The Dead & Dying – Open Thread

Are children ‘dying like dogs’ in effort to build better batteries?

Another dirty little secret about green energy: It needs more mining to support Biden’s plan

What do rare minerals and unchecked growth and development have to do with the dead and dying? Quite a lot actually. Fancy technology requires elements found in conflict regions for the most part, and child slaves are used to extract much of it.

Now that some of these minerals have been discovered here (land of the slave, home of the fee), labor can be exploited again. You’ll still get your new Ipad, but it’ll probably cost a bit more. The bogus “clean energy” revolution is far worse then you may think.

Oddly, my previous video (3/1/2017) on cobalt exploitation in the Congo has disappeared off of Youtube. Coincidence? I don’t know. So here is another one:

and another:

and another:

The truth is, most of the world’s people simply don’t care enough to stop using technology that uses exploited slaves for labor. It’s the same with the world’s fisheries, slave ships operating all over the world producing the world’s daily catch. Nobody really cares. The dead and dying, the diseases and afflicted are the price of “business” in a world gone utterly insane.

Then there is the e-waste of all this electronic garbage that creates even more avenues for pollution, destruction and exploitation.

Described as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah:

No matter what you may read or hear, the real “solution” is to stop making this shit. If billions simply stopped buying it, it would accomplish the same thing. But that’s a total fantasy, homo sapiens are absolutely addicted to their electronic toys. The hopium these videos contain shouldn’t go unnoticed either, after all, this is something else we are very good at,  self-deception.

In the meanwhile, and definitely for as long as the foreseeable future can be imagined, the dead and dying will pile up around the world higher and higher, ignored and neglected, endlessly exploited. There’s always another child slave available, always another desperate and starving set of hands, always another buck to be made off the backs of the invisible.


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14 thoughts on “The Dead & Dying – Open Thread

  • May 24, 2021 at 10:40 pm

    I will soon be presenting a few people who will not want to hear the truth with these fundamental truths:

    Industrial civilisation and mainstream economics -as practised and promoted by governments throughout the western world- have been clearly identified as an unsustainable, omnical, mass suicide cult which is in terminal decline.

    Every day that Industrial Civilisation is permitted to continue with its omnicidal practices reduces the lifespan of most people alive at the moment (almost certainly anyone under the age of seventy).

    Whereas 20 or so years ago people were ‘throwing their children and grandchildren into the trenches so that the tank (that is mainstream economics) can keep moving forwards*, two decades of further ravaging of the Earth by Industrial Civilisation and mainstream economics means they are now throwing themselves into the trenches so that the tank (that is mainstream economics) can keep moving forwards (and continue to reduce the prospects of survival of anything or anyone, other than perhaps jellyfish and bacteria).

    * The tank analogy comes from World War One. After years of trench warfare that resulted in horrific casualties, the British developed mechanised barbed-wire crushers and rippers that could not be stopped by machinegun fire. They called them tanks (as per water tanks) as a rouse.

    In their first use, the tanks were successful beyond the wildest dreams of the military, who had not expected quite the success that was achieved -terrified Germans had given up or had run away- so there were insufficient British soldiers available to hold the ground taken. Many of the tanks broke down or ran out of fuel, of course, but the concept showed great promised in breaking the trench warfare deadlock

    It didn’t take the Germans long to figure out how to stop the tanks: dig deeper, wider trenches.

    The British overcame that obstacle by equipping the tanks with bundles of small trees, carried on top of the tanks and dropped into the bigger trenches, making it possible to cross them without getting stuck.

    The Germans were ready next time, with 76 mm field guns equipped with armour-piercing shells.

    I presented the whole thing to NPDC in 2013. I was thanked for my ‘enthusiasm, and ‘no change to plan’ was recommended.

    NPDC is now ‘down the drain’ as a consequence of not listening properly and carrying on with business-as-usual or several years in the face of reality.

    I heard today that Auckland is in deep shit, with a deficit of 750 million -supposedly because of Covid-19, which we are told is under control in NZ.

    The city proposes to get out of its financial hole via a substantial increase in rates (local taxes on property).

    That will be very interesting to observe for anyone who know what is coming later in the year.

    • May 25, 2021 at 8:02 am

      I admire your diligence. I suspect you know that nobody will really listen no matter what you tell them. Your trench warfare story is appropriate. The trench today is the grooves cut into people’s minds that there can only be one way to live now – embrace industrial civilization to the nth degree. You’re lobbing artillery shells at them. Almost all of them will miss, exploding harmlessly. The few that strike their targets will struggle with the new information, but there are always more troops to replace them anyway, always pushing forward, always looking ahead.

