The Age of Stupid

I got a chance to watch “The Age of Stupid” on Hulu over the weekend. If you haven’t seen this, maybe you should. It’s a fictional, but not really – account of how we screwed up the planet and wiped ourselves out.  I say not really because there is a preponderance of evidence now that this is exactly what will happen.

I also watched “Living On A Dollar A Day”.  Four students head to Guatemala to experience first-hand what it’s like for over a billion people on the planet to try and survive on a dollar a day. These poor boys (self-imposed poverty, but I use the term to describe their naivety) envisioned difficult times — but had no idea just how difficult this was going to be.  Within mere days, weakened by hunger, they lacked the necessary strength and cognitive ability to make the right decisions.

They tried to be farmers and if not for some expert help, they would have failed miserably, not understanding anything. But they learned, which was the whole point to the documentary.  Even so, they could not and did not ever learn to raise enough food to actually feed themselves — not even for a single week. Instead, they had to buy all their food in order to survive. It’s a telling lesson – in an incredibly fertile country.

Both videos demonstrated that food was the #1 issue for everyone. Adequate nutrition was nearly impossible to find.  Notably, this is true right now and will be quadruply true in the future.

The Age of Stupid aptly describes our incredible insane behavior as a species.  Suicidal tendencies notwithstanding, humans are actively planning for their own extinction.

I’ve updated “This Means Extinction” a bit, since there has been more news of relevance to report.  If you haven’t seen the video depicting the unbelievable ice loss in the Arctic, it’s only 30 seconds of your time.

We’re experiencing the carbon emissions effects from the 1970’s now.  This means that we have yet to experienced the increased carbon emissions and their effects from the 1980’s through the present.

This should make you pause:

In 1975, CO₂ levels were 331 ppm.  This contributed to the increase in surface and air temperatures we experience today.  Ocean temperatures and Arctic temperatures are both now substantially higher.

CO₂ levels are now 399 ppm and still rising. We have not yet experienced the effects of our current emission rates, we’re still experiencing the 1970’s and perhaps early 1980’s. Therefore, what lies ahead will be substantially worse then what has already occurred.

The oceans have absorbed nearly all the heat increase, but are not expected to absorb much more. The likelihood of massive global heating taking place in a very short time frame is very real now.

The significance of this means catastrophe for all life on Earth. Our very survival is no longer certain.

Much has been written about keeping the global warming below 2°C, but this is already much too late. This figure is entirely fabricated, just like the “450 ppm” limit I read about only today.

I’m quite puzzled by the constant misrepresentation that climate change gets. The longer we avoid the whole truth, the worse it is going to be.

It appears that a type of “crisis control” is being employed to avoid a global panic among the population. I find it hard to fathom how this will actually help and not make things worse because it delays an effective response.

There are now large parts of the world that are already substantially higher then 2°C.  A case in point:

“Arctic surface temperatures have risen more than twice as much as temperatures at lower latitudes”.

It should be very clear that the world political body lacks virtually everything it’s going to take to “stop climate change”. The mainstream media will continue to distort, misrepresent and under-report what has come to be the “worst news for humanity” until it is too late.

What can you do?  First, read the facts, reports, analysis and science for yourself. It’s not that hard, many others have already done this and reported their findings. Then, look around and find out what (if anything) is being done about it (in time).  If you’re like me, you will conclude that “very little to nothing” effective is being done, which represents the worst possible choice humans can be making right now. You’ll find plenty of lip-service and not much else, certainly nothing on the scale that is even remotely required to offer even a measure of relief.

The conclusion I continue to have is that nothing will get done in time. Catastrophic warming is an absolute certainty now, along with massive hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, flooding and drought. This means stupendous crop losses year after year as the climate swings wildly from the norm.  The “new normal” means “disaster after disaster”, which is exactly what the world has been experiencing everywhere.  Flooding, drought, brush fires, forest fires, pine beetle infestations, crop losses, “superstorms” and unusual weather patterns start to take a devastating toll upon our economy and ability to feed ourselves.

It should be clear that our leaders lack the ability to make meaningful decisions when it comes to saving ourselves.  Pray that no external threat ever appears  — because it’s clear they cannot help us.  They still remain a house divided, beholden to Big Oil and corporate profits vs. making the right choices and protecting humanity from itself. They’re political hacks and whores, selling out because it’s really all they know how to do.  We should all by now come to expect nothing more.

