The Business of Deception

This fits in with my recent comments that the national debt isn’t the problem most people think it is: The Idea That Deficit Spending Is a Burden on Our Children Is the Dumbest Propaganda.

NOAA’s “new normal” climate report is anything but normal

This article already claims that we’ve blown past the bogus 1.5C “limit” (which we have). The silly accounting tricks used by other scientists and other reports do this to keep the panic down.

The Ring of Fire has a new video out about Hawaii declaring a climate emergency. You can watch the video here – but I want to point out the double-speak for the video caption:

Via America’s Lawyer: As sea levels rise and coastlines shrink, Hawaii becomes the first state to declare a climate emergency. RT correspondent Brigida Santos joins Mike Papantonio to explain how state and federal lawmakers are taking steps to meet the worsening climate crisis head-on.

This is of course, total b.s. as it is a fundamental impossibility to “meet the worsening climate crisis head-on”. Can’t be done. Even if all of civilization was to totally shut down, it still couldn’t be done and it isn’t being done, anywhere, but the idea here is to make people think lawmakers are “doing something” effective when they’re really not. If Hawaii was deadly serious, they’d stop tourism immediately, forever as a Step 1, but they’re not. Mainlanders would stay home. Hawaii would be reverted to an eco-paradise as fast as possible. But you’re never going to see that.

The business of deception is still at work throughout the world. Right now, Israel is murdering tiny children in a war of propaganda that contains real bombs and real death. Deception is paramount, you can’t actually speak the truth because you’d find yourselves hated. You can say “We’re retaliating against civilians for the rocket attacks on our country”. Nor can you say “Our lawmakers are pushing some more paper around and making more promises about how they’re still planning on solving the climate crisis”. Even more importantly, you cannot say “The climate emergency will collapse our civilization and way of life soon, we cannot solve this and billions of people are expected to die”.

All three of these statements are true, factual and to the point, without all the endless bullshit and lies we’ve come to expect (and live by). The business of deception is deeply embedded within our institutions, media, government and even the public mindset. Go ahead and deceive us, tickle our ears and tell us what we want to hear. Make us feel good.

In truth, deception is pretty horrible business, because it always fails. Promises made are broken, predictions made are inaccurate, politics postures and dithers, and people die. We’ve come to expect this too. It’s business as usual, the business of deception and it’s found everywhere, from ‘alternative energy’ promises to electric vehicles. Civilization is on a head-long path toward destruction and the refusal to admit to this trajectory found in virtually every endeavor humanity has devised is just more deception designed to protect vested interests and maintain the status-quo for as long as humanly possible. Even when a crack is discovered and there is a small admission of truth, this is quickly buried under an avalanche of bullshit to cover it all back up.

Media Bias Fact check is a website that investigates claims and statements made from many different sources, including news sources, politicians, private individual and social media for accuracy. Using just one day’s example, you can see how the business of deception is rampant in our society. Pick any day for countless other examples.

I’ve come to view virtually every source, every report, every story, every comment, everything said or put into print as a probable deception. First off, know that every author of every book, comment, video, story, broadcast, talk show, whatever form of communication is spreading their own agenda. That’s not necessarily bad, you just have to be aware of it. Find out what it is if you can. And then look for the deceptions being expressed. Most forms of propaganda can be readily identified. But some is very subtle and secretive and easy to miss.

A baseline of truth can be developed and identified as you gain experience in identifying deceptions. I have often called this propaganda because it really is the same thing. You need to know when you are being lied to. This is happening all of the time.

Almost everything we think we know has been taught to us by deception. This is why bias is so common now. We consumed disinformation and adopted these viewpoints and beliefs. Next, we hold these deceptions to be true and will vigorously defend them. This is where polarization and divisions come from, they are deceptions in belief.

I shouldn’t need to say this, but will – people die for these deceptions (in large numbers). We’ve all seen it, this is happening all around us all the time. This is normalized behavior, part of our society, and often, harmless to others, but not always. Sometimes, large numbers of other people are badly hurt or killed because of deceptive beliefs held by others. But what happens when entire societies are being consistently deceived and lied to by their leaders? What happens when the whole of humanity is being lied to and deceived?

I’ve discussed this many times before. There are topics that are of enormous interest to everyone, such as the survival of the biosphere and our own species. We’re being broadly lied to about what is unfolding and what our chances actually are to stop the ecocide (which includes our own species). The business of deception is to always portray a positive future that holds endless promise (and development). But is this true? I do not think it is.

