The Extinctionists

I propose we stop using the term “climate denial” and “denialist” as these two terms fail to convey what climate denial really means.

We should use the term “extinctionist” to properly describe what it really means to pretend climate change isn’t real, isn’t happening and won’t have any effects.


On the one hand it is sobering. By 2050, climate change has put the world and its inhabitants under incredible stress. Rising sea levels have inundated many coastal cities, including Dubai; water and food scarcity have created hundreds of millions of climate refugees. These outcomes are not presented as a threat, but a certainty.
Dubai’s bid to cash in on climate change

This is almost hilarious. While admitting to hundreds of millions of climate refugees, Dubai – one of the most energy intensive and wasteful cities of all, wants to “cash in”. Their “verticle indoor farms” are insane. Not only will they not produce enough food or calories, the cost will be ridiculous.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the Reimagining Climate Change solutions actually all work. Who will be able to afford these niceties? The hundreds of millions of displaced refugees? With what? Dubai is hoping to use its immense wealth to help itself, and its investors – make no mistake about it.

This is why the LIFE project makes more sense.


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9 thoughts on “The Extinctionists

  • February 20, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    All you can do is laugh at our stupidity at this point. I’m sure growing crops in the desert has a high return on energy. Not.

  • February 20, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Over the past several years I have, on a number of occasions, described those who ignore the ‘triple tsunami that is thundering up the beach’ as worse than the Nazis who ran the death camps because, although the Nazi who ran the death camps did (or organized the perpetration of) truly awful things to other people, they loved their own children and did all they could to protect them, whereas the maniacs who are in charge of most western (and most non-western) societies won’t lift a finger to protect their own children and actually orchestrate their own progeny’s future suffering.

    I have found, from bitter experience, that politicians and bureaucrats are totally impervious to all factually-based arguments and totally impervious to all emotionally-based arguments. ‘Lizard people’.

    And another expression I have used several times over the years: most people in western societies would rather die prematurely in an unpleasant manner than become informed about anything that matters. So they will.

  • February 22, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    I am constantly surprised about what I stumble onto through hyper-linking that adds yet another facet to the possibility of human extinction in our lifetimes.

    Have you written about the Medea Hypothesis?

    “The Medea hypothesis is a term coined by paleontologist Peter Ward for the anti-Gaian hypothesis that multicellular life, understood as a superorganism, is suicidal; in this view, microbial-triggered mass extinctions are attempts to return the Earth to the microbial-dominated state it has been for most of its history.”

    In other words, Earth itself is an Extinctionist.

    So, Gaia or Medea?

    • February 22, 2017 at 8:19 pm

      No, I’ve not chosen to cover this. It’s an interesting theory. We’re here because biology hasn’t chosen to eliminate us, yet. In “The Happening”, plants decide that they’ve had enough and release a toxic poison into the atmosphere that causes humans to commit suicide. Fascinating stuff.

      Nature does seem to have its way. It’s humans who think otherwise, pretending that we’ll always be the apex species, with the ability to modify (or destroy) the environment without consequences.

      Our time here is going to be very brief according to the geological record. Which is probably a good thing considering how inconsiderate we really are.

  • February 22, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    I’m taking a lot of flack at the moment for challenging Guy McPherson’s ‘we’ll all be dead in 9 years’ narrative. Apparently I am a ‘bully’ for persistently presenting irrefutable scientific facts and for presenting rational arguments based on the best available scientific evidence.

    I had a very interesting morning insofar as I encountered a physics teacher with whom I had discussed global warming 5 or 6 years ago: at that time he described himself as sceptical and didn’t really believe it was happening; today he agreed the evidence is irrefutable.

    Subsequent conversation revealed that he did not know how money is created, and did not know that official 9/11 narrative has more holes in it that the sieve in my kitchen. I pointed him in the right direction (which book to read). But whether he will move in the right direction is another matter.

    It’s late February (equivalent to late August in the Northern Hemisphere) and summer has finally arrived: cloudless days and daytime maximum of around 26oC.

    Here is a classic example of how unclean ‘clean and green’ NZ really is:

    ‘Govt aims to have 90% of rivers and waterways swimmable by 2040, Environment Minister Smith says; Farmers are ready for the challenge – Primary Industries Minister Guy

    Of course, what really intrigues me is how we are still going to have an economy in 2040.

    Perhaps there is an element of comedic truth in government policy goals insofar as there won’t be an economy as we know it and we will almost certainly be in the midst of population die-off, so there won’t be a dairy industry (cow shit and the accompanying bacteria being a major contaminants in NZ rivers!).

  • February 23, 2017 at 2:28 am

    I don’t agree with Paul Beckwith when it comes to geo-engineering the Earth to maintain habitability, but Paul does have a few interesting things to say about the cult of very rapid human extinction.

    Questioning Human Extinction Worldviews

    • February 23, 2017 at 9:51 am

      I suspect we’re already geo-engineering to maintain habitability and have been for some time. It’s clear however, that we’ve been geo-engineering, terraforming the Earth since we discovered fire, but of course, it’s much worse now with fossil fuels at our disposal. And now we’ll have to pay for it.