I’ve said for a long, long time, “you’re on your own“. The recent bailout of the bankers vs. the people should have made that perfectly clear.  Climate change is the worst threat of all presently facing humanity.  We can survive almost everything else.  Fabricated terrorists threats are a ploy to keep millions of people distracted. You cannot trust these people – not one iota. They have a proven history of deception and deceit. You are free to decide for yourselves why they would do that (just follow the money).

Sorting through all the garbage that is put forth on the nightly news and the Internet is increasingly difficult. It is very time consuming. Common sense however, will tell you that not everything is what it seems. There is much to distract, deflect and defer any honest inquiry with red herrings, false flags, straw arguments, fabricated evidence and endless hordes of keyboard kommandos.  Websites governed by Morons-R-Us is not the place to get the best advice.  They’re proven to be consistently wrong, year after year, always focusing on distractions and side-issues, most if not all that never come true.  Side-stepping all these distractions is rather important so that you can stay focused on what matters and what WILL affect you and your family.

It’s really hard to project anything more than a few months ahead anymore. Even a few years is far too difficult, but it is absolutely necessary in this case.  My own efforts at building a greenhouse, growing food, and (still) learning from my multiple mistakes reveals that feeding myself, let alone my family, is not going to be easy or even moderately hard. It’s going to be INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT and it’s going to take years of preparation and hard work. This is NOT something anybody is going to be able to go off and do “when the time comes”. Those that try this will die in mere weeks, or attempt feed off the corpses of their fellow idiots. They will lack the practical know-how and school of experience that it will require in order for this to even minimally work.

Very few people are engaging in a serious effort to help themselves. Those that have will admit to how hard it’s going to be based on what they’ve already learned and tried to do (real experience vs. Hollywood “knowledge”). The rest remain utterly deluded that they can rely upon modern production or graze on dead tree bark after wiping out the remaining wildlife.

The world is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions, ie., “die-off” on a massive scale. Nothing in our entire history has prepared us for what lies ahead. We’re too many now, far, far too many to assume that we’re going to slide through this somehow unscathed.  I do not believe that anything will stop this now, the die has been cast due to decades of denials and delays and wholesale ignorance. The only available and meaningful response now is to prepare as best you can. It is clear — nobody else will be doing this for you. This is something you will have to do for yourself.

The Age of Stupid really does describe modern humanity today. Our actions as a species and even as individuals, is really quite stupid. We are self-destructing, poisoning our planet, our home – our atmosphere, our soil, our water and acting like nothing is wrong. We’re being repeatedly warned by very qualified experts that we are headed for disaster and still we ignore the evidence.  We laugh in derision at those among us that are quietly working towards self-sufficiency or living lightly, secretly afraid that they might actually be right, but that would mean we’d have to give up our present lifestyles. Instead, we gravitate toward “greenwashing” and all things that give the appearance that it’s “good for the planet” instead of giving up what really matters.

This is the Age of Stupid – to ignore the warnings, the evidence, the science, the facts, and to go on deceiving ourselves again and again and again as we watch the needles climb higher and higher, hoping against hope that somehow it doesn’t really mean what it says it means, that the outcome will be different then what the facts tell us.

Cognitive dissonance does not explain all this away. Stupid is stupid.  Gump was right.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Actions and beliefs have consequences, including inaction and wrong beliefs. Failure to take the time now to save yourself is simply stupid beyond belief and there is no excuse.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Governments must put two and two together, and pull out all stops to save the Arctic sea ice or we will starve.


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  • May 2, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    I saw the Age of Stupid a while ago – now, I will look for Living on a Dollar a Day. You’re right, it’s all about the food, and humans are ill equipped to provide for themselves without modern equipment and oil. They sure never taught me this in my US History course:

  • May 4, 2013 at 3:59 am

    Very nice summary of the issues facing humanity. I’ve been studying these topics for many years now and am watching the crises unfold while trying to get my friends to do more than educate themselves, but to also change their high-energy-use habits; it is a constant uphill battle and leaves me with little to no hope that we can change, as a species, quickly enough to make a difference.

