Terrorism Still Being Promoted By Government Agents

This isn’t really worth my time to post, but because a related story came up today, I’m doing so:

FBI finds most terrorism threat reports baseless – The FBI tracked about 108,000 potential terrorism threats or suspicious incidents from mid-2004 to November 2007, but most were found groundless, a Justice Department review found on Friday.

Now today’s stories say “New York City is Less Safe“, which in light of the above report, is total bullshit.

Justice, NYPD feuding over terrorist surveillance – The Justice Department and New York Police Department are feuding over surveillance of suspected terrorists “” and how quickly it can be legally approved.

Intelligence officials familiar with the spat say the NYPD is accusing federal lawyers of delaying approval of surveillance applications.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is complaining that the delays have made New York less safe.

“The federal government is doing less than it is lawfully entitled to do, and the city is less safe as a result,” Kelly wrote to Mukasey in one letter, parts of which were read aloud to The Associated Press.

The allegations that the city is “less safe” are his, not mine, but in light of the “groundless” FBI terrorism threats in the article above, I suspect it’s safe to say that New York Blue is lying through its teeth (again).

This is worth bookmarking in your brain as pirates ships plow the airwaves, and the world is daily reminded of “terrorists” in our midst.  There seems to be an agenda to foster more fear right now as our economic situation goes down in flames.  You be the guess why.


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2 thoughts on “Terrorism Still Being Promoted By Government Agents

  • November 20, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    This stuff has pissed me off forever. The police chief shows up at budget time and talks about the great threat, and how he needs more resources to keep preventing it, “as he has succeeded” thus far, but can no longer hold it together without more funding. Hmmm.

    As long as we are talking about real and gathering threats, you know, I prevented an asteroid from hitting the earth and destroying all life. Those who don’t resent my prevention of abrupt extinction, can contribute to my efforts to exorcise demons from corn flakes manufactured of GMO corn. Just send a crisp $20 bill to Survival Acres, and they will get it to me.

    Help prevent GMO cornflake demons from destroying America now. In these times of great threats, we cannot afford to wait for proof, a smoking gun in the form of widespread cornflake demonic possession.


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