The Empire Does Not Forgive

This is a worthy read, and dead accurate. Hedges: The Empire Does Not Forgive

Countless sacrificial victims will still be willing to enter in to the mouth of Molech in a misguided attempts to serve the whims of Empire. Few Americans truly care about Afghanistan, and even fewer care about the endless levels of death and destruction we’ve caused. If I recall correctly, Afghanistan has never been defeated by any army, ever. But this isn’t about who wins, this is actually about who always loses.

The indifference of humanity to the plight of others isn’t anything new. We’re all being grossly manipulated into supporting phony causes with fake patriotism, ill-conceived agendas and hidden manipulation. Don’t look too far behind the curtain lest you discover the real monsters in our midst. This country (America) suffers these monsters and applauds their efforts, no matter how many people are ground up in the slaughter. It’s beyond disgusting.

You’re supposed to be impressed by the service and the sacrifices made, but this pales in comparison to the endless decades of suffering and death, only to end in ignominy (and rage). The empty and failed promises of America to Afghanistan and her people have once again, proven to be nothing but absolute lies.

I did not and never have supported the war in Afghanistan. I don’t support Empire and the whims of Empire. There would not have been any other outcome. America has failed Afghanistan and the Afghan people. America also failed Americans and every soldier that believed they were serving our country there. This is the propaganda machine at work, or should I say orchestrating death and phony patriotism for a foreign adversary behind a orchestrated conflict. Hedges is right on all points, America will now try to save face and will further the suffering and our own spiral of destruction, Empire knows no other way.

Our destruction is largely hidden from the eyes of the public. You have to make a serious effort to find it and even then, it does not depict the true horror as images never can. The images are the same, whether it was Libya, Iraq, Somalia or Yemen. The war machine doesn’t leave “democracy” behind, only death, destruction and rubble. The American economy is built on the jagged bloody spine of the defense industry and the manufacture of weapons of destruction. We tolerate this because it’s all good for the economy, but we don’t care to focus on what suffering this actually causes around the world. We’re hypocrites, pretending that the right to life only applies to (some) American children and nobody else.

Hedges always manages to lay bare the true horror of America. He’s not wrong.


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