    I have a question and a comment:

    You wrote, “It appears that a type of “crisis control” is being employed to avoid a global panic among the population.” Please elaborate and give evidence. I wouldn’t put it past the Powers That Be to engage in that (including the real reason behind the building of huge FEMA detention centers), but haven’t found any hard, credible evidence.

    The other thing I want to mention is permaculture. I am also trying to grow my own food and have failed miserably for the last two years. Permaculture is a way to grow food in harmony with Earth’s natural systems. Check into it if you haven’t already.

    • May 4, 2013 at 9:21 am

      It’s multi-faceted. The Web for example, is being constantly scrubbed to remove damaging content. Example: This blog has thousands of links on it. I’ve installed link checker software to monitor links. Nearly a thousand have “broken”. Digging further, I’ve noticed that the articles referenced simply cannot be found anymore. It’s more then just the URL being changed, the article is gone. That’s just one example.

      The other notable example is the constant suppression of “dissent” – this suppression is extremely widespread now, being practiced everywhere online. They are very active at keeping this “down” to prevent boil over.

      Other examples: Site owners / managers are refusing to publish material and information that indicates a deviation from the party-line (whatever that is). Could be conservative, could be liberal, doesn’t matter. Dissent and evidence to back it up is being removed. Most that do this are unwittingly “helping”, but there are definitely others on major popular sites that are doing this quite deliberately, knowingly, to keep a certain “group think” “group behavior” metric firmly in place. It’s a type of pyschological conditioning of millions of people who read and participate at these places. It has very widespread effects.

      Another obvious example would be the MSM which only puts forth certain stories, with a certain character to them. You do not find real news and real information on television anywhere. There is no investigation of any sort. It’s pure propaganda now, always with “middle of the road” theme that they want everyone to embrace. There is no thinking involved. It’s target audience is 12 year old mental midgets that question nothing, and blindly accept everything their told in between commercials to remain an idiot connedsumer.

      All of this is “crisis control”, because the reality of how people (who are unplugged) “think”, “feel” and even “want” is very, very different then what these forms of media are trying to enforce. This IS crisis control, in spades, everywhere now.

      They’re also brainwashing the public to accept domestic drones, surveillance cameras, militarized police and so much more (machine gun toting thugs on subways, etc.). This too is crisis control. None of this crap is needed, but they are desperate to “prevent” boil over — a mobilized, justifiably angry population from dragging their sorry asses out into the street and tar and feathering them (for starters).

      The political situation is no better. Out of one side of their mouths they will spew forth their incessant lies and misrepresentation of what they are “doing for us”, which really means “doing to us” with enough spin, propaganda and brainswashing techniques to continue to fool the millions of sheep in this country. Then Wikieleaks or some investigative reporter (rare) will show the details of what they were really doing, saying and engaging in. It’s all a big gigantic deception — done purposely for crisis control, because if we knew what these bastards were really up to, they’d be dragged from public office or run out of our neighborhoods.

      There is also all the red-herring distractions. Look at what the media “reports”. Absolute crap. But they ignore all the important topics. And there is also all the false-flag operations. We’ll undoubtedly see more. These are also forms of crisis control.

      It’s EXTREMELY widespread now. It’s the new normal in other words, so prevelant and all-encompassing that most Amerikans have come to accept it as “how things are”. They can’t even envision anything different. Their worldview, belief systems, acceptance, compliance and meek submission to all of it is hard to choke down. When we say “they’re blind”, we mean their eyes have been removed, their brains neutured (or cauterized at the brain stem) and their ears are full of sand. It’s unbelievable how far this country has fallen in just a few years.

      Anything that will change the public perception on a large scale is subject to the above. Other examples are science pointing out just how incredibly serious things are getting but then having this washed down or remain unpublished or disappear rapidly from public view. Climate change is the big gigantic extinction level event unfolding right now, and yet despite the mountains of evidence, remains held back by this crisis control activity taking place. There can only be one reason for this. To prevent global panic while our erstwhile leaders continue to jockey themselves around.

