swayed by the impact it might have on a private corporations like Exxon. Permitting Tillerson to use the office of secretary of state to advance the interests of the fossil-fuel industry puts our chances of reducing carbon emissions in further jeopardy. It is yet further evidence the president-elect does not take seriously the need to counter the threat that climate change poses to our nation’s future.

Coloradans should imagine what their lives would be like if our fathers and neighbors had turned a blind eye to the threats we faced during World War II and the Cold War. Imagine if our parents had chosen cowardice rather than courage in the face of tough odds. I ask you to imagine what the world will be like for our children and grandchildren if we, unlike those who came before us, fail to act in the face of another great threat. As you spend time with your children and grandchildren this holiday season, take time to consider whether Trump’s environmental and energy policies will protect their futures, or imperil them. Let morality be your guide.

Rudy E. Verner is a lawyer and climate change activist who lives in Boulder.

He said what needs to be said – but it is of course, not saying or going far enough. Any incoming Administration would have betrayed us all, because the basic paradigm of how humans exist on this planet is not going to be addressed. Our demand for energy, food, water, space, materials, technology and resources commits us all to the very future unfolding before us right now. The deception Verner fails to acknowledge is how any President can or would have changed any of this. The deeper deception is how even changing our stance on climate change would accomplish anything in the end.

That is what is not in the public narrative or perception. The knowledge and awareness that unless we address the root causes of our harm to the biosphere and its ability to provide for our survival, found within our civilization itself, we will continue to take the wrong path and hold the wrong values while deceiving ourselves about our effectiveness. We’re scratching at the surface while ignoring all the far deeper wounds we’re inflicting.

I do not have these illusions myself. “Policies” will not solve the climate crisis. This is a ridiculous notion that is embedded in all current discussions about climate change. The assumption being, “the right policies will resolved this issue” (for all of us, apparently), but this is factually false. It can never be true because our civilization remains on the same trajectory as always – growth, consumption, emissions, technology, in a never-ending cycle of planetary destruction.

Those topics are untouchable in today’s entrancement of civilization. They don’t get discussed or addressed, so any polices that do or that may come about and take effect, will have virtually no lasting restoration or preservation and do nothing to address root causes. It’s just a matter of time under these illusions we endorse that we will consume, destroy and pollute whatever is still left. We are finding it impossible to restrain ourselves as our history shows. But now we must, but refuse to even discuss it.

But of course, Verner is simply concerned about Trump and rightly so. But it is not enough. Not even close. He’s quite correct about the immorality of what is happening, but he does not go far enough here either. It is proving to also be impossible (to date) to stop the indifference, especially within the American population. I spend (recently, that is) a lot of time reading through “denier” articles, which will drive a thinking person insane. But it reveals a deep hatred within many Americans for their own planet. It is a type of xenophobia writ large across their tiny minds of extreme selfishness and arrogance.

We’re not reaching these people. But we’ve permitted them too loud a voice. What they are doing is immoral.  Their screeching rhetoric is so bad now that something must be done. They are, in effect, telling all the people in a burning theater that there is no fire. Nothing to be alarmed about, while the building is coming down on top of them. This is more then a crime of ignorance, it is a crime against humanity to continue to tolerate their lies and dishonesty.

Something must be done. It is not Free Speech to spread dangerous lies that will harm other people – in this case, the whole of humanity, present and future, even the whole of the entire living biosphere. Therefore, their deceptions and lies should no longer be allowed in the public space, newspapers, news sites, television, magazines and all forms of public broadcast. While I support healthy informed public and private debate, this is not what is occurring. It is neither informed nor healthy and is doing great irreversible harm to us all, even them, but they’re too obtuse to even realize this fact. You don’t allow people to spread dangerous ideologies and give them a free pass, which is what they have today and it needs to stop, quickly so that the world can address the real issue, which is in fact, dangerous heating and the cause and effects that are imperiling planetary survival.

But of course, this too is a pipe-dream. It won’t happen. It’s also a dangerous path. The alternative then is much better – mandatory global education on climate change. This would also allow for public debate and discourse to occur in an educational setting where anyone can be free to disagree and provide their evidence.

In developed countries, mandatory education is required by law. The difference here is this education would not target only the young, but all citizens, young and old (there would need to be limits on this of course).

The curriculum would need to be developed presenting both sides of the issue to encourage debate and critical thinking. The difference here, unlike the public space “debate” occurring now, is it would not be one-sided, or dominated by a particular industry or group of people, nor would it be voluntary. You have to take the course, it would be mandatory.

