The Cannibal Cabal

There’s a really great post over on Trout Clan Campfire, here is the link: The Cannibal Cabal

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Cannibals Eating the World

Excellent article, kudos to you. Very good.

We all wonder “what to do”. The answer is evident.

Throughout all known human history, we have the record of the rise and fall of civilizations.

Always at the top before the long descent is corruption, ineptness, criminal activity, elitism, greed, crimes against humanity, indifference, arrogance and so much more.

This happens so often, throughout all the Earth, that this is considered “normal”. The notion that we are somehow different now, or “more civilized” is misguided at best. We are the same humans with the same failures as we ever were.

This is where we find our answer, in the past, in the record of history of what happens next. Who does what. When and how.

We cannot reasonably expect to be any different then our ancestors. Nor can we expect our leadership to be any different then their ancestral examples.

Lest we forget, we also must find the examples of the common. The people themselves, who descend into indifference, apathy, laziness and demands from the State to provide for their every need. The silencing of dissent by their own peers, the embracing of statism, despotism, the surveillance society with informants and spy networks.

We have new technologies and better, more refined methodologies, to support all of this, but we ourselves remain the same. We’re witness to the advancement and rapid implementation of all of these things, but to press home the point, we remain the same as we always were.

Therefore, despite our “civilization” and technological development, we can reasonably continue to expect the past to unfold again, leading to the collapse of our civilization, as it has always done in the past.

The game changer, as it were, is there has never been the deep interconnected dependencies (and support) in the past. This is the only “new twist” to a oft-repeated story. It is worthwhile to note that this is what has provided so much to so few, be it “power”, or “control” or even quality of life. This has allowed a great deal to be amassed into the hands of a tiny minority.

This was all possible due to energy (oil). But I don’t want to digress.

You may think I’m speaking of political power and I am — but I’m also speaking of what this has done to the common people who have also amassed so much. Our quality of life has replaced our desire to act decisively and is directly responsible for our apathy. We know we desperately need change, we are witnesses to the crimes committed in our name and against us, but dare not risk anything lest we sacrifice what we have accumulated.

So the saga continues, political and corporate power continues to increase by leaps and bounds, and the people, afraid of loss, continue to submit and comply — long past the point where they have ought to have rebelled.

This is the only “new” thing in this story. Everything else remains the same.

To expect any of this to change is to ignore our proven past, our “track record” if you will.

Talk is cheap. People will say anything to pass the time and to fill the void, the terror and fear in their hearts.  But what people do is all that “counts”. It also reveals who they really are, and what they really stand for. So look to their actions, to their lives, to what they’re really doing to find out who they really are.

You can apply this to all of our political hacks too. They’re spinning endless yarns about protecting us, our freedoms, our future, our security, but then they’ll pass a new “law” that takes it all away. Or they’ll fabricate new enemies out of thin air, demanding that they people too, declare them as enemies also.

We don’t need any of this and never did, but we traded it all for our comfort. We’re so brainwashed now that most of us will gladly slap our sons and daughters on their backs and send them off to die in a foreign land, deluded into believing that this is all well and good.

The sacrifice of one’s own children demonstrates how utterly brainwashed we have become.

We “know” what “to do”, but we cannot yet bring ourselves to do it. We’re afraid, deeply afraid (as we should be) to take that next step. We convince ourselves that there must be another way, but there really isn’t. We’ll write endless articles and posit our psychological analysis of our fear and convince ourselves that we’re somehow “better then that” (and them), but we’re really not.

We’re the same people we have always been.

What happens next is self-evident. Government always turn against their own people when they become desperate enough or corrupt enough. That is now happening. It’s a inevitable as the rising Sun.

A great many of us will be sacrificed before the rest of us (survivors) will have lost enough to finally gather up the courage to take it all apart. This too in as inevitable as the dawn.

The only thing “different” about any of this is “when”. How long will we endure and tolerate their crimes? How long before they attack us directly? How long before we finally respond?

It’s not even a “where” issue. Where is everywhere. No place on Earth will be free from what lies ahead, they’ve seen to that with their missiles, drones and global reach. Only by a matter of degrees will it matter where you are.

