Telosa – A DUMB idea

In another severely misguided “idea” by another rich “investor” (planet-waster), a new city is proposed for the American desert: Telosa. What this represents isn’t being told – more growth, more consumption, more destruction, more wasted resources, more death to the planet.

As hairbrained as this idea is, it’s bound to gain some traction because people have lost all sense of connection to the Earth. For me, to be stuck inside a city (any city, even a high-tech one) would be a miserable nightmare. All I see are working slaves, stuck in cubicles and working inside all the time, pushing paper, computer keys and wasting their lives away on a treadmill of “production” for their corporate masters.

This is living? I don’t think so. Humans did not evolve to sit inside and push keys, or stare at computer screens every day. This idea to build an artificial environment in the driest regions in the country is just plain stupid. This isn’t about building “the future”, it’s about making as much money as possible, creating a place where you are literally chained inside, working away all the productive years of your life and ensuring the maximum amount of profits are generated.

I’ve never liked cities, and of course, still don’t. They represent the worst efforts of human kind to live on this planet. They all require massive energy inputs of food, water, power, labor and fuel to exist. By themselves, they actually produce nothing of intrinsic value, and rely upon what humans have always relied upon – food production to exist. Vertical “farms” growing lettuce and greens cannot possibly grow sufficient calories to feed a city. Grain production will never be “citified”. Cities are built to force people to live on top of one another, stacked cages of frustration and futility.

I’ve lived in several cities, but no more, it’s not for me. The faults of cities haven’t changed one bit, and a newly designed “vision” of a city carries with it all the same problems they’ve always had. Population density for human being evolved around tiny tribal groups compromising 10 – 20 people working together in a tribe. Packing 5 million into a city? This goes against our basic nature. It can only work with massive law enforcement, constant surveillance, endless rules, restrictions and laws, bigger and bigger jails and prisons. Most people don’t realize that none of these things used to exist, they were not needed. There also wasn’t any taxes, wages, permits, licenses or fees. How can you “improve” on that? You can’t, you can only degrade the quality of your living experience further while also wreaking the planet more and more.

I recognize the need to create habitable living spaces, but this is not how to go about it. I also recognize the need to create population centers where needed advancements can be made, but we already have that, they already exist. Proposing another high-density slave city in the middle of the desert to satisfy an investors ego and the greed of others however is just stupid. This will only lead to a furtherance of collapse of the human experiment.


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  • September 7, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    Back in action again for most of NZ, after the strict lockdown put an end to most activities other than getting food and medicine. Auckland remains a mess, and in full lockdown. And that is not surprising, since it is NZ’s biggest city, and the more people you have in one region, the more likely they are to become infected and generally unhealthy. And the higher the likelihood of systems failing.

    As for the ridiculous fantasy of constructing yet another unsustainable dwelling place in a region already unable to support the existing population, what can we say? Obviously someone intends to make fake money in the form of computer digits out of rendering the Earth a bit less habitable.

    We can only hope that crash of the financial system comes before any more resources are wasted on such madness.

    • September 7, 2021 at 1:42 pm

      Charles Hugh Smith has posted an important article on the massive bubbles that have been created by central banks ‘printing’ vast quantities of fake money to prop up the economies of industrialised nations.

      ‘Is anyone willing to call the top of the Everything bubble? The short answer is no. Anyone earning money managing other people’s money cannot afford to be wrong, and so everyone in the herd prevaricates on timing. The herd has seen what happens to those who call the top and then twist in the wind as the market continues rocketing higher.

      Money managers live in segments of three months. If you miss one quarter, the clock starts ticking. If the S&P 500 beats your fund’s return a second time because you were bearish in a bubble, your doom is sealed.

      When the bubble finally pops and everyone but a handful of secretive Bears is crushed, the rationalization will cover everyone’s failure: “nobody could have seen this coming.”

