Texas Stupidity and Health Care

This deserves it’s own post (thanks Kevin): Texas governor signs extreme six-week abortion ban into law. Once again, Texas demonstrates rampant stupidity and arrogance.

At risk of repeating my comments here, my thoughts about this idiotic law:

It’s all for show with these idiots. Dark Age’s mentality. Religious stupidstitions and phony “compassion”. Satanic beliefs writ large:

Anti-abortionists, so called “pro-lifers” don’t care about life, living, young or babies. Where are they when there is need? They are only “pro-birthers” and nothing more, forcing their religious stupidstitions and gross misconceptions upon everyone else.

Their religious indoctrination is absurd, they don’t even understand what the Bible itself teaches about the unborn (it’s not pro-life). Even the Jewish people which they venerate believe that life does not begin until the “first breath”, but the religious Christian believes that life begins at just six weeks or even sooner (conception). This would make them murders using their own words and estimations when they fail to deliver through miscarriage.

They didn’t put anything into that “law” that makes men accountable or hold them responsible for conception, so this is just another sexist law attacking women. Men dictating to women, over and over again. As usual, the wealthy will simply send their impregnated victims off to another state and get the abortions performed like they’ve always done, but the poor will be even worse neglected (again). Anti-abortion laws never stopped abortion, they just drove it underground, where women had to risk everything, even their lives and thousands died from poor treatment. This is a law that promotes death to the living.

These are the same clowns that support children locked up in cages, refuse food stamps to the hungry, deny SNAP benefits to the poor, many supported “lunch shaming” in the schools, they don’t even want reproductive health care to be provided. To them, women are objects to be utilized, brutalized and then ignored if they happen to find themselves carrying the seed of their rapists and abusers. These men are fucking animals in my book, and the women that support this sexist law are indoctrinated idiots.

They’re not offering to take care of these unborn children if born and will discard them like garbage. They don’t care about the babies, or the children. They don’t want to fund health care, or help with these women in need or their children. They’re “concern” stops at the uterus, of which they proclaim themselves to be the sole arbitrator of, even though the vast majority of the lawmakers don’t have one.

Their hypocrisy over the “unborn” extends past birth, glibly sacrificing their own sons and daughters to die in foreign occupations and claim they’re being “patriotic” to the Empire. To put this bluntly, they are goddamned, cursed, Satanic idiots that embrace suffering and death for others, while pretending to hold the moral high ground. Hypocrites to the bone.

If you really want to know what anti-abortionists “care” about – just examine what they do to the living. It’s plain as day they are not pro-life, pro-health, they are actually pro-death.

This is a major fuckup with Texas and will enrage millions of men and woman. Mislabled “pro-lifers” will celebrate, but this is going to backfire on them quite badly.

Watch this video about horrible tragedy of American health care:

I have my own (many) stories about health care costs. What I’ve been through, what I’ve had to pay, having to try GoFundMe to cover the expenses, the failures of the medical system utterly failing me. The United States has some of the worst health care in the world if you can’t pay the costs. Most of us who can’t pay just suffer and then die due to lack of treatment.

The health care industry is literally RAPING Americans of their life savings, homes and property, all with the support of government leaders. They want every American to have a “subscription” plan that extorts thousands of dollars each year from every American with countless “exemptions” and “non-covered” expenses written in.

The new Texas law just makes this even worse, allowing anyone to sue providers in Texas, which means they’ll stop providing health care even for rape victims.

This country is utterly INSANE. Filed under “TYRANNY” because that is exactly what this is – State sponsored TYRANNY.


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7 thoughts on “Texas Stupidity and Health Care

  • May 20, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    Grant Robertson, NZ minister of finance, has just announced proposals for allocation of fake money over the coming few years.

    Some people are celebrating a slight tweaking of the system. Others are appalled because they had been led to believe the government was about to fund several medications necessary for the control of particular syndromes and illnesses.

    I watch very little television but did see the interview with members of an advocacy group who work within the community, supporting such people. They were close to tears.

    An 8-year-old asks: “Mummy, why do I have to die?”

    “Because there is no money,” says the minister of finance (though being a cowardly liar, not to the mother or the child).

    Funny how there is always plenty of money for Americas Cup and corporatised sport etc. And the military. And drinking parties and food festivals for sociopaths.