There would be no “graduation”, no diploma, nothing more would be needed other then certification of taking the course. I’d like to see higher education (additional topics) also offered and made freely available too. It would be possible to even take the course online – but with required participation and interaction from each “student” (not a simple multiple-choice quiz). The idea being, every citizen needs to be fully and fairly informed.

What would this accomplish? Similar to educational mandates and efforts undertaken in the past, it would raise awareness, involvement and ultimately support for climate initiatives. We expect students to have a basic education now (I think the 8th grade in America is required by law) and this would be no different. A basic education on the causes, effects, issues, problems and knowledge on climate change.

Why would we do this? Because it is a issue of global importance. Our very existence is at stake. We may yet ‘discover’ bright minds that would make large strides towards mitigation and adaption strategies. We may also develop a citizens initiative on a national or even global scale to participate, versus prevent climate action. We may even help establish a baseline for future and present industry and political leaders and how they may influence the human future and our survival on this planet.

It is clear that the ‘agenda’ is to prove and demonstrate climate change – this is obvious, but it is also critically necessary and no different then what education does right now – schooling in the facts of the real world. The world cannot continue to tolerate ignorance, denial, stubbornness and yes, complete stupidity about such an important topic. Not when our very survival and that of the entire biosphere is at stake.

We are all ‘citizens of the world’, components of the human race, and we each have responsibilities and obligation as part of that. But we also have a deeper responsibility that extends beyond our own species, and that is to a habitable future for all living things, which we ourselves, cannot live without their survival. Expecting all humans to be schooled in these basic concepts is reasonable, ethical and essential. And seriously, seriously overdue.

If we do not take drastic action, then we’re just in denial ourselves and will have failed to even try to rise up to the challenge that faces us all.


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14 thoughts on “The First Tiny Step Forward – Mandatory Education

  • January 8, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    ‘I say’, those who deny climate change (chaos, disruption, mass extinction) and especially those than fund them (profit from lies) ARE the worst criminals that have ever existed. They make Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and PolPot COMBINED ‘seem like saintly amateurs in comparison’. Could there be any worst evil than to extinguish life from an entire planet? Not in my ‘book’. So, when is it “open season” to extinguish them instead of tolerating them from extinguishing EVERYONE and EVERY living thing? ‘I say’, that it is well past time to fight fire with fire and to seek out and eliminate those who would (do) devastate ALL else for their personal profit/ego and to do so by any and all means possible. What that ‘looks like’ in practice I leave to your imagination. Misery monkeys HAVE to go (be extermination) ASAP if anything at all is to be have a chance of improving for everyone else. ‘Just saying’.

    • January 8, 2017 at 1:24 pm

      People are not willing to ‘engage’ on that level (extermination). They have too much to give up (and always will as far as I can tell). I definitely agree that they are criminals. It is beyond unconscionable what they are all doing. But we won’t eliminate them. The only way to ‘get rid of them’ is to educate them. Otherwise, we’re stuck with them.

  • January 8, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Modern countries deserve the most blame; they are the most responsible for energy use, resource extraction and planetary consumption of life, materials, etc., therefore, they need to be the first ‘group’ (educated or eliminated, take your pick).

    They’re also the leaders in industrialized destruction, largest carbon footprints and so forth, and the most likely to be able to afford the education (or bullets, take your pick).

    So ‘eliminate or educate’ this group first is the priority. But even this is not enough. They will be replaced with those that aspire to be like them – growth advocates, connedsumers and connoisseurs of fine dainty things (destroyers of life), breeders and so forth.

    So without education, one group simply replaces the other and nothing is accomplished. This is the situation we have today.

    We all share the blame, undoubtedly some more so then others (obviously). But it is also very clear that there is no escaping from this shared blame; there are no real options to do and live otherwise; not in the modern world. Our dependency and our contributions is our crime, and our death sentence, extended to the entire biosphere.

    Without education, we will never have any other options and will endlessly fight among ourselves. In other words, the war is already lost, without any ‘try’ at all.

    I realize that. And “their” guilt, crimes and indifference. But mine too. I want a real step forward, and as angry as I get, genocide does not appeal to me, as ‘deserving’ as they are. There has to be a better option – otherwise, it is ecocide – forever.

  • January 8, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    wish I could edit my shit – my spelling/typing is atrocious

    • January 8, 2017 at 1:20 pm

      So’s mine. I fix what I spot. Not sure why there is no ‘edit’ function for subscribers.

  • January 8, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    The level of resistance to education is beyond utterly staggering: it is criminal. And it is criminal because the entire financial-economic-political system is a gigantic criminal Ponzi scheme which depends for its existence on the majority of people NOT knowing how it works.

