The Bad News Is On Current Trajectory, Most Of Us Here Today Will Not Be Able to Live To Our Biological Lifespan Potential

Dr. Ye Tao reports that humanity (and the entire living biosphere) has only 20 to 30 years of declining survivability left. Each year will be worse then the years before it.

He makes several points in his presentation, including the title statement I’ve used on this article.

a) We cannot let go of the fossil fuel industry (immediately and for the foreseeable future), civilization depends on it.

b) Renewables are not a solution, advocates are making the same mistakes as climate deniers. Renewables do not lower temperatures. Renewables will not save us.

c) Heat-induced extirpation (biological die-off) begins at 1°C (we are far past that now). Earth is quickly approaching 2°C rise from the pre-industrial within a few years.

d) Biological thermal tolerance for most life forms is 2°C – 3°C. Earth systems will hit this limit quite soon, long before C02 biological limits are reached.

e) Biological annihilation occurs at 3°C of any multi-cellular organism on this planet. If you need further clarity, this means extinction.

f) The current temperature trajectory is bringing Earth systems rapidly to conditions where no life on Earth can survive.

g) The only thing we truly need to be worried about is the temperature effect on habitat. CO2 won’t ever reach lethal levels (because we will be long extinct).

h) Aerosols in the atmosphere are preventing a very rapid 1°C temperature rise. Within 5 years of all aerosol removals (ending fossil fuels), temperatures would rise another 1°C, putting Earth past biological thermal tolerance rapidly.

i) The greatest risk we face as a species is the inability to grow food. This means we starve first in huge numbers (before we die of heat-induced deaths and other climatic disasters).

These are the very same findings I’ve presented here for years and years. I don’t have the platform or the presentations that these scientists do, very few people will bother to read a blog anymore. On the one hand, I’m gratified that my publications here are accurate, on the other, I’m terrified that we have so little time left to try and turn things around (we have to try, irrespective of our chances).

Dr. Tao has a short presentation with these points and a possible proposed solution:

A much more detailed video presentation can be found here:

Earth based mirrors – will they work? I do not know. But standing around and pretending that we’ve got ample time to “do something” or worse, certainly won’t take us even one step closer to surviving what is coming. 2021 has already proven to be hellish and there is a LOT more of this dangerous climate events to come (droughts, heat domes, flooding, extreme weather events). Food shortages are already here and getting worse, each year will be worse then the last. Now is the time to take action, do not delay.

Hat tip to Guy McPherson, he had brought forth the MEER:reflEction in a recent video.


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