The Bottom Hasn’t Arrived Yet

The national embarrassment of the idiotic Trump supporters refusing the election results continues to drag on and on and on….

From “fake electors” posing as legitimate electors, the bogus “Kraken” lawsuits (over 50 have been dismissed) comprised of hearsay and false claims, and this clown (former police chief), who thought an air-condition repairmen was “secretly hauling illegal ballots” justified him smashing his car into the repairman’s and holding him at gunpoint.

We’ve all probably wondered if it could get any nuttier, but I assure you, this is absolutely possible. There does not seem to be any low that the opponents to the election won’t go. But this is all a symptom of the inappropriately applied “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS), which has severely infected the ability of Trump supporters with their ability to think clearly, act rationally and bring forth legitimate, factual arguments.

TDS signs and symptoms have been found everywhere, long before the 2020 Election was conducted.  This story, ‘Like a Hand Grasping’: Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C. sadly describes the stranglehold being inflicted by the Trump Administration and his ‘loyalists’ during the worst pandemic in modern times. There is no doubt whatsoever that this activity resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, who being given either bad or conflicting ‘advice’ died from the pandemic.

Many politicians have felt the misplaced wrath of the anti-masker’s, who are almost entirely compromised of TDS supporters. Kansas mayor resigns over violent threats for backing mask mandate: ‘I do not feel safe anymore’. Death threats, threats of violence and property destruction often accompany the TDS infected fools that have put all of their trust and faith into one of the world’s biggest con-men, Donald J. Trump, who actively encouraged the denial, disbelief and discrediting of science, research, facts and evidence to support an entirely false narrative about the pandemic.

Other journalists are now speculating about why Governor DeSantis (Florida) and his refusal to cooperate with public health officials, which has now been revealed to include manipulating the numbers of dead before and after the election: A mysterious gap in COVID-19 deaths appeared in Florida before the presidential election. Why speculate? It’s been plain as day what DeSantis is doing, but apparently, journalists are afraid to speak to the truth.

Desantis’s attacks on science was already well-underway (mirroring the attacks Trump promoted on science). Back in June 2020, a “Fired Florida Data Scientist Launches A Coronavirus Dashboard Of Her Own”, fed up with the manipulation of the facts, built her own website to report what was really going on. It didn’t last that long, as police then later raided her home and seized all of her computers and records: Angry Florida governor defends police raid on COVID data whistleblower

I admit to having some trouble to being able to actually keep up with the asinine shenanigans of the TDS crowd of absolute fools that can no longer discern reality. The number of stunts they’ve pulled is in the thousands and it has become so damned wearisome that I’d just wish Jesus would come back and rapture them all away. No doubt, we’d all be far better off without them, but since that’s never going to happen, we’re stuck with trying to untangle the sticky mess they’re still creating as they spew their nonsense on everyone else.

The truth is, Trump supporters exhibiting TDS are a national embarrassment and have been for a long, long time now. Countless videos have demonstrated that their complete lack of comprehension, grasp of the facts and what constitutes reality is almost entirely absent. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is in fact their outward expression of cult-behavior, the inability to separate real facts from fabricated fictions and act accordingly and responsibly. This is why they behave so badly – engaging in violence, rhetoric and bizarre cult behavior. The world-view which they’re now acting upon is entirely fictional. It’s not reality, and has scant little to do with reality, reaching some truly extreme levels, including violent and threatening actions.

We all know that those stupid red hats they wear don’t mean what’s printed upon them. How could they? Making America “great again” would NOT mean following the most consummate liar in American history. It’s also an oxymoron to “Make America Great Again” while deliberately trying to disenfranchise and remove the rights of millions of their fellow Americans. But they can’t see that. To them, America is just them and nobody else even matters.

Calls for supporters to “go to their deaths” to support Trump are serious. I suppose we could bury these clowns with their red hats and erect bloody crosses over their graves as a sober reminder of what will happen to them if they loose that final screw still barely holding their diseased minds intact, but even this reality won’t prevent them from still acting irrationally and with violence. They’ve already shown their willingness to toss their lives away for Trump – proof that this actually is a cult.

The election is over, the pandemic isn’t, and they’re still lining up to jump off the cliff. This isn’t the behavior of reasonable, competent or functional people, this is the behavior of cult-followers with diseased minds, poisoned by incessant lies and deceptions.

There is no doubt that some are willing to “give their lives for Trump” which may sound noble, but it’s most definitely not. It’s a sign of a SERIOUSLY deluded and the mentally ill individual who has abandoned all notion of ethics and doing what is right.  Trump is not, and never will be, a man worth dying for. The worst US President in our entire history, Trump is nothing more then a cowardly con-man who has admittedly a gift for getting other people to do his dirty work (and take the fall) which they invariably do.

We all know this, deep inside, but that hasn’t stopped the cliff-jumpers from marshaling other lemmings: Arizona Republican Party asks followers if they’re willing to die to overturn election results. Leaping to their deaths like so many others have, elected officials who should rightly know better, are still leaping to their deaths in their irrational and ridiculous support for Trump.