      I just watched a movie based on 1916 I believe about the Somme battle (Amazon Prime). Gross miscalculations and mismanagement of the commanding officers caused the massive slaughter of tens of thousands in a single day. Like now, they assumed that they had the situation “firmly in hand” and utterly ignored by order any doubt from lower ranks. They gave suicide orders en masse, and after their massive bombardment of the enemy, they were “certain” they would win the day, but they were grossly wrong. The Germans had barely been scratched by the artillery.

      I think this is a good analogy as any on what is happening today. Leadership isn’t listening, isn’t going to listen until hundreds of MILLIONS are dead and dying. But of course, that will be much too late, having squandered the opportunity, time and resources to make essential changes that stood a slight chance of actually turning things around eventually. No, they’re convinced that “they know best”, and are utterly ignoring the dissenters and even those that actually know quite a bit more about the subject. Their leadership as it were (being generous here) is to ensure that the perpetual motion machine of ‘civilization’ always pushes forward, never backwards, never admitting to the terrible mistakes and decisions made the precipitated this horrifying predicament.

      Their “plan” as it were is to REPEAT THE SAME STEPS that got us all here. They refuse to acknowledge their errors, and this is why they will fail and be wiped out (along with all of us). You cannot fix what is wrong by repeating the same errors that caused this predicament. Deadly climate change is no longer a “crisis”, it is a predicament of which there is no way out of now.

      All these leaders “know” how to do is to do what they’ve always done. Cater to money, power, growth, development, ‘progress’, expansion – the exact opposite of what needs to be done. So they will not do it. They will NEVER do it.

      We are saddled with complete IDIOTS that will drive Earth’s biosphere into total annihilation, wiping out most of the life on the planet. We can’t replace these leaders either, the system of government, politics and elections ensures that only the prescribed and indoctrinated can run for office. Any incremental changes they may consider are tiny, faltering and ultimately useless steps that will not be effective and meaningful. They will fail us all.

      I know this is true because this is a historical fact. Nobody is allowed to change the system of civilization to the degree necessary to effect meaningful changes that will ensure our future survivability on a planet dangerously heating up. Nobody is being allowed to even propose the changes that should be made. Nobody in leadership is even willing to declare a planetary emergency. Let’s just be honest – no government and no industry is taking this seriously, it’s a part-time at best effort to make tiny course corrections on the trajectory of civilization and its methodologies.

      It won’t work.

      It will never work either. Not now, too damned late for that. They don’t believe their own experts and refuse to connect the dots. Civilization is now doomed and all of the people of the world because of stupidity and hubris, and the refusal of knowledge.

      Developed nations, due to the high complexity, interconnectedness for the essentials for survival, and populations that lack basic skills will suffer the worst. Industrialized, mechanized and energized societies are the weakest ones of all. However, most are located in lesser climate impacted regions which will give them the false impression that they are “better off” and still safe. This delusion will rob them of critical irreplaceable time and deflect their efforts to prepare themselves for what is inevitable. Trusting in the civilization and technology, they will refuse to accept the reality that industrialization and technology won’t protect them. Nor will they realize that these industries will finally wind up killing them and everyone else. They cannot conceive the connection.

      So – good luck. Your talking to people who are too vested in the status quo to give any of that up. But this is your battle, one you have fought for many, many years. Their the same people with different faces now, but they have the same ideas and notions.

      I don’t do what you do, but that’s just me. I don’t believe leadership will ever listen. I don’t believe they will ever take this seriously enough. I don’t believe that the system can be “reformed” either. I do believe we should all each try, in our own ways, however anyone sees to do that. I believe that leadership will do what they’ve always done all over the world, sacrifice billions through ineptitude, indifference and arrogance because this is what they’ve always done. The system itself is designed to do that, designed to only perpetuate itself, and to protect the status-quo (which include the leadership).

      We don’t need capitalism now for example. Market “corrections” won’t solve deadly climate change. We don’t need hesitancy either, or more useless, stupid “debates”. Political institutions are poorly designed to operate in emergencies, especially ones that are existential threats to our very survival. I have no expectations therefore from any of them, anywhere on the planet. I advocate for their change, but expect nothing.

      It is my opinion that the world’s leadership, at EVERY level, right down to the county mayor – will miserably fail us. This topic and what needs to be done is so far outside their realm of experience and knowledge that they remain helpless babies and will only do what they’ve always done, advocate for the status-quo to be maintained at all costs, ensuring our failure. That all seem to lack the mental capacity to embrace the full measure of truth even when told. They all operate and function in political systems that reward loyalty, money, power and greed – the exact opposite of what is now needed, and therefore, they cannot effect fundamental changes and never, ever will.

      This is why humanity always fails to solve or even seriously address this issue, we do not even have the institutions that we need. So they lie about what they are doing, what they claim they will do, and how our technology will solve it anyway. They are all lying, even if they don’t know it. Civilization is deeply broken and already doomed and the longer we keep embracing the lies it spreads, the worse off we will be.

