The Final Word

Quite a few readers have privately written to me, requesting that I explain my reasons for the blog shutdown, and to express their hope that I would resume writing on this blog. Some have actually plead with me to do so.

First off, the food website remains open. I’m actually at a loss why anyone would think it was closed, but several people have asked this question, so there you have it. I expect to keep selling food as long as I can.

I have many reasons why I stopped writing on this blog. However, the main underlying reason is very simple. More words (mere words) are not going to change anything now. This has been proven many, many times over.

Even my own ‘dire predictions’ regarding the looming threat to humanity by our collapse is already proving to be too conservative.

This blog was oftentimes called the most doom and gloom of them all. While I did my best to stick to the facts and reported evidence backing this all up, it was still insufficient.

My new estimates are even worse then before. I’ve seen a gargantuan amount of data lately and the bottom line is the future survival of humanity is now in serious doubt. It is far too late to change this outcome and a primary reason why I stopped writing. I do not want to write the obituary for humankind in some morbid spectacle of ‘documentation’.

Now, to immediately contradict myself on the ‘mere words’, there ARE some words that I will share here, and some words that I believe you should all read and ponder, because they are some of the best words I have read in a while.

Steve Lendeman has been doing an admirable job on documenting the Israeli slaughter and genocide of the Palestinians in essay after essay. Many of his articles (maybe all of them) are also posted on Global Research. I think what Mr. Lendeman is doing is vitally important, which is namely simply telling the truth.

Angie has also written a most excellent piece on what real terrorism is which I highly recommend. Once again, speaking the truth to any who will listen. Will you? Please read, if only to stay educated to the facts.

Now, for my own final words. The words above are truth, and they portray what is really wrong with us all. And that is the real reason I wanted you to read those words. Not just for the message of events that they convey, but for the deeper meaning of us and who we really all are and where we are really headed and even why.

It is abundantly apparent that words are failing us all. Words that depict truth, suffering, slaughter, genocide, collapse — these are mere words to the majority of us and they are meaningless until they assault us directly.

Most of us are not yet experiencing these events directly where they convey the depth and breadth of their true meaning. Their reality, even those words of truth (versus the MSM words of rampant, incessant lies) is lost to us, because we are not yet suffering in the way these words convey.

Not yet.

But I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that we soon will. All of us. And because of this view that I hold, penning more words here has proven to be futile. Utterly futile. Because nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing now is going to change this. You will hear “words” from others to contradict this view, but my reminder to you is to ask for the proof. The collapse is definitely gathering steam in many, many ways and some of these things are absolutely unstoppable (and quite deadly).

Documenting our ongoing collapse is entertaining, but certainly not edifying or in all honesty, the least bit helpful to anyone. I do not need to “prove” this point of view to anyone and attempting to do so is really a waste of time, because it assumes the position that we are going to somehow save ourselves if we can only convince more people. This is a total fallacy.

We are not going to save ourselves like many think. We are not even going to come close. Convincing anyone else now of our predicament is a waste of time, effort and energy. I’ve always been ahead of the curve and I dare say, I am this time too. But I am not alone with this view, more and more people are beginning to realize this too.

It is not necessary to convince anyone else anymore because there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop this. It would not matter if five billion people suddenly woke up and changed their ways. It is too late.

I am not the least bit defeatist in my estimation, just entirely realistic. I’ve seen the data and the assessments of the magnitude of the problem and this information alone convinces me totally that we are lost. Those of you that want me to continue blogging our collapse have failed to realize that it is absolutely pointless now. What really needs to happen is for everyone to start immediate survival preparations, and I mean hardcore survival preparations. This is the only thing that remains to be done and the only thing that should be done now.

But what really convinces me of this folly is our human nature. Even in the face of excessive depravity and violence, we are still choosing all that is wrong. This ‘nature’ is perhaps actually natural to us humans, inherent in our genetic makeup. History shows that we have an unlimited capacity to inflict widespread destruction and devastation, even to our own personal harm and even in the face of ultimate self-destruction. If that is not stupid, then I do not know what is.

Our disregard for the sacred things in this world is gaining a staggering amount of momentum. This appears to me to be a flawed response in our genetic makeup, something inherent in our very nature.