    Start with the financial system, in which money is created out of thin air via the creation of government bonds, and interest is paid on that money created out of thin air. Similarly, mortgages and loans are created out of thin air by banks, and interest is charged on that money created out of thin air.

    Money as Debt

    The Money Masters

    Then examine the dysfunctional GDP system, which rewards consumption of energy and resources, and rewards the generation of crappy products that are consumed quickly or do not last, but measures conservation as a loss.

    And then examine the near-complete control that banks and corporations have over governments and society in general, and then we see that we live in a system that requires constant expansion of consumption and population, and rewards inefficiency and the generation of waste.

    It becomes increasingly apparent that in a political-economic environment which is geared to maximizing short-term profits via the consumption of resources and the generation of waste, the system will keep promoting short-term profits via the consumption of resources and the generation of waste, until it can’t.

    Only a fundamental change in the nature of the economic-political system will alter the trajectory we are on. And those who acquire short-term benefits from the current system will sabotage all attempts to educate ‘the masses’ about how they have been hoodwinked.

    Western societies are in the ‘death grip’ of banks and corporations and the bought-and-paid-for liars who make up the bulk of the politicians and bureaucrats, and it seem to me that will only be after the system has destroyed itself that the majority of people will come to their senses.

    We live in a loot-and-pollute system, and the vast majority of people are oblivious to it all and cannot be bothered to become informed abut anything of significance. Indeed many people who should know better, including professional ‘educators’, strongly resist becoming informed. I know; I’ve tried.

    • January 8, 2017 at 3:56 pm

      The job of the media is to inform; the job of government is to protect and preserve; we all know that neither institution is doing its job, they both need to be fired. Either we ‘do something about it’, or we do nothing and resign ourselves to what they are doing to us all – fating the entire biosphere to death and annihilation. We all know that is unconscionable, but do we ‘know’ that this works both ways? That by doing nothing to change this, we are just as guilty? The unconscionable act is OURS as much as it is theirs.

      Humans have a duty, call it self-survival to do something more the wish it all away, or to stand silently quiet, or to uselessly beat at the air while planetary genocide destroys a habitable future. The very least we can do is more then what has been done or tried. I’ve wanted to just give up myself, often – because I cannot fathom a ‘way’ out of this. But acceptance of planetary destruction? The very concept is impossible to stomach.

      But this is all predicated on the knowledge and awareness of what climate change actually means – its causes and effects, the paradigm of civilization. Without this knowledge and awareness, it is very likely that I’d not be concerned, that “caring” would be far from my mind and any efforts to change our collective impacts upon the planet would be dismissed as being misguided zealotry.

      So let us all be brutally honest here – if we don’t raise the essential knowledge and awareness, then we’ve done nothing, ultimately ‘tried nothing’. If we engage in violence and elimination, then we’ve not replaced it with anything either. Whatever replaces the dead will simply repeat the entire process we’ve tried to eradicate.

      That’s why it has to begin at a far lower level. We can’t have ignorant citizens or ignorant corporations or an ignorant political class – it is not acceptable. To continue to allow this guarantees resistance and failure. No matter what a ‘try’ would consist of to save ourselves from certain extinction and that of the biosphere, ignorance will birth constant resistance to essential and critical changes.

      That is why it must be mandatory. We don’t allow serial killers to run free if we can catch them. And that is what we have today – a loose coalition of serial killers hell-bent on planetary destruction and extinction of the entire biosphere for profits.

      Education is more then teach ‘about climate change’ but that should be obvious to all. It is about the interconnected dependencies upon all life and how we live, and how we must change. It is the least of our nascent efforts and far easier too then doing anything else, but it is also inherent to everything else that must still be done, without which every other effort is doomed to fail.

  • January 8, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Between 2005 and 2013 Robert Atack generated and handed out about 14,000 DVDs on all the crucial issues of our times, and supplied quite a few to me. I had the crazy idea of setting up a DVD library, whereby people could borrow and return DVDs, free of charge. We both discovered that putting a DVD into a player and pressing play was too hard for the majority of people. I recall the owner of a video shop commenting several years ago that he put a display of ‘Free Hire’ DVDs prominently in his store, right by the entrance, and people would walk straight past them to select from the DVDs that they had to pay for to hire.

    Dereck Wilson, as a last act of humanity before he died, had a book published about economics and how it was impacting society and the environment, and paid for copies to be given to every MP and every mayor in NZ. Included was a DVD.