      Sorry for the rant. Do what you got to do. I admire that despite believing it’s a futile effort. I suspect your talking to the wrong people who are both powerless and ineffective despite their position.

  • May 25, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    I don’t know what happened there. I’ll start again.

    i agree with most of what you have written.

    Casualties in the Battle of the Somme peaked at about 58,000 in one week for the British: young men commanded to walk steadily towards machine guns carrying their rifles etc. in the authorised manner.

    As I understand it, some units in other engagements were led by sane junior officers who told the leading soldiers in an attack to leave most of their gear behind and to crawl or run as quickly and as erratically as possible towards the enemy; the gear left in the trenches would be brought forward if the attack was successful and the ground captured could be held.

    Generally the early phases of the war were characterised by blind obedience to idiotic commands given by generals who really didn’t know what they were doing but came from the ‘right families’ or had gone to the ‘right schools’.

    In the Battle of Verdun French casualties reached something like 650,000 before the soldiers mutinied and refused to attack. The chief mutineers were court martialed and shot, of course… by their comrades who were still loyal to idiocracy. German losses were somewhat fewer.

    In the early stages of WW1 the Germans lived remarkably well and had few casualties; having gained ground they dug deep and created a complex system of underground tunnels and living areas, well supplied with all sorts of goods.

    The British bombardments, although massive, were largely ineffective because the Germans held the high ground and were dug in deep, unlike the British, who held the low ground and were often up to their knees in mud.

    Another reason the British bombardments were ineffective was that the artillery was frequently supplied with the wrong kind of shells; they had inadequate supplies of high explosives designed to penetrate and large amounts of anti-personnel shells, designed to explode just above ground level and project a large number of shell fragments across a wide area.

    Interestingly, it was the Maori who developed trench warfare; in their desperate attempts to hold back the ever-increasing numbers of land-grabbing Europeans (mostly British) during the Land Wars; they were extremely successful for while, as the British were very concerned about Russia around that time -the Crimea War and all that, in which the ‘gallant 600’ rode horses towards Russian artillery and were mostly annihilated in the process. Once Britain gave up trying to teach the Russians a lesson in how to fight wars the focused their attention on easier targets.

    It was around that time that the states of the Americas fought one another to the death over who was going to trade with whom, and by what methods civilisation was to proceed: industrialism or slavery.

    History is replete with examples of hubris and incompetence amongst the leaders, and acts of bravery and self-sacrifice carried out by the minions; one of the saddest examples was in the Battle of Midway, in which a squadron of Douglas Devastators was sent to launch torpedoes at the Japanese aircraft carriers; the planes were slow, and most of them were shot to pieces by the much faster Japanese Zeros. All 15 were shot down in a matter of minutes, with just one of the 30 airmen surving to be picked up later.

    The torpedoes would have been ineffective anyway, even if they had been delivered and had hit the targets, because all US Navy torpedoes were fatally flawed through having a defective firing mechanism, which was not rectified until 1943.

    Asbestos, DDT, phthalidomide, nuclear power, glyphosate, petrol (gasoline)-powered vehicles, diesel-powered vehicles….an endless list of substances and ideas that people were told were perfectly safe and of great benefit, that weren’t.

    The interesting aspect about what I am engaged in at the moment with the local proponents of looting-and-polluting is that their activities are in direct breach of a NZ Statute!

    I doubt that anyone will actually be interested in abiding by the law if it requires them to do something different from what they are currently doing -committing infanticide and committing suicide slowly. But I’ll give it a try.

    • May 25, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      Good summary, excellent. Industrialism is slavery. Ecocide planetary wide. Most people support this. And dying for ideology. I’m sure they will continue to comply.

      • May 25, 2021 at 1:29 pm

        There is an excellent cartoon here:

        “A few of us are going out after work to pretend it’s not the end of the world, if you’d like to join us.”

        ‘X-Ray Mike’ gave up fighting the insanity a couple of years ago and only posts new articles once-a-year or so.

        I fell out with Mike L about 7 years ago, when I pointed out features of the official 9/11 narrative made no sense at all and clearly indicated 9/11 was an inside job; he did not like what I wrote at all.

        Most of the websites I used to visit and comment on -The Oil Drum, Culture Change, From the Wilderness etc. – have either ceased to exist or are in hibernation,

        So thank you for keeping up the good fight and for providing an outlet for the distribution of fundamental truths.

        • May 25, 2021 at 1:37 pm

          Well, I’m just pretending that this effort will make a difference (it won’t). Thank you for your comments and support. I’m quite pessimistic about our future and our chances. Each year, my pessimism is a little worse (with reason).

          I read the link – our species is hopeless. We will go extinct because we don’t know what else to do; lack the vision and capacity to change; and refuse to be bothered with what it would take. But we’re really good at killing each other; promoting self-delusion and fabricating connedspiracies and religions; we know how to take apart the elements of the Universe and put them back together into a more useable fashion and we definitely know how to destroy, pollute, poison and ruin this narrow column of life that provides us with our existence and sustenance.