Humans are neither good nor special or even needed on this planet. We are really an aberrations as a species, unfit to govern and presently unfit to adapt. We take whatever we want with no concern for the consequences. We have developed our cruelty into highly technological art forms and advanced degrees of unimaginable depravity, even deluding ourselves for their justifications and existence, and then calling these things ‘defensive measures’ that we absolutely must employ for our existence and alleged ‘protection’.

What kind of sickness is this? What a sick, sad joke this is, the lies we tell to wash away the blood.

I am absolutely sickened to death by this witness. I’ve given several the boot that have revealed their bloodlust and immorality, including James Kunstler. There is simply no room in my life for those that would endorse oppression and evil upon other people, justifying slaughter for lies. The moral blindness that I have witnessed online (and off) is no longer shocking, but it is incredibly wearisome and utterly loathsome to behold.Let me be very frank here and return to my point. It has always been an exercise in futility to document our collapse and all that this really means. This has become a form of morbid infotainment, a merry-go-round of hype and hysteria, offering nothing, fixing nothing, solving nothing. In truth, really capable of nothing.

The root cause of our collapsing civilization remains unaddressed and broadly ignored. We are categorically unwilling to even consider the question of our slavish existence on this planet, feeding off of all other life forms like the bloodsucking leeches that we have become. We were not always this way, but this is what we are today.

Mankind has entered into a very dangerous era and shown an incredible capacity for abundant stupidity and arrogance and self-destruction. This is nothing new, humanity has gone through these cycles before. The only thing that can be considered “new” this time around is we have probably really screwed the pooch with our future existence on this planet.

Dozens and dozens of stories are now surfacing regarding the ultimate fate of humanity on Earth. Our ability to survive the Earth changes now set in motion is extremely doubtful.

You will need to read these articles and then collectively assess the message that they share:

Why Global Warming Portends A Food Crisis

Climate change fears spiral as warmer seas ‘absorbing less carbon dioxide’

Environment Blamed In Western Tree Deaths

Climate Scientists: It’s Time For ‘Plan B’

Climate Damage Already Irreversible

Global Warming Could Suffocate The Sea

Emissions Cuts Won’t Bring Quick Relief – Try a “thousand years of drought”.

The sense of ‘desperation’ is certainly growing and with good reason. If you wipe out all the hype and bullshit about how the world’s leaders are going to engineer our way towards our salvation, you will discover that we are all well and truly fucked.

That may be crass, but it’s also exceedingly accurate. If anything, this blog has always sought to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. This post will be no different.

“Emergency backup plans” are now already the norm for the aware and awake contingent of humankind. The rest of the sheep will go on dozing and grazing, oblivious to their plight. Let them. There is absolutely nothing to be gained now by alarming them any more.

James Lovelock has a new interview which if you read word by word, conveys what our future ‘hope’ really is. A few pertinent quotes:

Do we have time to do a similar thing with carbon emissions to save ourselves from climate change?

Not a hope in hell. Most of the “green” stuff is verging on a gigantic scam.

I think it’s wrong to assume we’ll survive 2 °C of warming: there are already too many people on Earth. At 4 °C we could not survive with even one-tenth of our current population. The reason is we would not find enough food, unless we synthesised it. Because of this, the cull during this century is going to be huge, up to 90 per cent. The number of people remaining at the end of the century will probably be a billion or less.

Predictions are that we will experience more warming then this, so the odds of our survival are increasingly smaller and smaller. They are in fact, so small that our survival is now in serious doubt.

A few other final comments I’m going to toss in. As one astute writer wrote:

The US is dead center of the (global) system of genocide and global repression. The physical apparatus is here in every major city and across the country in small towns: munitions factories, military bases, recruiting centers [and media propaganda outlets]. Virtually every major university has its research institutions to develop instruments of mass murder, and its theoretical institutes to develop strategies of repressive power.

Far, far too many Americants cannot even comprehend these statements, much less understand them. The Empire is destructive; arrogant, indifferent and callous. Its engines pump blood, rivers and rivers of human blood of innocents from around the world. And its pistons are many of you.

Modern Americans are directly responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of innocent people around the world who are engaged in nothing more then the desire to live. This is the same desire you and I both have, but many of us are actively engaged in making sure that they don’t. It’s a multi-trillion dollar business in this country, engorging ourselves on the souls of men, women and children. And it needs to STOP.