    Peter Lloyd, prominent anesthetist in Hawkes Bay, produced and promoted a DVD, ‘Interesting Times’ highlighting resource depletion d climate change, prior to his death.

    Colin Campbell, co-founder of ASPO, spoke to MPs in Britain about the impending energy crisis. Senator Bartlett did the same in the US.

    Several years ago I offered to teach a ‘surviving the future’ adult education course: there was no interest. Literally. That was in addition to all the stuff I mentioned previously to try to wake people up and change the system.

    Tim Bennett and Sally Erickson hit the same wall when they produced ‘What A Way To GO’ and went on a nationwide tour to promote it.

    Dereck Jensen’s End Civ. Oil Smoke and Mirrors. Oilapocalypse. Zeitgeist. Anima Mundi. Tankashila. David Attenborough’s Can We Save Planet Earth? The Age of Stupid. Annie Leonard’s Stuff. Mike Ruppert’s Collapse …..Simon Reeves highlighting environmental devastation and extinction in his television documentaries, to name just a few of the thousands of efforts made to educate the masses and educate the government and bureaucrats.

    20 years after I started my ‘campaign’, everything is in a far worse than when I started. And there are fewer opportunities to get the truth out. I am just one of thousands who have followed a similar course with similar results.

    There really is a great aversion to truth ‘out there’. And a system which is dependent on corruption and lies for its continued existence.

    That is why I gave up banging my head against the walls of ignorance, apathy, denial and corruption in 2015, and am now awaiting the inevitable crash, and doing what little I can to prepare for it.

    In the meantime, I, like so many other awake and aware people, have to live the daily ‘nightmare’ of existence in a system which is rapidly destroying the local environment and destroying habitability of the planet (and therefore my progeny’s future) for the short-term financial gain of a few people.

    I wish I knew what the answer was. This, I do know: the answer is not organized religion.

    • January 8, 2017 at 11:32 pm

      ‘Volunteer’ education does not work. It has been available since man chipped rock, there is a majority that simply will not avail themselves of information. Something needs to counter-act this trend, thus the whole ‘mandatory’ concept. Every effort I’ve seen or ever heard about is volunteer. It does not work (evidence abounds).

      I have no proof that mandatory will work either – but consider the alternatives. a) Shoot them first, and ask no questions later? b) Do nothing and continue to embrace hopium that the outcome will magically change? c) Cut off the head of Medusa (industry / corporations / finance / technology / whatever) and hope it doesn’t re-sprout?

      Education is the lowest rung of the ladder we need to climb. The try.

      I can easily pick apart why this won’t work. Time, effort, funding, resistance, sabotage, religion, yada, yada. But what I find interesting is how even ‘here’ (this blog, this readership) there does not appear to be any desire to find a step forward. And I know what that means. It is point b) only slightly modified, do nothing and get ready to die (not many hopiate addicts here).

      That could be true – that there is really nothing we can truly do or try. But for those that do not know – it has not been fully discussed (ie., every possible kind of try). Anywhere that I know of. But of all that has been tried in the past, ‘mandatory’ has not. And to make a point – ‘mandatory’ is going to happen anyway. Here’s how: as refugees increase, resources decline, habitability becomes increasingly difficult and food and security are in short supply, ‘mandatory’ is going to be forced upon everyone. You will be told what you can do, where you can live and how much you can have. That is what happens in collapse. The free-for-all society that we have now is going bye-bye and ‘mandatory’ is headed our way.

      I can hardly describe it all, but it will be conscription into service for the war machine, ration cards and recycling, ride-sharing and forced retirement, refusal of travel and restrictions on types of employment. That’s all ‘mandatory’ and it’s coming our way. I’d rather have ‘mandatory’ on something that offers a chance for a better future versus ‘mandatory’ on something that just constantly reminds me that future will never exist again.

      So either we sit here and do nothing and accept our defeat, reminding ourselves that nothing else can be done that hasn’t already been tried, or we are going to lose the only opportunity that will ever exist.

      One more time – I can easily list why mandatory education will not work, but the real point is far bigger – is anyone willing to try anything? Have we examined all the best ideas? Have we given this our best shot? Why are we stupidly waiting on the very leaders and politicians to “do something”? (some of us are, I am not one of them). Can we come up with something that has not been considered?

      I’ve presented these ideas here on this blog for a reason and it wasn’t to read my own rantings. Life boats, community resiliency, survival acreage, alternative civilization, abolishment of religion, individual preparedness, self-education, critical thought, and many, many more. All are ‘volunteer’ by design and intent. Nobody was interested. Nobody pursued this. Nobody has gone further then I have.

