The Divine Right of Kings

We are all aware of how our Presidents, Congress and so-called “leaders” declare  themselves as being both sacred and above the law.  Encyclopedic volumes could be filled with real examples of how duplicitous our leaders are.

It’s been this way for years and years.  Many centuries, ever since we created “civilization”. The evil, corrupt ones always rise to a place of preeminence, declaring themselves as the “chosen” and the divine rights to the throne.

Yet this concept actually applies to the rest of us too. We claim a “divine right” in our activities, beliefs and daily living. This is where we get our “entitlement” attitude from, which is  reinforced by virtually everything else we have created. Religion supports this. Institutions teach this.  The workplace promotes this. Our alleged preeminence is written in our real history of human events. We practice this on each other routinely (look at our resource / religious wars).

This view encourages constant, continued destruction over millennium and a lack of respect to all things. Being “above it  all” and claiming a divine right to exist over all other things, at the literal cost of everything.

We treat everything like a garbage dump where we can simply discard whatever we want. People, things, garbage, even entire nations to be “written off” at a whim from our kingly positions.  The world is our private playground where can can pretend as we please, and then go as bezerk as we like, acting like spoiled children, always demanding “more”. Insatiable. Inconsolable (greed). Inconsiderate. Nothing satisfies us.

So where do you find intelligent, compassionate, caring people when there is such a  prevalent and misguided view towards life and living? When judgement, awareness, intelligence and consideration is in such high disregard?

You don’t.

This isn’t taught anywhere. Not at home, not in our schools. It has to be learned if it is ever learned at all, which I think is quite rare in this country.

This is why people are the greatest threat of all. We’re going to fight to the death as climate change wipes out our food supply.  Cooperate? Only if there is a profit to be made.  We’re still ripping out irreplaceable  resources from the ground in a incessant quest for profits. But haven’t we taken out enough of  everything by now? Any discussion that suggests we need to slow down, use less, live differently is always ultimately abandoned. Growth is the only thing we now understand, having forgotten everything else.

Sustainability is a joke. It doesn’t exist anywhere. Nobody even uses the terminology correctly. Which means we’re still doing it wrong, endlessly deluding ourselves.  But try and point this out and see what happens.

We live like kings, claiming authority, ownership, and even control over every square inch of the planetary surface. But wait, there’s more to be had!  Even ownership over the skies, space, moon and asteroids has been declared.  It’s all “ours for the taking” — until it isn’t. Until it’s taken  away from us by someone else, an oft-repeated event, or it collapses to dust under our feet.

As a species, we’re actually pretty stupid when it comes to learning some of the basics  in life. Arrogance and indifference govern our attitudes, actions and how we make our  existence on this planet. Our divine right is strictly a human construct that alienates  us from reality and our connectedness to the world we inhabit.  We’re here precisely because the planet has allowed our existence and species to continue, and not because of anything we have done. All we have done is to take, take, take – which is why we are called the Takers in ancient history. We created nothing, existing only because of what was already here.

We exist because there was plenty to take. Until there isn’t.

That day does not appear to be far off now. We could have had  thousands and thousands of years to look forward to, but not anymore. Now there is too  much going wrong, too many failing ecologies. Too much pollution, too much radiation,  too much human “engineering” with terrifying side-effects that risk our entire species  and the whole of the biosphere. No bees. No food. No survival. There are many, many more falling dominoes now occurring.

We’ve spilled oceans of blood in our quest for endless control and power. It’s always, ALWAYS about who gets to sit on the throne, even if just for a nano-second.

Our ONLY crowning achievement – place another master, another false god upon on the throne, as fast as possible.

This now happens at such a dizzying speed to boggle the mind. The latest gadget, the  latest hipster, the latest pop star, the latest politician, the latest fad, the latest technological “breakthrough” – an endless procession of  self-worship, delusion and false grandeur. Deceiving us all that we have “developed” and created a future and a permanence to our survival.

We still don’t even know how to live here. And yet we claim we are creating “a future”. What a joke this is.

The reality of our delusion is very deep.  Each successive crowning achievements only digs us a deeper grave. They each take us farther and farther away from survival and what our real connectedness truly is.

We all want to be conquerors, obtaining our ever-increasing slice of the pie. It’s even taught in our religion, slashing our way towards self-oblivion.

We stand on distant shores, assured that we have created “success”, conquering and reconquering again and again and again in an endless cycle of destruction and insatiable taking. It’s gone on so long now that we don’t even recognize anything else.

This is what we do.

This is what we are.

This is how we live.

Or so we think, because we are blind to the truth.  Of what we have become.

We think ourselves kings, with the “right” to do whatever we want. This is perhaps the greatest lie of all. There is no humility within this teaching. This is why civilization is failing.

We are all but one breath away from destruction.

We act like we have forever.


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