I am speaking of this generation, not past generations, which share in this bloodlust. They’ll soon become engorged with death to the bursting point as billions more die as the death throes of Empire lash out around the world.

This bullshit we have all heard about the ‘rise of China’, or India, or Islam is total crap and always will be. Rise to what? More like, rise with what? This is more flag-waving patriotic bullshit to get fools to rally around absolute nonesense. Resource depletion and climate change is global, and no nation on Earth is going to remain unaffected. The absolutely stupendous loss in global shipping and trade is not going to let any nation rise anywhere, except for those tiny few nations that are still dealing in energy supplies.

The so-called ‘collapse of Mexico’ fears being waved about are also energy related, although the American media is far too stupid to realize it. Cantrell has been in serious decline and Mexico’s energy supplies are most definitely threatened. They will collapse before we do (their infrastructure), but it doesn’t matter. Mexico will very likely implode and soon. So what? So will America. Get used to it, it’s already a foregone conclusion. Your better off embracing these facts then denying them.

A great deal of effort and expenditure is already being spent to stop these falling dominoes, but it will not work for the simple reasons that these efforts all singularly fail to address their root causes.

An excellent mini-rant by my favorite curmudgeon (Lonewolf) was recently shared with me that sums up exactly how I feel these days about our future:

Here’s a small ‘taste’ of just how out of our collective motherbushing ‘minds’ we actually are:

The Cheeseburger Footprint
So, the 0.84 to 1.4 kg ‘gas’ (oil) per burger equates to 1.85 to 3.09 lbs ‘gas’ equiv. per burger or 0.305 to 0.509 US gallons oil equiv. per burger. Averaging/rounding off: 0.4 gallons of gas/diesel equiv. per 1/4 lb burger – not factoring all the plastic packaging shit, driving to the burger joint (or manufacturing vehicle, etc), building/heating/lighting the store, employees getting to work, ‘processing’/disposing of the residue (feces, wrappers), etc. McPeakAll -d’s Happened. aka McDeath Becomes Us. We “had it our way”. Our way is Death.Mooooooooooooo- ve over humaninsanity, it’s Time for Slime.

Arise, all ye fungal spores, all ye larvae, molds, nematodes and worms.
Harvest time is at hand.

The all-pervasive economic revivalism screed (lie) as seen everywhere online and on-air, grossly and directly parallels if not exceeds the mass willful delusional characteristic of theocratic ‘fundamentalist’ revivalism – IMO

Pure delusional crack pipe dreams of happy everyafter, pure unadulterated wanton greed fed by deep assiduously denied fear and bloated by willful ignorance at every level, point, way, means … both individual and collective.

NGFH (not going to fucking happen) but Bursting Bubbles of mass delusion will.

So, What is the sound of bursting bubbles when amplified 6.7 billion-fold? Answer: BUSHED! (totally)
“Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a die-off it is.”

ending/gone/over are”

continuous, conspicuous consumption – “to the last drop” – of the few remaining species/resources = NGFH

happy motoring for ever more – and shruburbia NGFH

extractive industry (BAU), toxic production of useless shit – or of useful shit = NGFH

lifetimes of ‘living’ via continued destruction of Earth (all life) both direct and indirect

easy credit – any credit – funny money

fiat currency (faith/trust in money)

fictional reserve banking (smoke screens in a shattered mirror)

industrial agriculture, esp. monoculture (9 calories (btu. etc) of oil for every 1 cal. of food produced or 0.5 cal food consumed)

i.e., industrial livestock ‘production’ – 3000 mile salads, 13,000 mile (fake) fish fillets, etc

halting (or slowing) catastrophic climate change ( mush too late and far too little change/effort and no time)

“sustainable” humans endeavor/enterprise – No one seems to actually understand what sustainable even means much less want that)

safe (from) nuclear weaponry and the radiation industries NTM ‘fall out’ (both pre and post event/production)

safe weaponized biological organisms/genomes (humanity itself IS the ultimate biological weapon – take a look around)

technological ‘salvation’ in any guise or form

free energy, abundant energy (per capita). non-polluting energy – None of this is remotely possible in this Universe

rising or even stagnant/steady ‘standards’ of living

Personal ‘freedom’ aka ‘liberty’, justice, rights

Can’t we all just get along? – NO!

