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Okay, here we go, you’re daily dose of doom…  oops, haven’t kept up much today on “what’s happening”, it’s been rather busy here again.  Time to get busier still….

Hmm, Desdemona has the bottom trawling story, worth pondering for sure.  You might want to go back and read my own entry on “scraping the bottom clean“.  Can’t see how the ocean can handle much more of this.  I’m sure it’s a very big place, but we’ve been at this a long time now and there are more trawlers (and us) then ever before…

The Pakistan Floods are sure bad… more flooding smack dab in Pakistan again, wiping out even more towns, wow…. is it ever going to stop?  Makes you wonder when starvation is going to set in with nothing to eat anywhere… this is tragic, a biblical scale apocalypse for sure.

I’ve been thinking about writing another ‘mosaic’ entry, weaving together all the different global and regional events taking place throughout the world, but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. There’s just so much happening out there… and to be honest, I’ve been reminded that it’s a bit much to digest anymore.

Yeah, I can admit to that myself, but I don’t actually let this stuff bother me that much.  Life goes on, even if it means we’re struggling harder.   Take for example Pakistan… imagine being totally flooded out, having your livelihood ruined, your land drowned, your future in doubt… but life does go on.  You struggle, fight, scrabbling on until such time as you can get a toehold in again and from there, claw your way back up.  It won’t be the same, nothing is, but you’re alive (hopefully) and you’re living.  That’s saying something for sure…

I don’t think we understand the notion of embracing life while we have it… being a collapse writer, author, protagonist I often remind everyone of how bad it’s going to get because of our sheer apathy and indifference.  In the meanwhile, collapse IS happening all over the world, growing in numbers among the human population and the struggle to survive and simply live is very, very real for millions and millions of people now.

We need to embrace life as it is, and even in the midst of all that is happening.  Most of these events are totally outside of our control and there is scant we can do about them.  We can prepare some, but even that doesn’t stop these events from taking place.  In the experience of disaster, and in times of peace and even in war, suffering, hardship and heartache, we are still alive… do we really know what that means?

Hmm, probably not like we should.  I know from personal experience that the joy of life is never so sweet until you have lost it all.  When you are at the very bottom, you definitely look up.  And each moment longer that you are still alive, you rejoice inside with a new sense of freedom and wonder at the marvel of it all.

I know I did, and I have read the accounts of others.  The point is yes, we are in the midst of collapse and mega-disasters taking place all over the world, and there are many more of these events to come, we can see the writing on the wall for sure (in big block letters scream WARNING WARNING WARNING), but we must not lose our perspective here.  Life goes on and every moment we are still alive, still living, still experiencing what this world has to offer us can be a joy if we allow it.

Or it can be pure hell.  Life is not always all fun and games and laughter, but suffering, hardship, heartache, pain and sorrow.  But even so, we’re still here, still alive, still living, still breathing… that’s something.  It HAS to be, because lets just cut to the chase here, what else is there?

We all know with absolute certainty what comes after this life is over, right?  Death awaits us all, no matter what you believe, the bodies that we inhabit will go into the ground.  This is the cycle of life and this is what awaits everyone.  It is what we do while we are alive and how we embrace and covet this life of ours that counts… and the only one counting that matters is you.

Do you ever wonder how many heartbeats you have left?  Or sunrises?  Sunsets?  Time to enjoy what’s left on this planet?  I do sometimes, when I’m reflective and I ponder the fate of humanity and that of my own life.  I suspect we all do this from time to time, it’s perfectly natural to wonder about these things.  But the answers aren’t forthcoming, are they?

Better to live in the moment and embrace the here and now, the joy of being alive today and not fear the tomorrow.  Tomorrow will come, inevitably with literal clockwork precision every day, but now is happening today, happening right now and if you are reading these words, you are yet still alive… enjoy the moment!

What has our lives become? I suppose this depends on you and who you are and what you do.  I know a few of you, and I know that your life is much like my own.  The clock is still ticking on these lives… yours and mine.  I believe we have one life to live and what we do with this life and with the time we have is what matters the most… if only to ourselves.

I have always believed that “we need to spend our lives wisely”.  We must spend them wisely because we don’t know how much time we’ve got… we don’t know when it will be over for us.  We don’t know for certain if there are any “second chances” either, or whatever your notion of heaven or hell is (or reincarnation).  What we know for sure is we have now, and to put a very fine point on it, only right now.  I mean this very moment.

Many of you know that I was in the ministry for a long time, and I have my own views of what comes next.  I have absolutely no interest in discussing these views or the debate of what comes next, but I do want you to think on what is happening now.  Look around.  Examine your life and that of those of you know.  Expand this view, consider what is happening in your neighborhood, your city.  What about your state and your country?  What’s happening there, right now?  How will or how does it affect you or your tomorrows?  How does any of it affect you or your potential tomorrows?

As a collapse writer, I do think about these things quite a bit, finding them both fascinating and horrifying at the same time.  My “tomorrows” as it were, are being threatened on every side.  I have expended a million words on this blog as to why.  There your tomorrows too by the way, and you too are just as threatened as I am.  But even having said that, I still embrace the life that I have, the seemingly endless moments to moments of passing through this existence and what it means for me to be alive.

So there you have it, your daily dose of doom, but I bet it wasn’t what you thought it was going to be, now was it?

We are alive, let’s make it count, if only for ourselves.  Tomorrow will come, and if the stars still shine on us all, we’ll all be here too, once more…. still alive!


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