Teaching The Little Terrorists

Within the boundaries of the continental United States, there are according to the US government and Homeland Security statistics, millions of potential terrorists walking around in our midst.

These would-be terrorists have long been the primary targets of propaganda and extremism by various groups and elements within the United States, however this problem is not limited to just the USA, but is in fact found in every country of the world.

Active and well-funded organizations throughout the world are constantly engaged in their recruitment efforts using highly advanced technology and propaganda that has been well-proven to be extremely effective and efficient in terrorist recruitment.

The truth is, this situation is escalating daily and amounts to nothing less then a global conspiracy with a tightly integrated network of co-conspirators encompassing every country on earth.

Unfortunately, the reality is that it appears that every single citizen on earth has come under the examination and review of this recruitment process. Worse, the recruitment success rate is now extremely high, on the order of 94% of all those targeted.

The brainwashing propaganda provided by these groups is of staggering proportions and is now found in magazines, newspapers, television and radio broadcast and the Internet. Even Hollywood movies have been used with great effect.

It is also unfortunate that nothing effective is being done about this, despite a growing awareness. Efforts to suppress these recruitment efforts have met with near-zero success, particularly in the last decade.

Those who are aware of this conspiracy are effectively powerless and without audience or support, meaning that they are almost completely unable to counteract this assault despite a rather significant effort. Amazingly, those that engage in this counter-propaganda effort are branded as non-conformists and terrorist themselves, and are subject to punishment and harsh oversight.

Who are these ‘little terrorists’? They are our kids. They are, with our help and assistance, actively indoctrinated into the ‘world’ we all know. Churned out by the millions, public school ‘graduates’ are well-indoctrinated by years of conditioning and “group think” behavioral modification. Yet despite this conditioning, the Department of Homeland Security believes that these graduated minds into group conformity are still a threat. Especially if they have been exposed to counteractive ‘propaganda’ from ‘extremist elements’, such as their parents.

It is not only the little terrorist or their parents they are concerned with, but the other more ‘mature’ terrorist minds in our midst. These would be the thinkers, authors, writers and investigative journalists that question the status-quo, who spend countless thankless hours revealing the high crimes and treason and a myriad collection of real-life conspiracies and crimes that beset the real world we all live in.

The DHS believes this too is a crime, and has tightened their dragnet again and again with the help of politicians and local police forces to quench this type of behavior. Thought crimes are the new nightmare for young and old alike. Reminiscent of the ‘crimes’ fit for the Soviet gulags, thought crimes are now punishable ‘crimes’ by the heavily increased State apparatus. Their primary target is you, and especially, your children. Harmless doodles by children are now punishable by arrest and expulsion.

The connedsumers of this planet are apparently without a care for anything in the world unless it is something that can be bought or sold or paraded about as a prized possession. This fits in perfectly with the planet’s owners and is a very effective means of control and dependency. Without it, the planet and it’s people would be a very different place. There might even be real freedom.

Not to outdone by such flights of fancy, new legislation is now constantly before our Congress, in an unending stream to combat these ‘terrorists’. Unable to read or comprehend the magnitude and the significance of the Bills it now passes, Congress willingly votes time and time again to increase the chains around the necks of humanity in a knee-jerk reaction to bogeymen in our midst.

This legislation is not even limited to just American citizens anymore, as the new ‘terrorist legislation’ has now proven. Any human on Earth can now be declared a terrorist for any reason by the American government.

Despite international treaties and accords protecting the basic human rights of the peoples of the world, the American government has demolished these barriers with the blind signature of a pen. Backing this up, is a constant stream of rhetoric and bluster of national security “needs”, triumphing basic human rights over corporate ‘interests’ under the guise of “public safety”.

There is only one way ahead that is clear – this situation will worsen much more before it will get better. The reasons for this are many, such as this is a generational development that will not be undone overnight. Those in power who have influence have used their positions to increase this situation, choosing not rectify it. A global police state apparatus has now been built of immense proportions, encompassing millions of workers all over the world. The sheer numbers of employment this represents is more the gross domestic productivity of some entire countries.

Despite the very real threats levied if counteracting this propaganda and recruitment is attempted, this is exactly what is needed. We must first start with ourselves, and then with our kids. These ‘little terrorist’ are the inheritors of everything, particularly our knowledge and will benefit from our experience if we can convey this to them in ways which they will understand and appreciate.