The Age of exponential growth (malignant cancer) is FKN Over

The Age of Exponential Decline has arrived

Continued (-ual) denial of ‘basic’ fact is literally insane.

Humans are literally INSANE – all of us

Collapse, like death, is natural, inevitable, forever

Collapse IS here, now. Be there. Live it – or FKN die.

Embrace collapse or die sooner rather than later (die anyway)

Attempts to ‘prop’ up a dead man (planet) are futile at best and destructive to the end. “Life after death” my bleeding ass.

Alleged ‘clever’, lofty, soothing, gimmicky, wholly delusional rhetoric is and always will be pure delusional regardless of motive ascribed or intent.

The incessant ‘slight of hand’ and “smoke and mirrors” ‘approach’ and the universal inherent greed (destruction) of crapitalist (sic) economies is utterly hopeless, pointless and signals the literal death kneel of/for man. Postponing collapse by a day or a week is NOT BAU, progress, sustainable, real, survivable, etc. NGFH.

Collapse is required of us all (and always was).

Okay, okay, so I’m incoherent – what/who isn’t?

Believe it or not, that is really just a tiny taste of our collective insanity we have consistently exhibited, hardly a tidbit from the smorgasborg of gluttonous stupidity we have undertaken, there are countless other examples I could point out.

I really wonder how many people realize how right he is? Of course, this does not matter one bit, and it certainly would not change anything at all. But one of the brightest minds I’ve ever met has deeply influenced my understanding of just how utterly bushed we all really are. Not because we do not have the capacity to change (we’ve already demonstrated that, it’s how we got here), but because we still choose death in the face of self-extermination.

Here’s a few thoughts for you: Examine any religion and tell me that this choice of death is not true. Examine capitalism and tell me that the choice of death is not true. Examine how we treat the planet we live on and tell that the choice of death is not true. Examine our financial system of reward and greed and tell me that this is not true. Examine our methods of simply feeding ourselves using insane methods of monoculture and tell me that this is not true.

And if you tell me that none or not even one of these things is not true, I will tell you that you are a liar and deceived. Because they are all true, every last one of them. They all lead to death sooner or later and not just for one or two or just a few, but for everyone — all mankind.

I’ve taken a few decades of my life to research each one of them and even chart their paths, this was the process by which I became utterly convinced that the real folly in this world is us. Others, like Lonewolf and others simply reinforced what was already now evident.

That ‘audacity of hope’ is you know, really a joke. On you. On everyone. Inherent in our struggle for survival is the generally accepted notion that we’ll manage somehow (this time). You know, to live and to survive this, while at the same time, we categorically refuse to stop what we’re doing that is making it all happen.

The audacity is in believing in this lie. We’ve managed to really fuck things up (already) in just a few generations. This is the audacity of our hope and what a joke this is proving to be. It’s quite sad of course, and terribly tragic, but only for us.

The First World populations of the Earth are presently consuming 775 YEARS worth of energy during the course of their expected lifetimes (that’s just one generation). This means we have been robbing our great-grandchildren to the 20th generation and beyond of their possible inheritance, squandering this all exclusively on ourselves in rampant indulgence of selfish greed.

The significance of this is very simple. Each successive generation will have significantly less then all of the former generations. By the 3rd generation (specifically, your grandkids), there will simply be nothing left. Full stop. All gone. Forever.

Did you know that this is now the prediction of leading scientist from around the world? Within a scant 100 years, most life on Earth will be dead.

Forget 20 generations, NGFH. Start pondering Stone Age living (maybe) for your grandkids, some of them which are already alive today. Sticks, rocks, clubs. They’ll do a bang up job of I’m sure.

Humans survived on this planet for ten thousand generations, but then in less then 40 generations, we’ve made it so no more then 3 more generations might survive at all.

Doesn’t that bother you?

The blog has failed to change this. I always knew it would. I always knew that speaking the truth would line up the idiots and the naysayers, and the talking fools blowing smoke out of their asses. None of you have any real idea the shit that I have had to put up with for taking this position. But it doesn’t matter, because there are simply more idiots these days then intelligence.

Thieves too. But I digress. I’m done here, nothing more can be said that will make a lick of difference now. Americants are too fat, too lazy and far too stupid to give a shit about the place they call home, let alone anybody or any place else. They are choosing death, and taking the rest of the world with them, out of sheer arrogance.

