Tent City California

This was predicted: tent cities coming to a blighted urban area near you. The housing downturn will turn out thousands of newly homeless into the streets.

I’ve seen a few articles lately about how the new homeless will be able to squat in vacant homes, buildings and lots. Much more likely is how they’ll all wind up in (debtors) internment camps. New York is already putting senior tax debtor to work.

Common sense of course, does not prevail (such as lower the tax rate). The State will extract it’s pound of flesh until after your dead, making sure your survivors have been properly punished too.

Probably one of the best ways to choke the life out of the State is to own or earn nothing.

Don’t ask me who’s going to pay for this – free health care. Oh wait, you are:

The governor’s plan would require all Californians to obtain health insurance by 1 July 2010 – providing subsidies for those who would otherwise have struggled to pay the premiums.

In a State that can’t pay its power bills or close it’s borders, free health care isn’t free, it always comes from somebody’s pocket.

I’ve not had any health insurance for many, many years, believing instead in preventative care. Unfortunately, I’m sick now, still dragging my feet on visiting the chop shop and trying self-medication with what I suspect is some expired medicine (it’s not dated, but it hasn’t killed me yet). But it’s not working too well, unfortunately, but I’m being persistent, since a doctors visit is like offering your first born.

My last visit to the doc wasn’t too bad, I paid the bill before I left and got a receipt. Strangely, three week later, I got another bill, demanding an additional payment of $40. I challenged this, since I paid my bill before I left the doctors office. I was told that this was an “adjustment” to my bill total, and that they didn’t have the “correct total” on the day of my visit. Not so, I argued. I had a receipt, and it stated my bill was “paid in full”. My insistence to talk directly with the doctor about this matter was deftly ignored by the office manager. But I did get a phone call back in about two hours, claiming my bill was “adjusted” and the balance would be “written off”. What a scam.

American health care is a scam from top to bottom. In fact, just about everything American is too. Our “freedom” is being “bought and paid for” by blowing up children to smithereens in foreign lands. We’re suppose to be “thankful” for this as we are herded off into “free speech” zones as we applaud or curse the politicians which profess to “represent” us.

And lest we forget, our “democracy” which alleges to support the individual’s right to “vote” and be “represented” by the (s)elections we are “priviliged” to participate in are all bought and paid for by rigged Diebold and ES&S voting machines.

At the time, back in late September 2005, the stock price plunged to a 52-week low of about $44.37/share (which we’re sure they’d kill for now — not that we wish to give them any ideas) and DIEB-THROAT told us in response to the related news: “the last time this kind of deception occurred it was called Enron.”

Then came a class action securities fraud suit against the company in December 2005, as first broken by The BRAD BLOG natch, before the parallel SEC investigation first became public.

Since then, following one independent study after another after another after another, finding their electronic voting systems to be virus-prone, hackable, unreliable and inaccurate, the company finally dumped it’s controversial CEO who had infamously promised in a Republican fundraising letter that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to” George W. Bush in 2004, before attempting again to fool the American public by renaming its election division “Premiere Elections Solutions” (same pig, fresh lipstick), just after stock prices plummeted again in August of this year to $47.60 as The BRAD BLOG noticed what appeared to us, and at least one financial analyst, to be possible insider trading among a number of company officials. Diebold Under DOJ Investigation

2008 is nigh upon us now. Count your blessings that you’re not in an internment camp yet, or that you haven’t been renditioned by Lord Cheney to some godforsaken backwater to be tortured.


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2 thoughts on “Tent City California

  • December 27, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    As for going to doctors, for the past few years I’ve found a coupld of nurse practitioners served me well. One is extremely expensive and further away, while the other’s office is in walking distance and her rates very reasonable.
    True, a nurse practitioner cannot do surgery, and other major medical things, but for many office visits, a N.P. might fill the bill, assuming you can find one, and assuming you can find one you like.

    But of course your best bet is to avoid doctors, nurse practitioners, etc., at all costs, and only go when absolutely necessary, self-treating where possible.

  • December 28, 2007 at 6:58 am

    Admin — My husband had trouble with bronchial infections (sometimes turning to low-grade pneumonia) every year until I started making him an anise, hot tea, honey and lemon mixture. If the bronchial infection has set in, he drinks the anise/tea mixture throughout the day and every day until it subsides. This has worked for him for over five years.

    CA, btw, is not the first state (CO, MA, IN, IL, MD, VT) to implement or be in the process of implementing mandatory health insurance legislation. In addition to the mandatory insurance, some states are creating state-run insurance programs and expanding Medicare thresholds. Expect other states to follow suit.

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