The Fear Factory

Rolling Stone Magazine has a good article out on the manufactured state of “fear” being fostered by the lying Bush Administration. It’s a good read, especially when you review the entire history of bogus alerts and lies and outright bullshit being spouted off by the Administration. Plenty enough evidence to impeach these imposters.

The article entirely supports my own position that there is no real terrorism in America of any significance, certainly not enough to justify strip-searching Americans of their freedoms and liberties. But that didn’t stop these lying wonders from magnifying every particle into a full-blown black hole. 100 tasks forces were created in a typical American knee-jerk reaction to “ghosts”.

It’s now become job justification for these goons, as they spin and yarn and dance about trying to keep up the fear rhetoric. Promotions, asset seizures and vacations in exotic lands is the name of the game. Nobody wants to give up the gig, despite what it’s doing to the “Homeland” – a Nazi term if there ever was one.

Please read this full article – it give new meaning to “Keystone Kops” (on drugs), it’s amazing these people are even allowed to show up for work. Such is the state of our nation of fear-mongering nincompoops. You just “never know“, one of these incompetent police protectors just might be a terrorist. It’s long past the time we need to be asking ourselves, who’s really terrorizing who?

There are some errors in this article, such as page 3: “In other cases, the use of informants has led the government to flirt with outright entrapment.” This isn’t true, entrapment has long been the practice of the government. Giving real explosives to the World Trade Center bombers for example would certainly qualify as entrapment.

Manufacturing home-grown terrorists has long been a practice of our government, which seeks to justify itself by creating “evidence” where none can be found.

Using informants to gin up terrorist conspiracies is a radical departure from the way the FBI has traditionally used cooperating sources against organized crime or drug dealers, where a pattern of crime is well established before the investigation begins. Now, in new-age terror cases, the JTTFs simply want to establish that suspects are predisposed to be terrorists “”even if they are completely unable or ill-equipped to act on that predisposition. High-tech video and audio evidence, coupled with anti-terror hysteria, has made it effectively impossible for suspects to use the legal defense of entrapment. The result in many cases has been guilty pleas “”and no scrutiny of government conduct.

Grit your teeth and bear it if you can (or do something about it) because this type of malfeasance isn’t going away.

This line says it all:

“I am just a pizza man,” the bewildered Hossain said at his sentencing. “I make good pizza.”

Haha! Doesn’t matter if you make good pizza, or if you’re a good little citizen-slave. Your pizza (ass) is fried.

There are acres of empty offices and cubicles in the eerily futuristic building, the premises far larger than current requirements dictate but ready for expansion should the need arise with another terrorist attack.

There are innumerable warnings that a false-flag attack on American soil will occur. There are some pretty well known names making this claim, such as Paul Craig Roberts. The point being, they’re definitely planning for something exactly like this. Suggest a VERY careful read of this Rolling Stones article, there is a lot of reinforcement in there regarding how they plan to treat Americans from here on out.


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