The End Of The World

Lonewolf sent in another great link: The End Of The World

I don’t think this is a blog reader here, but they could have been. A one-page summary of just how bad it is, what we’re facing and what is likely to happen.

It is very hard to comprehend just how serious our situation has become. Right now, it still seems to almost everyone that this party will just keep on going forever. Yet this is a seriously dangerous illusion. Our so-called “success” has had really serious side-effects. We’ve experienced unprecedented growth on the back cheap oil, exploding our population, production and manufacturing capability. Our entire civilization was built around this “abundance” paradigm.

Now overpopulation and severe resource depletion are about to create a reality check crisis of incomprehensible proportions. Our “petri dish” experiment of consuming all of the available resources while exploding our population levels is about to come to an end.

It’s no wonder that we still refuse to recognize our plight. The time when our civilization is most successful and thriving is exactly in the last half minute before midnight. This is when we are consuming the maximum amount of resources and enjoying “peak everything”.

99.99% of the blogs out there are completely clueless on what the real important issue is these days. Most are distracted with politics or the economy or world affairs. It’s not that they are not important, but they pale in comparison to the steeping walls of this rushing river we are on. In reality, it makes no difference who is assassinated by who or who is elected or who is promising what or what the latest scandal is anymore.

None of this even “matters”, as evidenced by our transient attention anyway. Much of it is important yes, and often tragic, but nothing compared to the tragedy that is about to befall us all.

There is absolutely no doubt, despite all the smoke and mirrors, that world leaders are well aware of our plight, just as there is no doubt at all that they do indeed intend to do something about it, but it’s not what many are hoping for. In this article, some of their plans are revealed:

We haven’t seen many headlines on this topic, but the world is sitting on the brink of a major food crisis. Emergency stockpiles are at low ebb, production levels are down, crop failures are up, etc. It’s a very nasty picture even without biofuels. In this context, the net consequence of a major biofuel agenda comes down to intentional genocide. The Post-Bush Regime

Like me, the author is already saying who the next (s)election will anoint as the “chosen one”. I’m stepping out of this one, because withholding my consent is one of the few powers I have left. I do however, think the author errs on several points though. The whole “Gore agenda” thingy is woefully misinformed and worse, misleading, but the general premises of “managing the die-off” is close enough.

The elite are engaging in what they have long known they would need to do, and that is reduce global population levels and revert the entire world into a kingdom fit for squires and slaves.

I hope no one out there has any romantic notions about the new Administration, and I hope everyone realizes that the political process can never be used to solve our problems; that system is in fact the heart of our problem. I also hope it is clear to everyone that global genocide is an inevitable consequence of the continuation of this insane capitalist system, whether you agree with most of my analysis or not. And in the end, capitalism can’t last anyway.

Just so, capitalism IS the problem. It is the engine in the train running at full-speed over the cliff. It is not the capitalist-exploited populations of the third world we should be worrying about, it is the ongoing stoking of the capitalist engine that is without doubt, going to kill us all. This will be the End of the World for a huge percentage of the population.

The only chance, albeit a small one, is for everyone to get off the train, which would still cause the train to wreck. But wreck it should; it must; and it will, nothing whatsoever can be done about that now. This is where this blog differs from all the rest. Understand this coming catastrophe and embrace it, and discover and learn how you might survive it.


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  • December 30, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    You’ve probably seen this, but at there is the study titled: “THE INTRODUCTION, INCREASE,AND CRASH OF REINDEER ON ST. MATTHEW ISLAND” at All you have to do is look at the chart at the top of the page to have it all said in one picture.

    I got a copy of the Professor Bartlett’s lecture on DVD from his university in Colorado. Forget the address now. That lecture and the study above should be enough proof for even the most feebleminded.

  • December 30, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    I don’t wonder what the human die-off curve will look like. This one is going to be pretty close.

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