I received a copy of the Seed Savers Exchange catalog today (recommended). They’ve got some really yummy looking vegetables in there for all you gardeners. So now I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to be doing next spring (a present “dream” as I push mountains of snow around).

Increased humidity due to global warming is increasing snowfalls, something everybody in cold country should be planning for. I’m already planning on a new ‘roof line’ to get most of this snow to fall off the roof without any human help.

I’m still keen on underground storage. My root cellar remains very dry, which although was not unexpected, disproves the naysayers nicely. It’s also warmer inside there then outside these days, but plenty cool enough at 34 degrees.

When you live in the country or the mountains, you find out pretty quickly how prepared you really are. A critical pin on my tractor broke today, while pushing some snow around. I was fortunate enough to see it happen otherwise, I’d have kept going and may have caused some damage. And I didn’t have a spare, so I’ve got to make sure I’m properly prepared for this eventuality next time. Not hard to do, just an oversight on my part.

A new snow brush already snapped in half, probably imported junk. It’s hard to find anything made in America anymore, our corporations betrayed their own workers by exporting everything overseas. Now we have to buy 2 or 3 tools to achieve the same lifespan what only 1 used to do.

What a great way to keep the subservient slave consuming.

I feel the same way about computer viruses. One of our systems (non-essential) got hit with a persistent little bastard of a virus, I’d like to bury the screwups that invent these things. But it’s evident that the real bastards behind this are the virus “protection” companies themselves.

It’s the perfect Hegelian Dialect. Create a problem, offer a solution. Here’s why I think this is true:

a) Most of these viruses are hidden around on your hard drive with very similar sounding file names of critical system files. The only reason that a hacker would do this is to allow you to find the file. Why not just simply replace a non-critical file instead? If they really didn’t want to be found out, that’s what they’d do.

b) Many of these viruses are inadvertently loaded onto your system by pretending to be something other then they really are — like “virus checker programs”. What they actually are is Trojans. Once infected, they open up your Windows systems to a whole host of other viruses and worms.

c) To remove them, you have to load several different program to attempt to disinfect your system. These are often times free programs available from virus protection companies… the idea here is if you buy their “better” program then the free version, you’d be protected all of the time.

d) Often as not, these free programs don’t clean your system entirely, so you’re left with doing some drastic measures, such as spending some money and buy something to fix your system, hand it off to a professional computer expert, or contact one of the many help forums such as Castle Cops (recommended by the way, these guys are pretty good).

e) Unanswered is the reason why viruses are released into the Internet anyway. Why would ANYBODY in their right mind, buy from a “popup” window that suddenly shows up on your system, or an buy anything from a website you’ve been redirected to?

What would you do when your computer suddenly goes bezerk and launches a bazillion windows? Spend money buying useless shit? Would you actually buy anything online at this point? You’d have to be a complete dunderhead to do so — which is why the real monetary gain to be realized by virus attacks is not the websites they shove into your face while surfing, but the virus protection they ultimately hope you buy.

This is not the least bit far-fetched either. These thieves actually tried this and got caught. The only missing element here is how they (might) have been working with hackers in the first place.

It is very easy for me to “imagine” that virus protection companies employ hackers to create nasty little viruses to infect millions of computers, the perfect Hegelian Dialect to ensure a steady stream of revenue.

This is why I won’t buy virus protection software. No sense in keeping the guilty alive.

There is always a monetary motive behind all of these kinds of things. My current financial loss due to a credit card scam is also motivated by money and greed (and deception). Avarice and deception are two nasty human characteristics that you must be on guard against all of the time, and I mean ALL OF THE TIME.

This appears to be a undesirable product of capitalism and further downstream, civilization itself. Motive and opportunity to do your fellow humans harm and realize personal gain isn’t something that was always so widely practiced. In fact, it appeared to be more rare then not by ancient humans.

It would be great to inhabit a world where you did not have to guard yourself against the material excesses, avarice and greed and the physical and emotional abuse practiced by your fellow humans. I am not aware of any place on earth where this exists today, but I wish it did.


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  • December 20, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Since about the only things Amerika makes anymore is/are fast food and weapons, it’s no wonder everything we buy is imported, mainly from China. Thus, we purchase products that don’t work or break immediately, clothes and shoes that don’t fit, and food that contains melamine.

    And yeah, the virus protection companies are in business for one thing only: to sell protection from their own creations.

  • December 20, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Admin: I bought some seeds last year that were supposed to be short season growers for where I live, but they weren’t short enough. This year I bought from, they are supposed to grow their seeds at 6000′ and be good for really short growing seasons in the mountains. Check them out maybe they will have something you will like. This last growing season we had a frost at least every month so I need something with a super short growing season.

  • December 23, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Antarctica. No one owns it and all have agreed there will be no mineral development or military presence there.

  • December 25, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    “Row Covers” are very useful items for gardeners in short-season and variable growing zones.

    I’m not certain of their composition, but suspect a compressed polyester of some sort. For those not familiar with the fabric, it resembles “interfacing”, but heavier, that is used in strengthening sewing projects, and even uphoulstry, and is usually white. With care, a piece of row cover can last years. Some of the thinner ones tear and rip if you look sideways at them.

    Finally 2008 has been the first year we have kept our fall lettuce alive this long. We covered it first with a metal dome constructed from an piece of reinforcement wire. On top of the wire went a 10mil sheet of clear plastic; next the row cover; and finally a very heavy drapery panel that has a thick rubber backing. Further, this little bed is surrounded by boulders of approximately 1 – 20 pounds. In addition, we placed 2-liter soda bottles of water here and there among the lettuce plants.

    On days above freezing we lift all but the clear plastic which remains anchored by rocks. Just before sundown all covering is resituated.

    We planted the bed on September 19 and are still eating lettuce. We have had temps as low as around 2 or 3 above zero. I realize many of you in the far northwest have probably had much colder temps by now, so maybe more rocks, more water bottles, more layers would be needed.

    True, it probably doesn’t do much growing at these temps, but if established early enough, you’ll be rewarded.

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