      Actually, everyone can see it coming, but the tsunami of central bank liquidity has washed away any semblance of rationality. My friend and colleague Zeus Y. recently summarized the consequences of this decoupling of markets and reality:

      “I used to be with the Bears until the uncoupling was complete when the Fed started guaranteeing non-investment grade junk bonds. At that point, any semblance of sanity, much less probity, much less integrity was gone. Rinse and repeat with digital dollars going into the tens and even hundreds of trillions of dollars.

      For two decades we fiscal sanity-ists have been assuming SOME baseline reality. I see none in sight and still plenty of assets to plunder and pump and still resources to suck and suckers to shake down. The system is running hot and wild on its own algorithms, and actual people are lying back and simply lapping up the “passive” income created by delusion-made-reality.

      With that much will and that much corruption, that much greed and that much lust, with a strong dose of fear and opportunism to flavor this toxic brew, I do not see the entity slouching away from Bethlehem anytime soon (yes, Keats reference). The falcon has long since not heard the falconer in its widening gyre, but we have virtual falcons now that will do whatever we think it is we want (which has been force fed back to us).

      Until this mass delusion and psychosis breaks by whatever means– financial crash, rebellion against all the BS and return to simple community, we are only going to see digital currency, stocks, and pretty much everything go up as tens of trillions of concocted dollars try to find some asset to ride.

      This will (continue to) drive the stock market, gold, cybercurrency, land, everything to unsustainable and giddy heights. I no longer think a Bear market is even possible. Just soaring “valuations” based on funny money and an unpredictable crash at some point in the future WAY longer than it ever should be if we had a sane world.”

      Well said, Zeus. It is now irrational to expect markets to ever reconnect with reality. That said, if you glance at the charts below, this is about as a good a time as any for the bubble to burst. Recall that bubbles don’t need a specific trigger-event to pop, they simply stop going up…..

      • September 7, 2021 at 1:48 pm

        Economists are morons (all of them). They cannot see or even identify the real world and what matters. They’re greed is boundless and they bamboozle other people into the same greed desires. The stock market, derivatives, bonds, and ‘investments’ are all part of this greed-driven cycle. Yes, you can make money and see profits and even riches, but the careless attitudes of what this means, how it comes about, who gets hurt, what gets destroyed and the widespread destruction this inevitably causes is not even a consideration. Frankly, this makes them all assholes and planet-wasters in my book, I’ve no use for them whatsoever. They’re all part of the Plague of Stupid that had overtaken the entire planet now. Who can rape who the fastest. Fuck ’em all.

        • September 7, 2021 at 6:13 pm

          Sadly, they have trapped most of us in THEIR system. And if you attempt to challenge THEIR bullshit they ignore you…or if you make are real nuisance of yourself ‘annihilate’ you.

          I glanced at the regional council’s so-called transport plans for the period 2021-2031; utter nonsense, all of it.

          Here we are living in a post-peak-oil world undergoing environmental meltdown due to emissions and financial meltdown due to overpopulation and money-printing, and these criminals/clowns talk about growth of population and meeting the transport needs of the future using petroleum!

          Insanity has become fully institutionalised. (Actually, it’s been that way for quite a while.)

          • September 7, 2021 at 9:09 pm

            That’s a great summary of the sheer insanity that governs the world (and most minds). No matter how you slice, dice, dissect, divide, deduce or connive it (or pretend it won’t happen), it still spells e.x.t.i.n.c.t.i.o.n.

            None of their “plans” are going to work out. Once the Arctic ice is gone (very soon), humanity loses the entire planet. Bunch of dumb asses running the world in every village, town and city. Can’t see or understand what is right in front of them. NOBODY is preparing for the loss of the Arctic.

  • September 12, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    Who isnt trapped? Either its a pyramid scheme or some kind of scam, everybody is trapped. Fake money, digital money, survellance, fake food, 40 years of work to recieve a gold watch or have your retirment taken away if they fire you, rigged from the getgo. Everbody taking advantage of everybody else everywhere.

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