Why aren’t we being widely told about the predicament that we are now in? Why are they hiding this truth from us? Why don’t they admit to what is already known by science, by researchers, by analysts, by investigators? Why do they think we can keep on this trajectory of consumption, resource extraction, species extinction and polluting our atmosphere, water and soil as if this will always be fairly harmless activities? Why do they also promise us a bright future when the signs of environmental decline and collapse are now everywhere? Why do they think that humans too won’t be threatened by the same decline? How can they ignore the problems with finite resources, escalating emissions, population overcrowding and declining water supplies?

Why can’t they just give us the truth? Why is everything just another lie?

Rare is the voice that will try to speak the unvarnished truth. The business of deception is far more comfortable, it protects position, career, tenure and perception. It’s politically expedient to be a liar. It’s potentially disastrous to speak the truth. But it is the truth that we desperately need to hear on every topic. Every war. Every social issue. Every threat that faces us.

Why can’t we have it? We’re literally being forced to go look for it elsewhere. The very people we hired to provide us with truth have all consistently failed to speak the whole truth.

I doubt that anything can really be done about this in our complex world, where deceiving others is so prevalent. Go find the voices that will speak the whole truth to you or figure this out for yourself. In the meanwhile, don’t fall for the business of deception, everybody is cashing in on this now.



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4 thoughts on “The Business of Deception

  • May 16, 2021 at 12:50 pm

    Oh yes!

    The first report about the warming and drying out of the southwestern US was factual (though I do wish Americans would use Celsius, like the rest of the world: too dumb? too stubborn?). And the change in average temperature was correctly linked to very much greater extremes. And it was linked to the burning of fossil fuels. Correct!

    But the second report was a report about official bullshit. The notion that Hawaii can reduce its carbon footprint and become ‘zero carbon’ by 2030 is an absolute lie!

    As anyone with a brain knows, it takes fossil fuels to make so-called alternatives, and those ‘alternatives’ start to corrode/wear out/ reduce performance the day after they are installed.

    “It’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for you.” -George Carlin

    It’s all bullshit applies now much more than in his time!

    I am in the process of writing a response to a document, and I highlight the fact that the NZ government’s response to the various emergencies we are in the midst of are predicated on eh [faux] notion that we can “Have our cake and eat it.”

    The choice is clear. Industrial Civilisation or a habitable planet. Not both.

    it seems that the bulk of the population would rather have the dubious benefits of Industrial Civilisation than a habitable planet for their progeny.

    Burn Baby, Burn.

    How many babies and children shall we toss on the fire today to keep IC running a little longer?

    • May 16, 2021 at 12:52 pm

      the NZ government’s response to the various emergencies we are in the midst of are predicated on the [faux] notion that we can “Have our cake and eat it.”

  • May 16, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    Extreme Heat Risks May Be Widely Underestimated and Sometimes Left Out of Major Climate Reports

    New studies sharpen warnings for unlivable heat in the tropics, and nearly unthinkable extremes in major Northern Hemisphere cities.

    Ya think? Sometimes?

    Notice the 2.7 “cap” claim. That’s a new one. Typo? Or just more endless bullshit like this asinine claim:

    The European Academy of Sciences projects up to 132,000 additional deaths by 2100 if warming exceeds 3.6 degrees Celsius.

    This is a blatant LIE. Add a few zeros, 1,320,000,000 and I’ll believe it.

    They put your Celsius in there, and the 3.6 degrees Celsius means food production is kaput over most of the planet ( already down 20% NOW). Now start explaining how this is only going to be 132,000 additional deaths. Or explain why this idiot reporter doesn’t have a clue what 3.6 degrees Celsius really means for human survival.

    It’s gotten so bad that you can’t trust these sources for anything. Yeah, I know they’re trying, but dammit, they’re not trying hard enough, or they’re trying to bamboozle everyone and keep the panic down.

    • May 16, 2021 at 2:29 pm

      ‘they’re trying to bamboozle everyone and keep the panic down’

      Now you’re talking!

      How does a political-economic-financial system that has made a complete fuck of everything and has caused massive population overshoot whilst setting in motion forces that will render much of the Earth uninhabitable protect itself?

      By lying.

      By keeping the masses distracted, dumbed-down and consuming.

      By blocking the crucial messages of truth-tellers.

      By promoting fake ‘solutions’ to the predicament(s).

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