      By and large, I received a wall of silence. Oh, some commentary, but no real interest – and absolutely NO participation. Everyone is off doing their own thing, keeping their heads down, living life while the freight train of disaster runs us all over.

      I’ve examined this, often, always wondering why even with the truly aware and awake there is simply resignation. That’s why I know that there will never be a true uprising. That’s why I know that people have too much to lose. When we had opportunity, we did not take it. We allowed the rapacious monsters to govern even our very thoughts, defeating us before we did a damned thing.

      But what I did not find – and this is the most important part here and even why I wrote this article today – is the effort, and a record of that effort, to try something that has never been tried before. I am aware of books, articles, videos, seminars and sessions that have tried to change our trajectory – and their miserable failures. I’m also aware of guerilla efforts at violence and direct action. Even those that tried to change the monetary system and fiat banking, and much, much more. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life looking. And discarding what has failed, what clearly does not work, but I didn’t find a comprehensive effort that dealt with root causes of our failures.

      So admittedly, I do not ‘know’ what the answer is either – but I know that we have not tried everything that could be tried, and I also know that we most certainly should. This is missing. And others will try other things (as we are seeing now), but plenty or most or even all of them refuse to see the big picture like they should, so they’re introducing failure into their efforts early on.

      So far, nothing has worked, but let’s be honest here, we have not tried everything either. If we’re ready to give up, then readers, follow McPherson around because he’s got an answer for that. That is not what this blog is about and never has been.

      • January 9, 2017 at 12:59 am

        I do not advocate doing nothing. If I did, I would not be here presenting truth and discussing the predicament we are in.

        It’s just that I have tried EVERYTHING legal, and some things certain people regard as illegal. And nothing has made much difference.

        There are people who say the only way to stop industrial civilization completely wrecking the habitability of the Earth is to blow up dams, blow up the electricity grid, set fire to oil wells, occupy and destroy banks etc., but that strategy clearly would not work because whoever attempts it very quickly ends up behind bars or dead. And at the moment such efforts would be entirely unappreciated by the majority of people who still believe in the benevolence of ‘the empire of lies’.

        So the big question is this: how go you propose to make education about climate change and related topics mandatory when the entire political-economic system and the majority of people are against you? I do keep dropping big hints to people about what is in store when conversations provide the opportunity, but do not commence conversations with that in mind -which is what I did do for many years.

        I agree entirely that people are going to forced, ‘kicking and screaming’, to face reality, and it will probably be quite soon. My guess is that we have about 3 years before financial and economic mayhem commences. The ‘education’ will be imposed on the masses (and TPTB) by circumstances.

        That reminds me of one of Colin Campbell’s last efforts before he went into retirement, ‘Peak Oil Imposed by Nature’

        ‘The film ”PEAK OIL — imposed by Nature” was nominated ”Best professional documentary” at The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2005.’

        So I suppose we can look forward to ecological awareness and climate change awareness being imposed on the ecologically illiterates and climate change illiterates by Nature.

  • January 9, 2017 at 11:09 am

    I know that you ‘heart’ is in the right place … but IMO you’re wasting your limited remaining time battling the “monsters”. Neither you nor I are currently in what I’d call a happy/peaceful place and I wish (prefer) that it could/will be otherwise. I don’t know what to do about this (either) other than to disconnect as much as possible, learn how to detach, and come to find some solace in an ignorance (to extent possible) of the exponentially building deliberate insanity that surrounds (assaults) us at every turn. I need to stop or at least radically reduce actively accessing/witnessing the insanity and withdraw into my personal space and come to enjoy as much of what is left as I can muster. I would wish the same for you. If you look for assholes and shit ye shall surely find it and your nose and mind with become thus tainted by the offense thereby witnessed. Yeah, that’s damn hard to digest and I’m struggling mightily with it too. However I’m increasingly aware that this is definitely not how I want to be through my remaining days. Sometimes ignorance IS bliss – at least in the “end times” – IMO.

    Recall? “Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  • January 10, 2017 at 12:12 am

    There are positive things we can do with our time/lives, certain changes we can make/create, but stopping the great crumbling of humanity, simply put, is not possible. The design of the human mind, and the basic inputs into it which produce actions, ensures a dire trajectory. This is why all of the various efforts you have spoken of, fail. Its not what we wish for, but it is what will be. Carry on, in your own way, in accordance with your unique manner, on the course you feel compelled to follow. We each are like different species, so our paths will not be the same. This experience/place was never meant to be here for long in a universal sense, existence/earth, so don’t be to hard on yourself, time is fleeting, tomorrow the sun will rise, make the best of it in what ways you can.

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