I could have written polite platitudes and “thank you’s for listening”, but this would just be a veneer for the reality I’m desperately trying to hammer through some very thick skulls. If I could have done the brain surgery with a jackhammer that was necessary, I would have done so. But a frontal lobotomy to public ignorance and denial remains beyond my abilities.

In closing, several of you have definitely earned my deep respect. You’ve tried too, I know you have. But you’re also realizing like me that it’s not working. Nothing is. What ground we might have all gained is like a few grains of sand awash in the sea. We’re drowning in waves of rampant denial and stupidity.

There is no point in saving fools. It’s quite doubtful we can even save ourselves. But I believe our energy is much better spent elsewhere these days which is where I’m going. What would be the point in blogging the last entry, or pleading the last word as the waves of death and destruction wash over our own heads? Exactly when do you decide that it’s all foolishness and folly anyway?

It is not selfishness that I propose. It is survival. Last year, I wrote that we would not always be here and that we would all have to make some hard choices. That time is now. Drowning people very often drown their would-be rescuers. Make sure you fully understand that, because it is true. It’s not your fault that they are drowning. You told them the water was deep, but they didn’t listen.

We are all going to sleep in the bed that we made. Every single one of us. That’s just life. I still believe in helping those who are trying to help themselves, but that is not the same thing as helping those who are actively working against you. Lovelock (and several others) are quite right, billions are now going to die and there really is nothing that can be done about it. So move on. Start dealing with this reality like you never have before.

I have been privately working towards long-range plans for the future survival of humans. I am now engaging myself towards this goal. The blog articles, essays and commentary here are still valid on what needs to be done.

I expect to leave this blog online, but I am no plans right now for any future updates, you’ll just have to check back and see if anything has changed.

Finally, to my readers, commentators and contributers — thank you. I am not abandoning any of you as it may seem, just moving on to the next step (as I believe everyone should), one that I believe is much more worthwhile and lasting.


admin at survivalacres dot com

17 thoughts on “The Final Word

  • January 28, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    “…including James Kunstler”

    I have written this guy in the past and used to look forward to his blog. I have now written him OFF also. He is just another bloodthirsty asshole that thinks everyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite.

    Collapse is happening. It appears you have been more right than everyone. Amazing and a Damn shame.

    You take a break John. A long one if you need. I do think writing is in your blood and you will be back. Take your time.

    I need another order soon. Please let us know if you ever plan to close so we may get in our last when the time comes. Not that it may matter in the end.

    Best to you and yours always John.

    Thank you.



  • January 28, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks for all of you posts I enjoyed your humor and gained much insight and education on the world. I knew collapse was happening before I found your site but you articulated it so much better than anyone else I have ever read. I know your frustration in trying to make people understand what is happening, I couldn’t even convince my family of what is going on in front of their faces. Just know that you did reach a few people and you did make a difference. Good luck to you and I do hope you post every now and then.

  • January 29, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Admin, you are absolutely right. Posting more than an occasional update is futile. I have enjoyed your unique writing and i am one of those who did take heed and attempt to gather a group of like minded’s. Not many out there.

    Humans do get addicted to anxiety and one could really get their fix here. Hopefully; causing them to act prudently.

    Still, with everything that is going on, as you say, the sheeple are bleating hopefully that the savior has been coronated.

    There exist certain immutable laws. One is: once something reaches critical mass it can not be reversed and we have reached it.

    Thanks for your posts and the store.
    Good luck to all. TAO

  • January 29, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    I’m glad you put up another post. Helps keep me focused and hopeful that the die off can be survived. If I get lazy and out of shape I run the risk of not being able to outrun the other camper when the bear comes.

  • January 29, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    No Shit. Thanks for all you done. Good luck with your preps and you have my email if you need anything I might be able to help with.

  • January 30, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    I agree with Kali’s comment about writing being “in your blood.” I also agree with you that there is little or nothing left to say, and little or nothing that can be done other than plan for our own survival and the survival of those we care for.

    You have had a hard winter. So have I–and my climate is not nearly as inclement as yours. You are probably bone tired, and mentally and physically depleted. It’s been my experience that winters under even semi-primitive conditions are quite a test of will and skill.

