The Deadly Lies

I read the Narwhal daily, for new and information of what is happening in our northern neighbor, Canada. The articles are all quite good and well written and this is a site I recommend and support.

I’m always disappointed however, with the Canadian political and industry response to the ongoing rapid destruction of the planet we all call home. They express the same inability to actually comprehend a different world, an essential and critical change now long-overdue, to stop destroying our future as every other country.
The latest article is but one of many examples that I read on a daily basis, of stories around the world where politicians refuse to serve the interests of the present and those of the future for the short-term exchange of profits and greed.

“We believe the path forward to address the climate challenge is not punishing people for living normal lives, but rather investing in technology that can make a huge difference,” he said in a November 2021 announcement of over $100 million in funding for emissions-reduction projects. His government remains bullish on the idea it can help industry innovate its way to a lower-carbon future, while enjoying the financial rewards that come with oil and gas.

“Believe” whatever you want, but that does not make it true. There is no such thing as alternative facts, only the truth, and the truth reveals that this claim is patently false and grossly misleading. Nobody is being “punished”, this red herring is but a distraction and a falsehood. The “huge difference” claimed is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer over an accelerating destruction of the biosphere, as an indisputable fact – to be ignored.

In an industry that can’t but help itself but to destroy the very fabric of life and simply refuse to be held to account for the ecocide they practice and profit from, no reasonable person would accept anything that comes out of their mouths as accurate or true. Canadian politicians remain firmly in the pockets of corporate enterprise, selling out the future of us all.

But they are not alone, as this is being endless repeated in every country around the world. This is so common now that we barely even notice. All part of the endless narratives and spreading falsehoods about “normal lives” alleged in the above quote.

The truth is, this is not normal and never was. This is an aberration, a suicidal-assault of the fabric of life itself for all humans and all species throughout the world. It is a massive lie, hidden in the deceptive words and phony claims that “normal” must now include the steady march to self-extinction.

It’s clear to me, and has been for a pretty long time that there isn’t enough outrage, not enough understanding, and too little comprehension for people from all walks of life to see what is right in front of them. We keep electing these destroyers and allowing them to poison the planet and ruin the future while accepting their empty promises that this is all being done allegedly for our benefit. These lies are thin, provably false, and empty words designed to appeal to greed and the phony narratives about civilization and the false claims that we must devour the world.

Their words are deadly, designed to distract from the reality of what is actually unfolding throughout the biosphere.

“Look here now, see what we promise we can do! But take no mind to the cost, because that is the price we must pay!”

Pay we will, every single one of us, but not as they have claimed. The obvious is ignored and the false is embraced. Who are we to question? But indeed we should, because their lies are known, they are evident and they are deadly.


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  • January 29, 2022 at 11:06 am

    This puts it all into perspective:

    co2_800k.png (1000×600) (

    At almost 420 ppm atmospheric CO2 (and rising at about 2.6 ppm per annum) we are about 190 ppm above the 800,000-year average of 230 ppm. And we are about 140 ppm above the pre-industrial level of 280 ppm.

    The natural systems that recycle atmospheric CO2 -particularly the conversion of silicate rocks into carbonate rocks-  have been completely overwhelmed by the sudden release [in geological terms] of hundreds of billions of tonnes of formerly-sequestered carbon.

    The game being played by the scumbags at the top of the financial-political pyramid consists of keeping the uninformed/misinformed masses in a state of ignorance and denial for as long as possible  -along with promoting various scams-  thereby ensuring an ever-greater catastrophe in the near future. This amounts not only to tossing children and babies ‘into the fire to maintain steam pressure’, but also tossing the entire under-60 population ‘into the fire’.

    The younger politicians -people like Trudeau and Adern- not content with destroying the future of those younger than them, actively work to destroy their own futures!

    One of my friends describes Adern as a psychotic sociopath. So do I.

    Sadly, there are still plenty of uniformed fools who still believe the bullshit that Adern and the other members of her LINO government generate on a continuous basis. Those uniformed (and highly resistant to truth) fools will learn the hard way very soon.

    I take the level of water in Lake Mead as a proxy for how much longer the bullshit (and it’s ALL bullshit) can keep hold the system together.

    Bullshit can keep politicians in office for a remarkably long time but it does not facilitate the growing of crops or the generation of hydro-electricity.

    Lake Mead Water Graphs (





    Cowards that they are, both Trudeau and Adern have gone into hiding, now that increasing numbers of people in Canada and NZ are seeing through the Covid bullshit both Trudeau and Adern have been promoting and are fighting back.

    Interesting times just keep getting more interesting.

    With crude oil prices rising and the NZ dollar sinking against the greenback, motor fuels went up in price again a couple of days ago, and will undoubtedly go up in price again in a day or two.

    The globalised, industrialised political-economic-financial-agricultural system is crashing as I write.

    Keep up the good work, S.A.







    • January 29, 2022 at 11:13 am

      100% totally agree. I no longer suffer the stupid fools and ignorance that permeates so many. It’s cost me, plenty but I don’t care. To me, they’re all selling out, either corporate whores or media pigs or just ignorant uninformed idiots who refuse to actually LOOK and investigate what is truth and what is not. As I’ve said, there are NO ALTERNATIVE FACTS. There is only the truth.

      The rejection of truth, the rejection of knowledge and the acceptance greed, lies, misinformation, deception and deceit is now a global crisis, on a scale that is now DEADLY, actually killing millions of people. This is not hyperbole in the slightest – this is fact.

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