    • May 20, 2021 at 6:24 pm

      Vast segments of our society is sick and depraved to the bone. Death and destruction and greed is literally worshiped as gods. Mortal idols are deified, objectified and elevated to celebrity ‘status’ through privilege, race, and social media reach. ‘Money’ is fabricated from electronic algorithms and instant ‘wealth’ is created, consuming vast amounts of electrical power and then instantly lost again. Inept leaders and lying bureaucrats dominate politics which corporations control, voting is an act of desperation and complete futility. Pandering politicians and religious institutions are corrupt, criminal and complicit. Representation isn’t even considered. The voice of God is the voice of money and power. The people are left endlessly cast adrift, leaderless and hopeless, awaiting the next fascist take-over and the tide of history. Even the very words are redefined to institute compliance and cooperation, lest the people rise up and overthrow their war lords. It’s all pretense, scams, shams, deceit and distraction. Nothing is real, everything is faked. Evil walks the streets and in the halls of government. Greed and avarice are everywhere. The dead are already dead long before death, shambling through life as walking zombies, uncaring, uninterested, only awaiting their next ‘fix’ through the media, food, entertainment or drugs. We endure decades of neglect, denial and deception, desperately hoping for real honest change, but it never comes. Grassroots means dead governments and democracy officially defeated. Profits are to be made from every element and every avenue until the very last vestiges of value are extracted and squeezed out, leaving the land and the people for dead. We die because we gave in and didn’t insist that we don’t have to live like this.

      I now know that the developed nations will suffer the very worst as the world careens towards collapse. It will be better elsewhere. Where people still know how to do things that will keep them alive. Where they aren’t alienated from their neighbors, families and friends. Where they take part in what actually happens, including the burial of the dead. We will die first, not them, of this I have no doubt at all.

  • May 21, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    Another big lie from ‘the controllers’ -the banks and corporations, and the opportunists, and their bought-and-paid-for enablers and enforcers, to keep the masses fooled and believing:

    ‘No new oil, gas or coal development if world is to reach net zero by 2050, says world energy body
    Governments must close gap between net zero rhetoric and reality, says International Energy Agency head’


    ‘net zero by 2050’ ???!!! WTF!

    The natural systems make the Earth habitable for humans are collapsing right now, FFS.

    ‘Exploitation and development of new oil and gas fields must stop this year and no new coal-fired power stations can be built if the world is to stay within safe limits of global heating and meet the goal of net zero emissions by 2050, the world’s leading energy organisation has said.’

    ‘stay within the safe limits of global heating’

    Tell that to the hundreds of millions of people around the world already suffering the dire consequences of Planetary Meltdown, which is accelerating.

    ‘In its strongest warning yet on the need to drastically scale back fossil fuels, the International Energy Agency (IEA) also called for no new fossil-fuel cars to be sold beyond 2035, and for global investment in energy to more than double from $2tn (£1.42tn) a year to $5tn (£3.54tn) The result would not be an economic burden, as some have claimed, but a net benefit to the economy.

    Fatih Birol, the IEA’s executive director and one of the world’s foremost energy economists, told the Guardian: “If governments are serious about the climate crisis, there can be no new investments in oil, gas and coal, from now – from this year.”

    What, was that? I wont be able to buy a new petrol-powered or diesel-powered car after 2035 but will be able to buy one in 2034. That’s fucking great, since peak conventional oil extraction was 2007 and peak unconventional oil extraction was 2019, and with the too-low-for-extractor-and too-high-for-consumers-prices now prevailing (keeping oil in the US$50 to $80 range, oil extractors slowly go broke while consumers slowly go broke.

    By the way, we are very likely to break through the so-called ‘safe level’ of 450 ppm atmospheric CO2 around 2033 if climate feedbacks don’t kick in too dramatically, and by around 2028 if they do.

    • May 21, 2021 at 1:50 pm

      “If governments are serious about the climate crisis….” which of course, they aren’t. Let it be someone else’s problem, even if it is their own kids.

      This is just another hopium filled article full of empty promises and rhetoric. Worth posting so people can know how they are being deceived. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NET ZERO! Nor is there any such thing as “serious government”.

      Oil and gas exploration continues around the world. There is no slow-down, no efforts to reduce investments.

      I doubt 450 ppm is safe – consider how much ice has been lost at 412 ppm (or even at 400 ppm), triggering irreversible melt all over the planet. These targets are deliberately misleading, they gave existing industry the protections they demanded to continue to pollute since we’re “not there yet”, and thus, investments into more fossil fuel consumption. This made the stock owners happy too, they too could dump this all on their children since they’d be dead and gone by 2050 anyway.

