The Face Of Personal Collapse

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The personal collapse has now occurred to at least 1 million Americans in the past 60 days. Many of them are still holding on to the shreds of hope floating by on a sea of oil.

Will the Gulf recover?  Many scientists do not think so already. The gusher is still pumping oil out faster then cleanup crews are being allowed to operate.

But this is far, far bigger now then just the Gulf.  Projected spill path is up the Atlantic:

Millions of Americans live on the U.S. coastlines.  The picture above encompasses the entire East coast. How many people will be affected?

Take a look at this, Oil Spill Is In the Gulf Stream Now for more images and pictures.

Nobody knows when their personal collapse is going to come upon them suddenly and almost without warning.  A tornado, hurricane or flood, these events are lightning fast, but still, far more limited in scale and scope (but just as deadly).  The Gulf spill is going to affect millions of people for a long, long time.

The only thing I can say is that you should never consider yourself immune from collapse. Nobody is. We live in world where our dependency upon the system, which is directly dependent upon our environment, is what keeps each and everyone of us alive.  This is where we work, make our money, and how we pay our bills.  This is how we survive. We survive because this long chain of dependencies exists.

When that breaks down at any point in the chain, then the downstream effects can be devastating.  The oil rigs in the Gulf may go next (be shut down), or the entire tourist industry in the coast states, certainly the fishing, shrimping, lobsters and crabbing.   We may even see refineries shut down, raising gas prices and increasing demand.

If a hurricane shows up in the Gulf this year (more then one is 100% likely) then this can only worsen the spill effects much further inland then it is already.

It is clear that there are many critical lessons that we should be paying very close attention to. I think they are the same lessons I have been writing about for years on this blog.  Will we never learn?

That remains to be seen.  We can go on expecting business as usual, discarding lives left and right in the process, destroying our environment and how we make our living, and collapse as a result.

Or we can change.

We do have a choice.  Personal collapse or change.

What will it be?


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