      It is VERY clear to me that none of these officials give a damn about the people. It’s always and always has been about “self”. Who they are perceived to be, their next promotion, their next campaign contribution, their next boardroom appointment and so forth. Humanity desperately needs us to “stop” virtually everything, and reset civilization, stopping wars and the endless bloodshed, the incredible waste and destruction of critical planetary resources and start (finally) to resolve what it’s going to take to live here, safely and in peace. But this “news” too (where it exists) remains relegated to the backwoods. Don’t want to let people get the idea we don’t know how to run the planet… or just how fucked up things really are.

      There are other hints too. Stories of “strange happenings” (deep underground noises for example) are derailed from serious investigation. Obvious manipulation of markets, figures, statistics and so forth, very, very obvious now if you know a bit of history.

      People are in SERIOUS trouble all over this country, barely surviving. It’s even worse elsewhere, people are STARVING TO DEATH in Afghanistan refugee centers (caused by us of course), but you will never hear about these crimes.

      The FEMA detention centers is mostly bullshit. 90%+ of the crap promoted is just that. I looked into this and walked away unconvinced. It’s also a very stupid idea. Logistically, it makes no sense at all. Better to lock-down people right where they are, then attempt to relocate, house them, feed them, provide “security” and so forth. From a tactical standpoint, it’s dumb as hell and I doubt very much it will ever happen like some say. Easier to simply control you right where you are, where you have housing, employment (maybe), a network of friends and family, familiarity, etc,. It would simply require too many resources to attempt to relocate thousands of Amerikans en-masse, so I do not buy into this conspiracy.

      Personally, there are critical choke points to encircle, restrict or deny the population that would work very, very well for “control”. Since so many Americants remained brain dead idiots, and choose to remain completely subserviant and dependent upon their masters, they have not yet had to enact these chokepoints (food, water, fuel, electricity).

      A hungry man will do ANYTHING to feed himself and family (including that most horrific of crimes, cannabalism). Tons and tons of historicals examples of this fact. Control of the population will ultimely happen through our BELLIES. We will sacrifice everything (freedom, liberty, 1st ammendment, 2nd, 4th, 5th, etc.) in order to eat. This is what always happens in the descent to fascism and tyranny — clearly the path Amerika is now halfway down.

      The descent is already very ugly. It will get even uglier as these fascist bastards rip this country in two.
      Very familiar with permaculture, have shared this here many times, recommended books, etc. It’s harder to do then they make it look. I’m working on it, but it’s years away in my opinion from being the answer I will need right here. Cold weather country is different then desert or more fertile land. The soil is acidic from pine trees and the season is short. The biological activity you’re trying to obtain in the soil (critical) suffers from both. It can be changed, it just takes more time and effort. An expert (which I am not) could do it better I’m sure.

      • May 10, 2013 at 1:19 pm

        Thanks for your encyclopedic reply! You have given me a lot to think about. I’ll read some of your other posts when I have the chance.

  • May 4, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Preaching to the choir here, but another thing to check out is new movie/video called CHASING ICE. Watched the trailer and have signed up to show it at private showing. Check out
    If that’s not correct link, will send corrected one.

    • May 4, 2013 at 9:34 am

      I haven’t been able to watch this one either, just the trialer. I saw where it was broadcast for free in April, but missed it.

      The latest “ice news” is terrifying (imo). But I don’t think Americans care.

  • May 10, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Re: increasing biological activity in your acidic soil…

    Do you use seaweed, humates, and/or fish hydrolysate? I learned about all those bio-amendments here:

    And, back on topic, every American should be required to view “The Age of Stupid” when they get their driver’s license. Not that it would do any good now, but I can dream…

    • May 10, 2013 at 8:27 pm

      Great link by the way, very informative.

      I’m not presently using any your suggestions. I need quite a lot, tons and tons, due to the sq. ft. of the area needed, which makes additives expensive for such a large area. Going to have to go with naturally found “compounds” (manure) found locally.

      I have found the compost I need. Just have to go get it now. Been busy here.

      I gave up driving about or over ten years ago… does that help disqualify me for “Stupid”? I find the world bat-shit crazy (still) and do not “miss it” at all by staying home. Just a matter of time now before millions more will have to do the same.

  • May 13, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    your comments on your soil conditions and climate reminded me of this film that might be worth your while. i’m guessing you won’t relate to all the biblical references, but you can easily substitute gaia or nature for god, and it all jibes.

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