The Coup & The Coverup

I believe it to be very extremely likely that Donald J. Trump and Rudy Guliani and perhaps other members of the Trump family knew full well that a coup attempt would be attempted on January 6th, 2020 at the US Capitol. There is now evidence that others were also involved in setting this up.

Trump should be immediately arrested and charged and removed via the 25th Amendment. Yet that did not happen (still needs to happen). I further believe that there is a massive coverup underway right now which includes his 2nd impeachment and the reason why they “settled” for this response to the coup attempt.

Read this: Insurrection Timeline – First the Coup and Then the Cover-Up

Trump spewed complete lies in his Tweets on January 6th. NONE of the States wanted to “correct their votes”. This was a push by Republican loyalist ONLY, who in turn (and independently) were receiving massive pressure from Trump, Guliani and other loyalists. None of the States were involved in this legislative process occurring at the Capitol.

At noon, Trump addresses the mob, spewing lie after lie to whip them up into a frenzy. By 1:00 pm, some of the mob had reached the Capitol. Trump warns both Mike Pence and the mob that he must do the “right thing” (violate the Constitution), but Pence who is in the legislative chamber, makes it clear he will not, reading a letter saying that he won’t intervene in Congress’s electoral count: “My oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority.”

Trump ends his speech around 1:10 pm after 90 minutes of rampant lies, urging his mob to march on the Capitol. “We’re going to the Capitol. We’re going to try and give them [Republicans] the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country…If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.

The Capitol Police are nearly instantly overwhelmed by the huge crowd. A functioning gallows are erected complete with a noose and clashes with police ensue. Pepper spray and tear gas is used as the mob storms the Capitol grounds and building. They break down the doors, smash windows and enter the building. There is ample evidence they had help from those inside. In the process, a Capitol police office is violently killed, with dozens of others injured. Trump does nothing. Trump didn’t show up himself, but many aides made numerous attempts to get his attention during the “riot” and request that he put a stop to the violence. Trump still doesn’t do anything, transfixed by the television scenes he’s watching.

Meanwhile, Guliani is trying to delay the vote counting, accidentally leaving a call on voice mail to the wrong legislator. We have that call – where Rudy Guliani was begging for more time to be given to prevent lawmakers from passing the Electoral College votes. He was quite adamant about this, allegedly hoping to delay the vote. Was this call done to help prevent the lawmakers from leaving the Capitol during the siege?

At 1:26 pm the Capitol Police order the evacuation of the Capitol where hundreds of lawmakers are now in hiding from the mob. The vote count is suspended, both Pence and Pelosi, Speaker of the House are whisked away in underground tunnels, but many lawmakers are still stuck inside as the assault continues. The mob was after Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, records have been found that they were going to kill both of these “traitors”.

I think everyone knows the rest of the story from here, so I won’t bother with the blow-by-blow any further. But what you may not know is that this was all part of a plan, what appears to be a deliberate coup attempt by the President of the United States and his allies. And for some inexplicable reason, there is a huge coverup now underway to not inform the American people that this was a likely coup attempt by the President to keep him in power and to subvert the will of the people and quite literally, shred the Constitution of the United States.

Trump enacted his coup plan immediately after the election. But he knew months before through polling and research that he might lose the election, and thus he repeatedly warned everyone that they would “steal” the election from him if he had lost. The election was till months and weeks away. He also repeatedly refused to respond to questions on whether or not he would relinquish power if he lost the election. Trump was already telegraphing his intentions. The foundation for a coup was laid, but there was much more work to do, and the conspirators set about doing just that.

On November 9, 2020 after all the major news networks announced that Donald Trump had lost the election, Donald Trump suddenly and inexplicably replaced Mark Esper (Secratary of Defense) with a shockingly junior Trump loyalist, Chris Miller. At the time, this caused great confusion: “Why fire the Secretary of Defense with only 2.5 months left?”. “Why install this unqualified ‘acting’ Secretary of Defense in his place?”.

One theory (at the time) was to help pad Miller’s resume prior to him returning to the private sector. THAT is how confusing the choice was, it made no sense from a national security perspective. But get this: Christopher Miller, Trump’s surprise acting defense secretary, has a thin resume for the job but deep experience in counterterrorism

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) said in an interview that Esper’s ouster raised concerns on several levels, especially as the United States enters a presidential transition and the Defense Department prepares for it.

