The Bad News, The Worse News and The Trump News

It’s not written in stone yet – Trump’s picks, but this is shaping up for America as bad news and worse news (more of the same, only worse):

Meet Team Trump

Well, at least we’ll all finally get this “show” on the road (towards our annihilation and the extinction of all life on the planet).

But it’s not definite yet, that is to say, who Trump finally picks. So for the rest of you, there is some hope. It may not be that bad (but it probably is).

But here is some good news – it was going to turn out like this anyway. Not only was a new Administration going to make things worse for America, the environment, our habitable future and so forth, a new Administration was going to sustain the elitism, indifference, apathy and failures America has always been known for.

The joke is on us. Always has been. The illusion of choice, the assumption of change, the imaginary safety. All in your head, and it always was.

It’s called hopium in some circles. That constant sucking sound of opiate-addled dreams and fantasies. It’s very much a part of the ‘civilized’ world. It relies upon the incessant destruction of the very fabric of life to sustain itself.

Corbett’s got another article here you should read – Voting is the problem. He even quotes Lysander Spooner. Way to go.

I obviously do not see the world the way a lot of people do. I have always doubted their interpretations and pointed out their disconnects from reality.

We’re going to have a big problem America, but I won’t be the first to tell you that it was already here. Now some of you have (finally) woken up to another slice of the unfolding reality. I have tried for years, decades even, to reveal what that reality actually is (as I see it). The (s)Election popped a lot of bubbles in America. It’s a start, but only that.

The world of tomorrow will not be like the world of today. We’ll plunder what’s left – hope, dreams, ambitions and as always, leave a discarded wreckage of waste in our wake. Yeah, I’m talking about you and the planet we live on. We’re going to see a new side to reality, which says an awful lot about us, who we are, what our civilization actually is and what we do to stay alive.

It’s not hopeful.

I prepared for this years ago. Did you?


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3 thoughts on “The Bad News, The Worse News and The Trump News

  • November 13, 2016 at 12:35 pm


    It was always a given that the next POTUS would continue to make matters worse, and very likely make them worse at a faster pace. The economic-political system -based on Fractional Reserve Banking, charging of interest on money created out of thin air, and continuous conversion of fossil fuels into waste- requires that everything be made worse. Making matters worse is inherent in the system. So Americans were only ever choosing the orchestrator of their continuing demise when they voted.

    NZ is in turmoil this morning. Just after midnight my house began to shake. And the shaking continued for several minuets. I was not particularly concerned because this region is not noted for severe earthquakes.

    However, waking this morning, I find that what I felt was centred hundreds of kilometres away, near the middle of the South Island, and not particularly far from the devastating Christchurch earthquake.

    Just how many millions, or tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of dollars of damage has resulted is still unclear.

    The completely mad aspect of the GDP-based economic system is that the greater the damage, the better it will be for the economy! -all the repairs and reconstruction requiring purchase of materials and providing work.

    Hope? There can never be any as long as the industrial-political-economic system remains intact.

  • November 13, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Have you got an update on the earthquake in NZ? I’ve been gone most of today and have not seen any news on this.

    • November 14, 2016 at 1:02 am

      It was very big by earthquake standards (about 7.5 ) and shallow, but centred in a remote location, so only a couple of deaths, and most of the damage has occurred in a small, coastal community, which is currently cut off.

      The shake was sufficiently big to cause some damage to buildings in Wellington.

      As usual, there was a tsunami alert, but no tsunami.

      NZ is unique in that there was a big earthquake in Napier in 1931 which resulted in much damage and loss of life: building codes were changed to make houses ‘earthquake proof’ -masses of steel in foundations and concrete block walls, or wooden-framed with plenty of bracing.

      That said, in recent times (neocon times) there has been a trend to cutting corners and cutting costs, together with less oversight and less accountability.

      Also, there is much evidence of ‘disaster capitalism’ being practiced following the Christchurch earthquake, and that will undoubtedly be the case this time.

      There have been numerous aftershocks, so this may not be over yet. And now the weather has turned nasty.

      ‘The cost of the clean-up has been estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars.’

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