That Rumbling Sound You Hear…

Far off in the usual cacophony of background noise, there is the dark rumbling sound of Empire. Amidst the hustle and bustle and the sound of money, the strident noise of capitalism at work, there is an ominous guttural rumbling, a deep, dark groaning sound of a tortured planet and it’s human and non-human habitation. And it’s getting louder every day.

That sound that you hear is the sound of death. It is the sound of Empire falling. And it is the sound of planetary and cataclysmic changes. From lofty heights and glazed apocalyptic visions, the US Empire is crumbling on its disintegrating foundation of self-absorption and worldly indifference. As surely as the World Trade Center towers came crashing down in a massive pile of death and debris, the Empire of America is likewise following the same inexorable descent into rubble and ruin.

I am certainly not the first to notice this – or even secretly wish for this to happen, there are many, many people who are unopposed to the descent of Empire. But I’m not cheering either.

As the world’s largest energy consumer and one of the worlds worst polluters (if not THE worst), the collapse of Empire is a mixed blessing. I happen to live here (although living elsewhere often enough seems very attractive) and it is both my home, my livelihood and my country which is crumbling beneath my feet. And I cannot say that I am pleased, because I too will be sucked in the vortex of death and destruction that has befallen America. And there’s not much I can do about it. I’m in for the ride of my life and I know it.

We are at present, being unwillingly led to this crushing destruction by one of the worst Presidents in US history (arguably, THE worst, so take your pick). An angry and petulant George Bush is leading our fellow-condemned to immolation by sheer stupidity and self-annihilation. Increasingly incompetent and unable to effectively guide the Empire in its ill-conceived notions of global domination and control, the Bush Empire is now imploding. That I’m cheering, it can’t happen soon enough.

I am beginning to seriously doubt Bush will finish his term in office. As recent events have now clearly shown, George Bush is unfit to be President of the United States. Quite simply, he should be removed from office.

Unfortunately, this moment of joy will undoubtedly be short lived. What should be a time of wild celebration in every street in America (and throughout the world) will quickly turn into a time of lasting despair, which may take generations to cure. This is because the crash of Empire will be resoundingly hard with the resulting shock waves reverberating throughout the entire world.

Our problems (which really are OUR problems) far exceed the man in office, who is nothing more then a monkey in a suit, or any one political party or nation-state. The same errors-of-State permeat every nation and every government because they transcend political institutions and national boundaries.

Our problems are planetary and global in scope and breadth and seriousness. As bad as George W. Bush and his fellow monkey’s are and all their fellow ilk the world over, they are but a symptom of a much bigger problem, and that problem is humanity.

Humanity is on the fast track to self-annihilation with no off-ramps. We, as a species, have long embarked on a non-sustainable life-path with no regard to its ultimate and inevitable outcome. It is absolutely critical that we understand this. We WILL crash, this is now utterly unavoidable, but how hard we crash and how long it takes for humanity to “recover” is as-yet, still up to us. So far, there is scant evidence that there is any serious effort underway to mitigate this crash in a meaningful way – which means this is going to hurt – a lot.

It’s not the purpose of this particular post to chronicle why the crash will happen – the evidence is now everywhere and frankly, you should already be well-informed of this fact. The point I’m trying to get acrossed is what are YOU going to do about it? What kind of changes are you prepared to accommodate in your life? What preparations are you now making, if any? Just how flexible are YOU as a human being to changing your life, your expectations and your living habits?

Most of us alive today will witness what I am talking about – the CRASH of civilization. The Wall of Unchecked Humanity on a Finite World. There is utterly no doubt at all that this will occur and there won’t be any mystical or scientific rescue either. Most of us won’t survive it either.

It’s very easy to forget that humans are not really in control of this planet. It may appear so, with our insulated lives and prepacked food stuffs and climate controlled environments, but it’s not true. You can only extract so much energy from the environment in non-renewable methods before a planetary backlash occurs. That is now happening. Huge planetary changes are already underway that will severely and forever affect the survival of the humans species (and all other lifeforms) on the planet. And it is already too late to do much about it. In other words, the damage is done. Of course we should do all we can to stop killing our planet and the other species that co-exist here, but these changes are already too few and too late to stop the global cataclysm that is already occurring.

We are already far into “overshoot” and the law of diminishing returns, which applies to all complex societies and advanced civilizations. No technological invention will be able to overcome the catastrophe. The only possible course available to us it to “devolve” our societies and our way of life to accommodate the planetary changes and to become as flexible as possible. This is why I emphasize the need for eco-villages and community living. Humans have been tribal based for millennia and in a changing world, this is the most flexible and adaptable social and living structure humans have ever known. It is my view that it will also be the only surviving “civilization” in the world to come.

Mass population migrations will now become absolutely necessary. Rising sea levels from the polar ice caps melting will cause massive human migrations, with severe impacts on existing societies and civilization (not just coastal areas). The ability for human food production, commerce and social control will be significantly affected, resulting in chaos-like conditions not unlike the disaster in New Orleans. Imagine George Bush in charge of that recovery effort…

Right now, what we are witnessing within American politics is the inability to deal with disaster after disaster, but I’m not (only) referring to the natural disasters America has endured, but the much larger disasters of globalism, social control and civilization. These issues of course are not unique to American politics and politicians, but are found throughout the world. Humankind has lost the ability (if it ever had it) to govern itself and is frantically running amok like a malignant cancer, destroying and damaging everything in it’s path. That is, what it doesn’t consume and turn into near-useless piles of waste and dung…

It should be extremely and painfully clear to everyone that no political solution exists to the planetary crisis we now face. Quit thinking that our “leaders” will lead us anywhere – they are largely responsible why we’re facing this crisis in the first place! And they are yet insisting that they have the answers to our problems, when clearly they do NOT. But we are just as guilty, of following the blind and the dumb and being beguiled by their bewitching rhetoric and bullshit. This has got to stop. There are bright and intelligent people among us, in the “rank and file” who have already mapped out workable solutions that are far better then anything coming out of Washington or Moscow or Parliament. These are the people we should be listening to. They are not beholden to lobbyist and corporate campaign contributors. Their agenda is much more personal and their perspective far more real.

The solution, as it were, is and always was, up to us. Our sphere of influence isn’t very big, but it is ours and doesn’t require Congressional approval (not that they even bother with even that anymore). Everyone should be thinking about what they are going to do. Like the Katrina refugees, it will already be too late to think about this after your life is turned upside down, you need to be doing this now. The rumbling can already be heard on the horizon, you’d better be thinking about what you can do to mitigate the disaster ahead. In your life.

Because that is what this post is really about. What can you do?

A lot, especially when you stop and think about it and give it some serious thought.

It’s not as hard as it may sound. But it will require self-sacrifice and a lifestyle change for each and every one of us. But what do YOU have to lose when you stand so much to gain?


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