“Its essential mission is the security of the country,” King said of the Defense Department. “To fire the leader, particularly during the presidential transition, is a dangerous action which makes no sense.

“He’s got years of experience in the military and then the national security policy arena as a professional,” Ali said. “So the hope and expectation for people like me who know Chris is he will not be that person who is going to help achieve political objectives using the department’s tremendous resources and authorities.”

Javed Ali, who preceded Miller as senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council, said that Miller is “not a political operative,” describing him as different from Kash Patel, a former aide to Rep. Devin Nunes (R.-Calif.) and a devout Trump supporter who also served on the NSC staff.

King, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, questioned why Trump bypassed Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist and his service secretaries to install Miller. The new acting defense secretary has experience within the department, King said, “but certainly not at the secretary level.”

Was this strange appointment part of the plot to steal the Election?

One of Miller’s FIRST actions was to do this: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden, shocking officials across the Defense Department, senior administration officials tell Axios.”Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden, shocking officials across the Defense Department, senior administration officials tell Axios.”

This directly contradicts the previous statements by Javed Ali who claimed Miller is “not a political operative”. Officials were “unsure what prompted Miller’s action, or whether President Trump approved”. Well, of course he did, Miller was appointed by the President after he “fired Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, who fell out of favor after disagreeing with the president over his threat in June to use active-duty military forces to quell unrest in America’s streets.”

Moreover, Miller proved himself to be a loyalists and possibly deeply involved in what would soon turn out to be a total shock to the nation. Trump was laying the ground work and appointing loyalists who would support his attempts.

Gen Honore Accuses Capitol Police of Complicity (video here). Plain as day, the General states that there were complicit actions among the Capitol Police, Sergeant of Arms, and the Senate.

Larry Hogan essentially confirmed in this in his presser, that reinforcements were held up due to DOD inaction. Stenny Hoyer was on the phone with him during the insurrection begging for the Maryland National Guard to help but it was denied as the Acting Secretary of Defense Miller was simply AWOL at the time. 90 min later, the Secretary of the Army finally calls Hogan giving him the green light to send in Maryland National Guard which took hours to clean out the insurgents.

It’s extremely likely that an organized group with current and former military members were hunting specific members of the US Government under cover of the mob. If the mob / attackers / assassins had taken control of hostages or the Capitol, Trump would have his reason to declare martial law and at the point, the Constitution would be effectively suspended indefinitely. Trump would have been literally unleashed with no legal restraints to his authority and power and vindictiveness.

Evidence now shows that the mob was indeed planning killing key members of Congress, including Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, decapitating the line of Presidential succession, leaving either Chuck Grassley (President pro tempore of the Senate) or Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State) as next in line. Pompeo is interesting, because he has publicly proclaimed AFTER the election in November that President Trump would be be declared the winner and inaugurated again on January 20th. What did Pompeo know, and what was his involvement in the coup attempt?

I don’t have the time to verify the whereabouts of Grassley and Pompeo on January 6th, but it appears that Grassley was escorted out of the Capitol after or during the riot.

That’s why they were going to kill some of the key members of Congress and Pence. It’s probable that once Trump had what he wanted he would have turned against the mob and had them hunted down to further establish his rule. Trump is well-known to betray both family, friends and loyalist except for the tiny inner circle of family he surrounds himself with. Everyone else is expendable, and I mean everyone, including the Vice President who Trump now considers a “traitor”.

Loyalists and former Congressmen, Senators and associates of Trump have all felt his wrath when they dared opposed him or speak out. Trump would have swiftly and easily turned on the mob – sacrificing them as “rioters” and insurgents, proclaiming (as he has clearly done) that he had nothing to do with any of this and accept no responsibility at all. But the truth is the exact opposite. Trump would appear to be the unwitting hero of the hour by denouncing the attackers and yet still secure in his position as President. The Electoral College vote count would be suspended, thereby ensuring that Joe Biden would not have been certified by the Senate (no martial law may have even been needed). But it’s likely martial law would have soon followed, allowing Trump to purge out the non-loyalists and dissenters.

There are tons of videos now circulating around that show the mob activity inside the Capitol. If you listen carefully to the sound, you can pick up some clues on why there were there. They clearly intended to take over the Capitol (at the very least), which would have been the only pretext Trump would have needed to declare martial law. But there is also evidence shown in numerous photographs, videos and eye-witness accounts that they intended to take hostages too, and even kill key members of Congress.