    • May 25, 2021 at 3:27 pm

      I wonder how much of the mercury mentioned in the article originated in coal burned in Britain, Germany, the US. Japan etc. during the Age of Coal, and how much it has increased since Korea, China etc. joined in the collective madness club.

      I tend not to criticise China too much because an awful lot of China’s energy consumption relates to manufacture of goods for other nations…they are killing themselves with pollution at the local level so we don’t have to.

      As we all know, there is only one global environment, and everything is connected.

  • May 25, 2021 at 4:56 pm

    I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Titanic analogy I’ve been using since the year 2000.

    Charles Hugh Smith wrote a very interesting article a few months ago, in which he pointed out that the loss of life was far greater than it needed to be because the prime concern of the captain was in maintaining the social arrangements of the day, rather than saving passengers lives.

    The “Titanic” Analogy You Haven’t Heard: Passively Accepting Oblivion
    October 16, 2020

    And thinking some more about what CHS had written about launching lifeboats in an orderly fashion and ensuring they were properly loaded, plus assembling make-shift rafts out of anything that would float -the key to survival was keeping people out of the freezing-cold water for a few hours until other ships arrived on the scene- it occurred to me that the Titanic could have been saved from sinking if the captain had instructed the crew and passengers to do the following:

    1. Throw overboard everything that was not fixed to the structure of the ship (that would not be needed to make rafts} -cutlery, plates, furniture, pot plants, mirrors, ornaments, clothing, luggage, musical instruments, stores of food, bottles of alcohol etc. There would have been many tons of such stuff that could have been tossed into the sea within an hour of the captain realising he had a potential disaster on his hands.

    2. Going deeper into the ship, a human chain could have been orgaised, dedicated to the removal of all cargo, especially gold bars and other heavy items.

    3. Unbolting of all heavy structures that could be be unbolted, and those being thrown into the sea.

    All of that would have been dependent on the captain recognising that the ship was not ‘unsinkable’ and that the only ways to save lives (including his own) was to abandon the cultural norms of the times and abandon the instinct to save property ahead of lives.

    Of course all of that is hypothetical.

    But Passively Accepting Oblivion isn’t. It’s real for most people.

  • May 26, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    One response to the IEA suggestion that the world has to stop looking for fossil fuels to extract if it is to meet climate targets:

    ‘The UK has no plans to stop new oil exploration, Reuters has reported, citing the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. That’s despite the recent IEA roadmap to net zero, in which the authority said all new oil exploration must cease now if the world is to become net zero by 2050.

    “We are working hard to drive down demand for fossil fuels, however there will continue to be ongoing demand for oil and gas,” the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy told Reuters.

    “We will not be cancelling licences that were recently awarded. Any future licences are only awarded on the basis that they are aligned with the government’s broad climate change ambitions, including the UK’s target of reaching net zero by 2050.”

    The IEA shocked the energy world last week with its Net Zero by 2050 report that suggested the world won’t need any additional oil and gas projects beyond what is already approved as of this year. The report caused quite a stir, not the least of which came from several Asian countries that have high energy usage.

    Australia and Japan, as well as Norway, were among the first to voice opposition to the suggestions made in the report, among which the IEA included driving less than 62 mph and setting air conditioning at more moderate temperatures.’

    So at this stage it’s definitely all go for the project to make the world uninhabitable for humans (and most other mammals) by mid-century….maybe by 2035, or even before that if the pronouncements of some of the more vocal commentators, such as those on ‘Arctic News’, are correct:

    I am still of the opinion that the thermal mass of the oceans is so great and there is still such a lot of ice to melt they will temper atmospheric extremes to some extent, especially in places like New Zealand and other island nations.

  • May 26, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    High seas crime, too big to police and with no clear authority

    Forced labour on fishing ships is not the only human rights concern. Hundreds of stowaways and migrants are killed at sea annually. A multi-billion-dollar private security industry operates at sea, and when these mercenary forces kill, governments rarely respond because no country holds jurisdiction in international waters. Somewhere in the world, at least one ship sinks every three days, which is part of the reason that fishing is routinely ranked as among the deadliest professions.

    And then there’s the environmental crisis. Oil spills aren’t the worst of it. Every three years, ships intentionally dump more oil and sludge into the oceans than the Exxon Valdez and BP spills combined. Acidification is damaging most of the world’s coral reefs.

    Most of the world’s fishing grounds are depleted. Some research predicts that by 2050, the sea will contain more plastic than fish. Overfishing, often boosted by government subsidies, means smaller catches closer to shore and an industry becoming more desperate. One out of every five fish on American plates comes from pirate fishing vessels.

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