      There seems to be this weird effort underway of ‘who will rise to the top’ in the collapse meme / climate change field. That happened in the preparedness industry too, and the patriot movement, and the Constitutional movement, and virtually every other movement that I know of, even the so-called Green movement. It’s a ‘internal’ fight within the ‘meme’, wrestling for control (and profits) of the converted. And it always caused a collapse within those movements too, every single time.

      I definitely disagree with what McPherson has done, is doing, is claiming, etc., and have made this point in multiple articles. He’s imploding (badly) these days, actually looks and acts mentally disturbed. I’m simply ignoring him and others like him these days, their blabber isn’t worth paying attention to. It’s one reason why I tried to sweep the blog of excessive doomers who want to piss on everyone’s parade and preach defeatism. The refusal to try is a psychological condition. It’s a mental illness, which now borders on a new religion. But it does no good at all to give any credibility or time to this movement. These people are all stumbling about in la-la land.

      Paul’s claims of major money being made to give ‘doomer talks’ is interesting. I know this is true within the so-called ‘prepper’ industry and with the crappy ‘preparedness’ articles being regurgitated. It’s a industry, a money-making industry and it’s all about the money, and nothing else.

      I will say this again – nobody is making any preparations in the food industry. There is widespread industry collapse now. I now survive on less then $20 per month ‘income’. Last year I made less then $1000 for the entire year, this year it’s not even $60 so far. Never thought it would get this bad as climate impacts keep getting worse, always thought people would wake up and prepare themselves, but they’re not. They’re not doing anything at all. They’re not even listening to the reasonable voices who have / are still trying to help them. I’m deep into my own food reserves now, trying to survive this financial collapse. I made promises to people that I can’t keep and I’m quite ashamed of this. There is a high probability I will be shutting everything down and going offline.

      The only people that can survive this decline are those that are spreading endless propaganda. Propaganda and fear sells, telling the truth does not. You have to whore yourselves out and become a paid prostitute, sacrificing principles and ethics to make it now. This is what earmarks virtually all the so-called ‘successful’ profiteers out there, they’re all sell-outs, they incessantly lie and make shit up, and their audience doesn’t care. They continue to support these liars and make them very rich. They’re not hurting, but their propaganda isn’t helping anyone.

      This tells me something else – this is not an audience worth helping. They’ve got no standards or ethics themselves (soulless lizard people, most who think they’re going to heaven). It’s all smoke and mirrors but underneath you find all kinds of corruption. Pointing any of this out never works either, it just backfires.

      So I’m basically done here. The Extinctionists have won.

  • February 23, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Sorry to hear about your awful circumstances. Fortunately I live in a country which pays old people a weekly allowance, supposedly in recognition of all contributions they made during their working lives.

    I agree with most of what you have written.

    Regarding Guy McPherson, over a period of 10 years he morphed from ‘the best we had to get the message out’ into a self-serving liar and charlatan who misused science and attacked anyone who disagreed with him. I have had no personal contact with him since he lost the email debate we had in June 2016.

    A remnant of his ‘religious cult’ remains, and whenever I present factual evidence or reasoned scientific arguments on NBL Forum I get viciously attacked.

    Today I had enough of the shit that ‘Oriel’ churns out and posted some vicious sarcasm, which is not what I normally do, of course, but sometimes it is appropriate.

    It might make you laugh and lighten your day a little.

    ‘Oriel. You are SO RIGHT!

    I have ZERO CREDIBILITY, and Guy McPherson is the ONLY PERSON (out of nearly 8 billion human beings) on this planet that does.

    That is why people like ‘artleads’ write things like: ‘Kevin is the last person I’d call a bully. I’ve been reading his posts for 6 years, and I find him to be a decent, honest, rather evolved human being. I cannot say the same for everybody on this forum.’

    And that is why I am in frequent contact with previous writers of feature articles on NB, such as Daniel, who coined the term NTHE.

    Okay, I’ll admit it: We have formed a BUNCH OF MENDACIOUS LOSERS WITH NO CREDIBILITY CLUB and console ourselves with email messages, just wishing we had the unique ability of Guy McPherson to see what no one else out of several million practicing scientists can see, because none of them have any ability to process scientific information and come to rational conclusions. And, of course, none of those practicing scientists have any credibility.

    It is the ZERO CREDIBILTY of people like me and Paul Beckwith that causes us to communicate with one another….you know, both of us being absolute fuckwits who cannot interpret scientific papers. And, having poor rational thinking skills and no credibility, we have to console ourselves by emailing one another, criticising the one person on this planet who tells the truth and has credibility.

    Paul Beckwith is so jealous of Guy he produces videos to attack Guy’s superb analysis. Let’s face it, Guy McPherson is the only proper scientist on this planet and all there rest a just a bunch of hopeless, jealous amateurs in comparison with Guy.

    In fact, it’s probably time the UNIPPC and all the climate scientists around the world abandon all their research and analysis, and simply elevate Guy McPherson to the status of being an all-seeing god, who can then dispense his wisdom to government agencies around the world. After all, he is the only person on this planet who actually understands climate science. Then they could implement a law that says everyone has to worship Guy the way you do. After all, what is the point of being a god is you only have handful of followers and only one true worshipper?’

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