In effect, Trump was using the mob to stage a coup. Moreover, there were militant participants within this mob (also depicted in photographs and videos available online) who were acting with precision. We now need to find out what these key players knew, what they were told to do, and what their communications and contacts were. Anyone who entered the Capitol on that day as part of the mob was part of the coup attempt – whether they knew this or not.

No matter what ‘happened’, Trump absolutely planned to retain the Presidency regardless of the Electoral College vote count being conducted by legislatures. This was a desperate, ill-conceived and poorly executed coup attempt – but the planning for the coup predated this attack by several months. Trump telegraphed his intentions via countless Tweets and televised appearance, issuing countless warning and false claims of a stolen election despite having no evidence and no successful court challenges (they were all tossed due to lack of evidence).

Trump was determined to retain the Presidency by any means possible. And now that the first vote on the 25th Amendment passed, he had already received assurance from Mike Pence, one of the targets of the plot, that Pence would not uphold the will of the legislatures. Pence claimed that a 2nd impeachment would do the job (ensure Trump could not hold office again) and this would help protect the Republican Party for the future.

Except this is not good enough – we still need to arrest the conspirators and charge them, including Republican members of the Congress and Senate. We know a few of their names. Strangely, one of the johnny-come-lately supporters to the forefront of this fiasco was Josh Hawley, US Senator to Missouri. Hawley exceeded himself by becoming one of the most rabid Trump supporters. The Washington Post reports, “Before Hawley immolated his brief political career (see the photo of his clenched-fist salute of solidarity as he walked past the mob that was about to sack the Capitol), he seemed certain to be a presidential candidate in 2024.”

Hawley was trying to punch his own ticket for a Presidential run, but he did so by engaging in some truly bizarre behavior. During the riot, Hawley was sending fund raising emails as the coup was taking place. Hawley’s “Presidential ambitions” for the future were always laughable, but whatever he thought might have happened in the years to come, they’ve just gone up in smoke. Hawley demonstrated himself as a loyalist who would be willing to do anything to curry favor.

To find that evidence, we only need to look at the actions of the President and what he was doing all along. He bullied State officials and legislators non-stop, using threats and his official platform to denigrate anyone and everyone that stood in his way. Bullying officials only worked in Republican led States, but not in every case. Georgia for example, eventually said “no more” and refused to do Trump’s illegal bidding and rig the vote count within the State, and we have clear evidence that is exactly what Trump tried to do.

Trump also replaced Cabinet members as he saw his Presidency on the losing side. The purpose to these appointments was to ensure that if push came to shove, whether in the courts or in the legislature, Trump could really upon his loyalists to support him. But cracks in this scheme soon developed as resistance to the Trump takeover was spotted by other officials and governmental leaders.

Ultimately, the goal was to ensure that the ‘transition of power to the new Administration’ was to do whatever it took to ensure that that Administration was going to be a rerun of Donald J. Trump.

The coverup of the Capitol Coup attempt is still being continued, but I think that as time goes on, more facts and more evidence will be uncovered exposing the conspirators.

Trump has now been impeached again, for the 2nd time (first President in US history to be impeached twice) by the House (which now goes to the Senate), but he now needs to be charged with treason along with all the conspirators, and the American people and indeed the world needs to be honestly told what exactly occurred, who is responsible and how it happened. Mitch McConnel however, the every useful lackey for Trump, has now indicated he’d not bring the Senate back for his conviction any time soon, which means the coverup of the coup attempt is still underway, and complicit co-conspirators are still free to interfere with the criminal prosecution of the President.

If the Senate STILL refuses to REMOVE DONALD J. TRUMP – they ALL need to be brought up on charges of treason and conspiracy. At this point, there is no excuse for pretending ignorance or no knowledge of what has transpired. Right now, Senate Republicans are bleating away about “healing” and “moving on”, but this too is part of the coverup and conspiracy. They do not want this plot to be fully uncovered and exposed which makes them traitors to the American people.

Finally – this may explain the lack of leadership from Washington (at all levels) occurring. The plot thickens, the conspirators have not been arrested and it is even possible, the coup attempt is not over.

My time is limited – this post will be updated as time permits.

