The Crash Ahead

I can honestly say I am quite tired of “pointing to the problems” when there are no acceptable solutions for the vast, vast majority of people.  Understand that there are virtually zero solutions to industry, who are all profit-motivated and have little to no interest in completely redesigning their business models unless there are profits to be made.

This can NEVER work to our long-term collective advantage when you think about it.  Ultimately, it means we must rob something from somewhere:  labor, resources, materials, minerals, land, water, air, forest, whatever — and refashion these resources into products — all for a profit.  But what have we actually done?  For a little while, and for a single generation, and often, for a single individual, we have taken these resources and used them up.  Many can never be replaced, and some take generations to “renew”.  This type behavior is not being rightly understood for what it actually is.

This is the description of our world today — a world in decline because we are in fact using too many resources with short-term returns for immediate profits. Our generation has been willing to over-fish the world’s oceans for example, depleting entire species, working our way down the food chain (we’re almost to the jellyfish now as foodstuffs, I am not kidding). We’ve done this to devourment to forests and agricultural land, mineral resources, coal, oil, and virtually every habitable region on the planet.  We’ve denuded the place everywhere we grow, leaving behind only our residue.

Don’t let the monoculture plantation “forests” fool you as evidence that we are actually replacing enough trees, these are not natural, healthy or even sustainable and nothing much will live there (not even you).  The export of essential forest minerals occurs when we remove trees. The corresponding soil depletion and biological viability is something humans are doing all over the world.

To what end?  Overpopulation?  We can barely take care of all that we have now. Nothing about our world today is sustainable, despite the talk I’ve seen on this topic. You cannot truly sustain 7 billion humans without having 3 or 4 more Planet Earths available, obviously something we don’t have. The only answer to this is the one nobody will talk about, nobody will accept.  It is not profit or even money oriented, so it’s drowned out by the sea of noise regurgitated by government and media.

This generation is guilty of everything: ecocide, biocide, genocide. Even infanticide. All because we cannot bring ourselves to contemplate the horrifying truth of our own collective behavior and what is happening.  Our cognitive dissonance is a collective disease, hiding our rank denial that we don’t have the right to use it all up.

While there are no solutions for industry, as long as profits remain their driving motivation, there are solutions for individuals.  It all boils down to individuals rejecting their dependency on the status-quo and learning to do for themselves what humans have always done through history. This, plus a new paradigm of living, is going to be required if we are going to leave ANYTHING for the next generation.

There is little evidence that this is going to happen. The news is full of stories daily about how fast we are depleting the world around us. Too few are doing too little, and the ones who have ownership and control are simply not interested in doing enough beyond token lip-service and carefully crafted fake documentaries about how they “care” for our planet.  If they truly cared, they’d utterly stop doing what they’re doing.

Our world has already spiraled out of control, we’re now just wage-slaves, totally dependent upon the plantation masters for our sustenance and livelihood.  We’re still chained to their bidding and decisions and until that changes, nothing will change.
I find this completely and totally unacceptable.  And I find this all leading to one inevitable conclusion as humanity virtually destroys itself.  Collapse, as it all comes crashing down, domino by domino, sweeping us all along with it.

If it’s not sustainable, then what is it?

It’s death.

We describe this with adjectives such as “growth” or “development” or “prosperity” or some other such nonsense, desperately trying to hide the true meaning of what these terms mean.  To grow, you have to deplete something, because there are none of us that can make something from nothing (unless your talking fiat money of course). We virtually rob from one place to enrich another, over and over again, scouring the earth down to thousands of feet deep and dredging even the depths of the sea in an endless quest to heap to ourselves riches of one sort or another.

How long can this possibly last?  What will this leave the next generation?

Do we even care?

It is just a matter of time, as voracious appetite and clinically insane behavior multiplied the world over by billions and billions and predatory corporations, all acting in unison, consume it all, leaving behind gigantic waste piles of “civilization”, the refuse of our existence.

It’s beyond stupid.  And it’s out of your control.  And it’s all leading to the same place.


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