Anybody who is not preparing for this is embracing a false paradigm. The future to be is represented in the past, because humans are the same.  ~Survival Acres~

P.S. The “secret” to why this happens, over and over again, throughout history, is that we are not suited to living in large groups and never will be.

We can only exist, within our environment and with each other, peacefully and without vying for an endless quest for power, in (very) small groups, where we can directly maintain control over each other and the “leaders” in out midst.

Once we abandon this societal approach, we open up ourselves to unchecked corruption, with the most corrupt striving for leadership of the common band of criminals, who eventually discover they can do almost nothing but control / manipulate almost everything, easily “violating” any and all laws and restriction once put into place to try and control this.

In truth, there never was any need for any laws (and never was there any laws, or taxes). They do not work as a means to “control men” and never will.

The more distant we became from all this, the more corruption was tolerated and permitted. Now, our leaders are untouchable (allegedly, it’s not true) in “free speech zones” and protected enclaves.

This failed group dynamic has led to everything else. Real freedom, individual liberty has only existed when this group dynamic didn’t.

This is at the root of every city, state, political party, corporate power — all which by design promote from their own ranks the most corrupt as a means of survival and advancement for the group. Psychologist know this, but I forget what it’s called.

We’re not capable and never will be, to live this way. Humans will try to control (govern) other humans, piling on top of them all sorts of demands, decrees and enforcing this with others who will use violence to get their way, including offering a “better quality of life” in exchange for complicity and “cooperation”.

This works — until it doesn’t, which always happens, because this group dynamic is unsuitable at its core for how humans evolved.

We’ve tried many countless attempts to “evolve” ourselves and make this work, but it never does. Always the more corrupt vie for position and power and make their demands known.

When this happens, they should be removed, otherwise it will inevitably lead to what we have today, only separated by time and degrees.


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4 thoughts on “The Cannibal Cabal

  • March 10, 2013 at 6:23 pm


    I like your P.S. as much as the original posting.

    I think that your “small groups” concept is called self governance by Anarchy. The term Anarchy has been so adulterated by B.S. in the MSN that I almost hate to use the term anymore. I hope you have a suggestion of another term that fits that way of governance. I haven’t come up with one so far.

    I agree that humans seem unfit, for a variety of reason, for living in large groups, cities.

    I also remember in the O.T. that God was implored to give the people a king. God explained that this was not a good thing and they wouldn’t like it, but they kept clamoring for a king. Finally God relented. And so goes history and for the most part the scum of society rises to the top of the heap. The very few honest folks that try for a government position are very quickly marginalized, renditioned, or outright killed.

    This is going to be a very interesting year. I’ve made my foil had and Faraday cages.

    • March 10, 2013 at 6:53 pm

      I don’t accept any government as being desirable. Tribalism is far closer to what I meant, and what had worked for tens of thousands of years until it was outlawed by the very same sort of people that have destroyed everything else.

      Tribalism also answers the problem of large groups (and welfare, and crime and corruption and an endless list of social ills created by living in too large groups).

      Government will always appoint to itself unbridled power given opportunity. If distanced far enough from the people governed, then there is little the people can “do” about it (until such point that rebellion, disobedience and violence becomes their only option, which inevitably happens).

      Humans have tried endless social constructs. Most don’t work. Those that did have the longest track records. Those that don’t fail relatively quickly, but not before destroying almost everything they were “governing”.

      I do not consider what we have today desirable, sustainable or even remotely salvageable. It’s a monstrosity. The entire mess needs to be dismantled, pronto.

  • March 14, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Researchers say that the Cro-Magnon (A.K.A. Early Humans),had a brain capacity of 1600 cubic centimetres (98 cubic inches),making it 15 to 20% larger than modern humans today.There is also indication that their physical body would have been superior to even our best athletes of today.So the most logical conclusion is that we have not and are not evolving.I would go so far as to say we have been regressing,All these gadgets we have are not REAL technology.I even heard of an idea a few years back that said if they shredded old car tires and blasted them up into the atmosphere with cannons it would reduce the uv rays from the sun and slow global warming….It was at that time i knew we are not going to survive.

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