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Washington Post  – Pentagon placed limits on D.C. Guard ahead of pro-Trump protests due to narrow mission

The Pentagon placed tight limits on the D.C. National Guard ahead of pro-Trump protests this week, trying to ensure the use of military force remained constrained, as the Guard carried out a narrow, unarmed mission requested by the city’s mayor to help handle traffic ahead of planned protests.

In memos issued Monday and Tuesday in response to a request from the D.C. mayor, the Pentagon prohibited the District’s guardsmen from receiving ammunition or riot gear, interacting with protesters unless necessary for self-defense, sharing equipment with local law enforcement, or using Guard surveillance and air assets without the defense secretary’s explicit sign-off, according to officials familiar with the orders. The limits were established because the Guard hadn’t been asked to assist with crowd or riot control.

The D.C. Guard was also told it would be allowed to deploy a quick-reaction force only as a measure of last resort, the officials said.

Allegedly, several Congressmen were involved in the Capitol coup attempt:

Lawmakers assisted with reconnaissance tours before the attack:

There was a deep network of GOP support prior to the attack:

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Exhausted National Guard Sleep on Capitol Floor … Weapons by Their Side:

This is really strange to me – Why can’t the Guardsmen simply take rotating shifts? Do they now need to vet the Guard occupants inside the Capitol for loyalty to the Constitution and not to the President? What about the vaunted “optics” question that prevented the Guard from assisting in the first place? Having them sleep on the floor of the Capitol is some of the worst kind of optics imaginable. This does not signal strength or control. In light of the warning from the Joint Chiefs that all military personnel were to adhere to the Constitution, this poses trouble questions.

Is this related (at all) to the Refusal of Republicans to Go Through Metal Detectors? Can these Republicans even be trusted now?

Airbnb canceling and blocking DC reservations during inauguration week:

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Ginni Thomas (Wife of Clarence Thomas, Sends Aid And Comfort To MAGA Rioters

Jim Jordan Calls For Liz Cheney To Resign From House Leadership Position Jordan is yet another Trump enabler, whereas Cheney broke ranks and voted to get rid of Trump, so this is no surprise at all.

There are literally COUNTLESS more stories, facts, articles, news and information available about the months and weeks leading up to the election, post-election and pre-attacke / post-attack. I honestly cannot keep up with it all, but it is very clear that traitorous, seditious activity is being found all over by many different people in different positions. I won’t be able to include any a fraction of these stories – they’re out there to be found and eventually, the history books will show this coup attempt for what it truly was.

Trump (after 2nd impeachment of which he makes no mention of) speaking in QAnon code to his followers:

Whoever actually wrote this speech (not Trump) put within QAnon code-speak (“Apophenia” — the tendency of human beings to find patterns, even where they don’t exist):

3:12 – “But I CANNOT emphasize that there must be no violence, no law breaking, no vandalism of any kind”. More code-speak for QAnon followers?

4:11 “I also want to say a few word on the unprecedented assault on free speech we have seen in recent days. These are tense and difficult times. The efforts to censor, cancel and blacklist our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous. What is needed now is for us to listen to one another not to silence one another.”

Except they won’t listen and never have when it come to pointing out Trump’s crimes. Is this Trump telling his followers to “listen to one another”? Consider who the “us” actually is while you ponder the next statement he makes.

4:39 “All of us can choose by our actions to rise above the rank and find common ground and shared purpose.”

At this point, Trump is waving his hands (more “code” for QAnon followers). He’s signaling.

4:58 “We must focus on advancing the interest of the whole nation, deliver the vaccines, to FEEDING the pandemic”.

Wait, what? How about “ending” the pandemic?

I’m kinda of surprised others have caught these details yet. This indeed was a “very carefully scripted statement by the President”. To QAnon fans, it was telling them exactly what they wanted to hear. For those that do not know – this is EXACTLY they type of “interpretations” QAnon fans perform (and look for, constantly, with every word or signal Trump makes).

We know why this type of statement wasn’t issued shortly after the attack on the Capitol, or after Charlottesville (ever), Trump hadn’t put his plan in play yet. His base wasn’t ready and neither was he. QAnon was still growing and this type of messaging wasn’t nearly developed as it is today.

Also consider all the things that Trump didn’t say in this video (when he should have since he was pretending to address the nation). He was speaking in type of monotone with no emotions, no contrition, no apology. He didn’t even show any leadership (confidence) and of course, no mention of his 2nd impeachment or even any of the known facts about co-conspirators in the news. This video was made against his will, probably at the behest of advisors.


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