Thank You’s

Dennis, and Andrzej — thank you for your support! I’m not checking in (like I should) over on the GoFund me page and don’t get any reminders sent to me if there’s been any donations, so it’s always a surprise for me each time to find out there’s been some gifts. My bad. It’s outside of my ‘routine’ as it were, sites I check, things I do each day.

You’ll all be happy to note that I’m still trying here. Rejoined the gym and trying to keep up on my exercise, diet and efforts to stay as healthy as I can. This past week was near-murder however, with me being unable to get hardly any sleep at all. Not good for a healthy life, but not my fault either.

Dennis, email me with whatever the issue is with your login here. Use (I still maintain this email address, change the domain name to this one). The only thing that shows up there these days is companies begging to “redesign my non-existing website” and other similiar spammers.


admin at survivalacres dot com

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