First, we must all understand that oppression comes from within. We are in fact, doing this to ourselves. It is our neighbors who are doing this to us, even some of our own kids. The only effective way to counteract this is to change our attitudes towards one another through education and accurate information.

If you don’t have any kids, perhaps you should consider mentoring some, if even from a distance. Encourage them to read and listen to what is going on. Despite the fact that our civilizations collapse creeps ever closer, our awareness of our situation is still going to be very important for our survival. Collapse doesn’t mean “everything is going to just go away”, it actually means everything is going to get a lot worse. Knowing what will worsen and what we might do about it is crucial for the young and old alike.

Education increases intelligence (but is not the source of intelligence), but education creates something much more important: awareness. Without awareness, we are blind, dumb animals. Awareness comes from experience and reflection, and exposure, and a ‘inquisitive mind’, both which can be dramatically enhanced by education.

It is the uneducated that are the most oppressed and exploited people on the planet. The policy of the world has long been to keep oppressed people of all ages uneducated, or worse, indoctrinated (brainwashed) into believing lies and falsehoods that support their oppression. Woman for example in many societes were barred from reading, writing and of course, voting for a very long time. Black slaves were barred from the same and were brutally tortured if they were caught trying to learn.

Today, this same type of torture exists for those who are educated outside of the accepted “norms” of society. Even highly educated people such as scientists or doctors who do not conform to accepted channels of conformity are ostracized, defrocked of their licenses to ‘practice’ or disbarred from their peer communities. Treating the inquisitive, questioning souls within our midst has often been a practice of hatred, isolation and even punishment, and almost always with economic oppression. While not physical torture, it is indeed a form of exclusionary “torture”, often with serious economic and livelihood impacts.  Yet the United States has embarked upon real torture for it’s alleged “enemies”, and has now incarcerated and tortured thousands of people all over the world.  Even American citizens are now subject to this process of “rendition”, now “legalized” by the Bush Administration.

It is the young who are the inheritors of all that has gone on before, including our offenses against nature and humanity itself. For example, I’m not personally responsible for the Holocaust, but we are all being held responsible and constantly reminded of this fact, despite our total non-participation. Yet this is not the case for other holocausts such as Dresden, Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Society picks and chooses what it wants to remember, even if such remembrance is disproportional or biased. This is because history caters to the present power. This is why we do not remember such crimes as the Armenian genocide, these things are ‘meaningless’ to us because we lack the awareness and the understanding of their significance.

We inherit all, but we do not remember all. Few Americans are aware of the terrible crimes against humanity incurred against the American Indian. They are the real original Americans and always have been. Yet, we believe what we have been indoctrinated with, that this is “our land” and “our country”. It is, now – but only by conquest and subjugation and a long sordid history of genocide, rape and murder. Teach this to your children, the new “Americans”, because this is a lesson that needs to never be forgotten.

The reality is, every country on Earth is the result of former wars and conquests. Genocide is a human trait, long practiced through millennium. It’s happening now in various parts of the world and it will happen again, throughout the entire world. Genocide happens because of several factors, including resource depletion. Teach this to your children too, because only through awareness and education will they understand that nobody is immune to this this oft-repeated human practice.

Subjugating other humans is what “humans do”. This is not unique to modern man, but was practiced by almost all former societies and civilizations. The future does not belong to the peaceniks, or Utopians who believe the lion will lie down with the lamb, the future will belong to those it has always belonged to – the strong and powerful subjugating the weak and exploited. This is the reality and the lessons that need to be taught to the young, yet this is “counter-propaganda” to the lies being exploited by so many today, even our so-called institutions of “higher learning”.

Our society teaches these lies, dressing it up in comfortable sounding ways so that we might find it more acceptable. Hollywood has long portrayed the “savage” (of any tribe) as being a sub-human prototype that needed “Christianization” at the point of a sword. The “noble savage” was a rude beast that could not be trusted or educated and needed to be subjugated or killed “for his own good”, when in reality, all we cared about was the resources they held. They were simply in the way, and were eliminated “for our own good”. This is what history and evil men are repeating today.

Even today, this concept of “manifest destiny” still exists, whereas “brown people” of other nationalities, religion or cultural “standing” need subjugation for “their own good”. This concept and practice is found throughout our institutions, and is even in our own thoughts. We still believe that we must ‘conquer’ the darkness, which includes the people of the world that are “not like us”, the environment which “resists us”, and the planet itself, which shudders under our footsteps. We believe this because this is the propaganda that we have been taught since birth, and the same propaganda we have been found teaching to our children. The real terrorist then, are not those who refute such propaganda, but those who are still teaching it.