      The “decarbonization” claims are bogus too. You can’t have industrial civilization without carbon emissions, period. But you can pretend that new technologies are “carbon free” even though they aren’t. You can even pretend that you don’t have to calculate their actual carbon footprint and spread the hopium that these technologies magically come into being “carbon free”.

      Oddly, they admit to “cumulative emissions” as being the real problem, but then stupidly think that this can then be ignored if these target levels are reached! That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever since cumulative emissions are the real problem here even at 412 ppm, or 400 ppm or 350 ppm. It’s still too damned much and has triggered irreversible effects ALREADY, none which we can stop.

      • May 21, 2021 at 3:12 pm

        Indeed so.

        There is no such thing as carbon neutral in any industrial system. The last time human societies were carbon neutral was before the Romans and Chinese worked out how to convert oil and tar into flamethrowers to be used on their enemies, i.e. around two thousand years ago.

        Like you, I postulate that the safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 is around 350 ppm, maybe 360 ppm.

        Bearing in mind that the recent long-term average was 230 ppm and that it fluctuated between 180 ppm and 260 ppm; even the pre-industrial 280 ppm is indicative of humans starting to mess things up.

        But, whereas it took humans about 20,000 years to raise the carbon dioxide level from 260 ppm to 280 ppm, it has only taken 200 years to raise it from 280 ppm to 420 ppm.

        Does any ‘official’ mathematics actually add up properly?


        • May 21, 2021 at 3:58 pm

          We will probably never see the shy side of 400 ppm again. I suspect 280 is the real “upper limit” that would not trigger dangerous warming. Too late for that, probably forever now.

          If there wasn’t so much dishonest reporting and even dishonest science, the world would not be playing this ridiculous game of ‘official math’, or pretending that there was a ‘carbon budget’ or decades of time left, and on and on. All the lies spread got us exactly to where we are today – confused, misled, distrustful and distracted. I harp on this topic quite a lot because it’s not harmless. It’s dangerous. And it is becoming even more dangerous the longer we play this silly game of “guess what the science says today”.

          We should have taken this all very seriously back in the 70’s when there was a real chance to get a handle on this, but 50 years have passed and we’re still ‘debating’ the topic. That’s just brain dead stupid. Imagine what we’d have today if we had started to reign in emissions 50 years ago. There wouldn’t even be any talk of an existential climate threat if we had taken this all seriously. But we didn’t, and still don’t. It’s just more posturing and pretense, with ever-increasing dire warnings that nobody listens to.

          • May 21, 2021 at 4:47 pm

            I think the part you are missing is the presidential task-force, charge with investigating the strong suspicion that atmospheric CO2 levels were rising (Keeling having commenced regular, reliable measurements in 1958).

            That would have been under Lyndon Johnson, I believe.

            The task-force, composed mainly of reputable scientists, came up with the ‘wrong’ answer: yes there was potentially a serious problem that would manifest as severe overheating of the Earth.

            When the ‘captains of industry and the banking sector got to hear of it (or the report was put in front of them) they quickly recognised the implications: key findings were doctored -you know how they do it -‘will’ is changed to ‘could possibly’ and then the whole thing was ‘buried’ because the philosophy of the times was: “What’s good for General Motors is good for America.”

            The orgy of ostentatious consumption was allowed to continue -nay, actively promoted by the government and the commercial sector, working hand-in-hand with the bankers.

            It was a little after then that Limits to Growth was compiled and published.

            Same story: sabotage and burying, this time with the mainstream economists in on the act. “The idea of there being limits is preposterous” and other such nonsense.

            So here we are now, hitting the limits, pretty much as forecasted by Donella Meadows et al. 50 years ago.

            Where the LTG group got it wrong was the timeframe for collapse; collapse, once it commences, is self-reinforcing, and happens rather quickly.

            And back in those days the ‘two-state Earth theory had not been fully developed, partly from lack of data and partly from lack of computational capacity.

            Now we know the Earth has two stable states -rather cold and rather hot, and that the Halocene was a brief abnormality brought about by an unusual combination of orbital factors.

            In the unlikely event of ‘intelligent’ life ever evolving on this planet again, future paleontologists would note the remarkable superheating event for which there would be the explanation that the life form of the time went collectively mad and destroyed itself.

            One of the most poignant statements ever made was done so out of hubris, and in error.

            “The American lifestyle in not negotiable, declared Bush (number one) at the ‘Earth-saving’ summit in Rio, 1991, from memory.

            Dead right!

            The Earth and the laws of mathematics, chemistry and physics don’t negotiate. They just act.

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