Trump has managed to completely discredit the Republican Party, possibly forever. Their antics, shenanigans, refusal to follow the law and their abuse of Constitutional restraints has left millions of Americans seriously questioning what these men and women actually stand for. It’s not a red hat and for which it stands. It’s definitely not for the United States and its people, but something else entirely. Personal power and the cult of personality are transient and fleeting, not to be embraced by ethical and responsible people. Politicians are replaceable, something Trump still doesn’t realize and neither do his loyalists.

The rise of disinformation and the corresponding website and dubious “news” sources engaging in this massive fraud is definitely part of the problem, with hundreds of thousands just within the United States. Their impact and effects upon the beliefs, opinions and worldview of Americans has been absolutely enormous and in some cases, very deadly. We’re long past the time where we should tolerate such dishonesty and the manipulation of hundreds of millions of people. Dangerous propaganda is exactly that – dangerous, with catastrophic results. But the biggest fault here is the willingness of millions of Americans to digest and swallow the poisoned pills being constantly offered up. Every damned DAY it’s a new flavor with these people. We should know better, but apparently don’t and millions of Americans simply refuse to wise up.

So in reality, the problem is actually us and always has been. We have the dishonesty we demand because there is a majority or at least a very violent, very vocal minority that prefers it that way. By catering to, and supporting the dishonest and the deceptive, we’ve paid their way to keep us deceived, sealing our fate.

We also have the kind of government leadership we demanded. We accept their promises and ignored their obvious lies, never holding them accountable for their egregiousness mistakes and deception. They knew this too, knowing that we will not even remember what happened last week, certainly not last year.

They’ve abused our trust and our awareness and made it very hard to even keep up when it’s become so hard to even stay alive. But lest we forget – it was like this long before the COVID pandemic struck. The off-balance reporting and attacks, the cover-up of newsworthy and important stories, the constant divisions being deliberately inflicted across America, the constant capitalization and monetization of sensationalism, dishonesty, and conspiracies, and the lock-step mind numbing march to consumerism created entire batallions of desensitized Americans.

I’ve repeatedly warned that Americans and indeed, much of the world is being programmed like robots responding to their internalized algorithms of propaganda and surveillance. TDS is a program to convince the infected that they alone know the real truth, the irony of which is they are millions of deeply deluded individuals who are only a part of the real deception taking place across the entire spectrum of humanity. They’ve given up their own personal sovereignty of mind to become a collective of brainwashed millions, dwelling in echo-chambers of constantly increasing layers of self-deception.

In effect, their cargo-cult mentality falsely assumed they’d receive the ultimate reward for their faithfulness to their dear leader, but this was completely smashed by the final certification of the 2020 Election, triggering many of them to completely lose their grasp on reality. As bad as this is, I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom yet. There is still plenty of room left for more of these ridiculous antics and claims. QAnon, the bastion of connedspiracy and failed predictions, in a predictable pivot now claims that Trump’s defeat is “all part of the plan”.

This kind of deflection from reality means that no facts, no truth and no event can EVER be considered sufficient evidence to dissuade followers of connedspiracy, since they can all be spun to mean whatever they choose to infer, whatever continues to support their confirmation bias. The only real hope for the afflicted is to personally seek a remedy of real truth – here is a short story of one young woman who did exactly that.

But for every recovered addict, there are probably a hundred more who fall down the rabbit hole of deception. Like I said, I have no idea where the bottom is, but we haven’t seen it yet. That black hole emanating for the dishonored Commander in Chief is still voraciously sucking in as many Americans as it can. Even his imminent White House departure doesn’t mean an end to this alternate reality nightmare he’s inflicted. If you’ve been paying attention, he’s already laying the groundwork for a continued assault upon the Constitution and the rule of law. He may not be in the White House anymore (not soon enough), but he’s intending to rule just the same.

Nobody should put up with this, but millions apparently will, leaving the United States in a gigantic mess of unimaginable conflict, one which the Founders, when crafting the Constitution, did not foresee at all. Our only defense is to STOP giving credibility to the provably false, and the proven liar. He should be de-platformed, everywhere, worldwide now with no opportunity to utilize the media that he doesn’t actually own to spread his baseless connedspiracy theories. Nor should any other public platform tolerate the baseless “media” sources that are spreading constant lies. Let them form their own media empires if they want. It’s time to end this massive charade.

I think this has been obvious for a long time and I hope the America’s media sources finally realize this. Stop broadcasting this fool and his army of militant minions. Let them shout into the wind. Ignore them, totally, completely, forever. Let them exhaust themselves building ridiculous sand castles and wasting their money. If truth cannot convince them, then constant failure just might (or bankruptcy). Trump is happy to take their millions and pocket this for his “defense” as their deposed leader, but even deposed leaders eventually run out of steam.




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