    I assume you are pretty much by yourself in the crash-stead. This presents special difficulties. In my case, I’m not alone–but my companions are not fully fledged adults. That means I have company but little help, and certainly no skilled or able help.

    I think–just as a suggestion–you should look around for one or two people who would like to join you, especially by next winter. Some of the work is just too much on one person alone.

    Meanwhile, may spring rejuvenate you! And may it come soon!

  • February 2, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I’m glad I stopped by. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ve really learned a lot from your words.

    Take care and keep us informed. If there’s anything you need, please let us know.

  • February 2, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    Thank you for all your input. If I agreed with you or not, the point was you were interesting, intelligent and informed. All the best to you.

  • February 3, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    To all the whining mutant zombie sycophants (you know who you are) of professional liar and chief turd artist extraordinaire, “Saint Matt of the Infinite Sludge’ of LATOC infamy,”Eat your own feces” – and be contented sheeple ever more! For thou has gazed upon the abyss and the abyss has found you void of content. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see..

  • February 3, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Don’t know what to add, except thank you John and that I have taken away some knowledge from here from time to time. I have never really got on here much to post, but then what can I say.

    Those who read here, if they are not prepared by now, it is almost to,to late. You might have a few mths.left, maybe the summer, but after that – well, like sand in a hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

  • February 4, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Here’s a thought: Keep a “Crashstead Journal” and share your experiences with us.

    Few people know what they’re getting into with off-the-grid living–or even just hardscrabble rural living.

    The woes are as instructive–and maybe just as joyful in their own way–as the joys.

  • February 5, 2009 at 4:12 pm


    You’re columns will be sorely missed. I would like to continue communicating with you from time to time off web. You remain a great inspiration to me.

    Alas, I agree with you. Humanity’s time (or most of humanity’s time) on this planet is shot. Major shortages are coming and no amount of nuclear weaponry or police state tactics will solve the problem. And the green “industry” is not only a pipe dream, but is unsustainable as well (given current technology). About the most we can hope for is a few more decades if, and this is a big if, the technology is able to migrate to a more sustainable platform.

    Me? I’ll continue with my gardening (we have formed an active group of gardeners in the area that is dedicated to constructing gardens in community spaces). One of our key tenets is sustainability, given the over-reliance on fossil fuels to grow and distribute food. I’m also pressing ahead with rainwater capture and wind and solar power at my own crashstead. But none of this is sustainable over the long haul. Lucky my footprint on this planet will be over in three to four decades at best.

    Good luck my friend. It’s been a truly wonderful experience to read your “rants.” And I feel the frustration you feel when you look out at the wasteland and the trivial and mindless cares and concerns that dot it.


  • February 8, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    I was sad when you stopped writing, but I understood. Your last post is the omega. You state essentially what I believe and tell people. I have been let go from one university for informing my students about this truth. A small core of people are trying to comprehend the message, but they are still caught up in magical thinking. They think, as many young soldiers heading off into battle certain of their immortality do, that they will avoid the bullet, that they will be the ones to survive–and they might–but their chances are actually much worse than the average probability of death in war, perhaps an order of magnitude worse.

    I can’t presume to tell you anything you don’t already know.

    I do not presume to be one of the lucky ones. And that is just fine. I hope to be one of the prepared one, though I will likely not be.

    I tell you, “Good luck,” only because I know you are certainly prepared.

  • February 14, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    Came back today to do some digging in your archives admin. Was very glad to see that you wrote in why you’re not going to write anymore, or not as much as you have.

    You’ve taken many a sicko hits no doubt however, you’ll probably never know or realize how many people you’ve helped.

    Your insights have been invaluable to me. Scared the crap outta me plenty of times too. Couldn’t read you at night anymore because it would keep me awake!

    Thank you for all you’ve done. Thank you for the links you’ve supplied. Thank you.


  • February 24, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Like everyone else who reads/posts here, I too was disappointed to read you had stopped your blog so abruptly.

    Then it hit me. That is exactly how many of the resources, sources, institutions, and other of the accoutrements of civilization will disappear–without warning. BAM!! Here today, gone tomorrow.

    Now, I’ll add that it’s good to see your writings again, no matter how infrequent.
    Thanks for all you’ve done…

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