We wrongly believe that our way of life is both better and “best” and all others should or be forced to follow. This has led to countless wars and untold amounts of human suffering in the last century alone. The next century proposes to be even worse. Teach this too, to your children, because it will be their faces that these boots will be stomping on next, and they’re going to want to know “why?”.

Free thinking and independent thought is forbidden, but essential nonetheless. Allowing the young to be independent in their thinking will mark them as terrorists in our midst – make no mistake about this fact. Even now, a gargantuan amount of legislation has been enacted to make independent thought and activity illegal. The American monstrosity has enacted new militarized efforts to spy on everyone, young and old alike, at home, on the phone, on the Internet and from the skies above, since before 9/11 (Bush enacted this within two months of stealing office). Their goal is very clear – you are their slave and you are not allowed to wander off the reservation.

Obviously, I do not agree with this and realize that we must do something about it. Since it is the young that will inherit it all, it is they that we need to help educate in the real facts of life and the world they are inheriting. This is a dangerous, revolutionary act in itself, and will undoubtedly be criminalized. Yet this rebuttal is actually meaningless like most asinine laws today, when you realize it is already illegal to simply exist unless you are contributing to the System that keeps you enslaved.

If we are going to have real terrorists in our midst, then let it be us and our children and those that we can assist to think for themselves, to think freely, live freely and even as necessary, die freely. The alternative in reality is totally and forever, unacceptable.


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5 thoughts on “Teaching The Little Terrorists

  • December 18, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Sadly, I am a potential homegrown terrorist and enemy of the state, and I subscribe to and advocate ‘an extremist belief system’…..several of them, in fact. ^_^

  • December 18, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    Please report to the nearest National Security Detention Center for sentencing and reprogramming.

    You have forfeited any and all human rights, hereby effective immediately. All laws in accordance with the American Terrorist Act are now in effect and applied to you as a self-proclaimed terrorist and enemy of the State.

    All property and assets presently held are hereby seized and forfeited for the security and interest of the State.

    Complete compliance and submission is required for your safety and the national security of the Homeland.

    A military tribunal will be convened at the convenience of the State after your reporting date.

    Any questions or objections you might have can be brought before your tribunal hearing at the time of your processing, where your case will be appointed a prosecutor.

    No written, verbal or photographed evidence in your behalf will be permitted. You will not be told the nature or source of your crimes. You will not be told what the charges held against you are. You will not be permitted a lawyer or a defense attorney. You will not be permitted to contact anyone, including family or friends, at any time, for any reason.

    You will be given an opportunity to hear the State’s decision regarding your case by closed circuit television. All evidence against you is classified and will not be provided to you.

    Your sentencing will be in accordance with the American Terrorist Act and will be carried out in accordance with the available space at the National Security Detention Centers.

    Please report immediately to the nearest National Detention Center or National Security Agents will be dispatched to effect your arrest and incarceration.

    Failure to comply with this request is not an option. Any attempts to circumvent the lawful demands and security of the State will result in the seizure and arrest of all known persons and associates known to you and their assets. Their future is in your hands.

    Continued failure to comply will result on “shoot on sight” orders by all National and State security agents for your own safety and that of our citizens.

    The national security of the State is a triumph for the benefit of all mankind, assessing and dealing with all potential threats of terrorism and crimes against the State. We are here to protect you and to provide everyone an environment of safety, security and prosperity as citizens of the State.

    Our mission is you. Our concern is for your benefit. Please assist us and help us meet our mission by being alert to any and all activity of your fellow citizens.

    Anyone having any information on persons or groups of questionable status, activity or concern, should immediately report their observations to the nearest national security agent or center near you. We appreciate your patriotism and your civic duty on behalf of your fellow State citizens.

  • December 18, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    I confess – I train terrorists. I’m a Homeschooling Mom Soccer Mom. The first term paper I had my spawn write was one that involved comparing the British experience in Iraq with what the US is doing there (this was just after the US invaded), and what Dubya could/should have learned from history.

    And the spawn is STILL out trying to get a Wii…. Connedsumer indeed!

  • December 18, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    “Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.” — Julius Caesar

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