TDS Outbreak Infects America Overtaking COVID-19

Just when it possibly couldn’t get any worse with the global COVID-19 pandemic, it does:

Zombie Trump supporters, infected with TDS, Trumpism Derangement Syndrome, have taken over the alternative media universe with slobbering claims of election fraud, vote stealing, reports of “disenfranchisement”, “non-representation” and “stop the vote” claims. These baseless allegations are a sign of a mental breakdown and the inability to accept the cognitive reality known to the rest of the world. Most TDS patients are unaware of their condition.

We have received thousands of reports that TDS asymptomatic individuals are rapidly spreading the highly infectious TDS disease throughout most parts of America and other parts of the world. These individuals can be usually identified by refusing to wear masks, arguing in public, making threats, wearing red hats and failing to protect the public space when away from their homes.

Other characteristics of the disease include ranting, raging, carrying assault weapons in the public space, and engaging in endless connedspiracies claims online and offline. Infected groups of individuals have been found at protests, rally’s, speeches, bars, restaurants and many other public places. The red hats worn signify an infected person, and identity politics. TDS patients are known to infect other people through casual contact, hand-shakes, conversation, publications, speeches and extreme levels of online activism.

Other TDS carrier indications can be identified by TDS patients carrying around banners, flags, posters and other paraphernalia marked up with the name “Trump”, making nonsensical speeches, and engaging in alternative media postings and commentary, the frequent presentation of conflated views, conjecture and straw arguments, usually accompanied by a narrative exhibiting a disconnect from reality.

TDS  carriers appear to be organizing themselves despite their disconnect from cognitive reality. This coming Saturday, TDS patients have announced plans for a TDS march in Washington to show support for their defeated candidate, Donald J. Trump who is widely believed by most medical professionals and government leaders throughout the world to be Patient Zero. Trump was originally infected with a extreme form of malignant narcissistic personality disorder at an early age.

We advise all citizens to avoid this turnout to prevent further infections and spread of the deadly TDS disease within the population.

Trump was last sighted hiding within the White House when alarming level of TDS reports were received after the recent Presidential election results were posted worldwide. Trump refused to admit to being Patient Zero, the original source of the TDS disease and he has gone on to deny the election results with a flurry of baseless lawsuits and claims, which have all been rejected by the courts. Trump remains completely untreated and unwilling to seek out or accept treatment for his mental condition. Most mental health experts throughout the world have confirmed that Donald J. Trump is indeed Patient Zero.

Warning: Any sightings of Donald J. Trump, a.k.a. Patient Zero should be treated with extreme caution, as this individual appears to have the capacity to infect millions of people through the simple power of making a speech containing bragging, boasts and numerous other false claims about his life, Presidency, business and activities, using the mediums of television or during a live public appearance. ANY exposure to Patient Zero can cost citizens thousands of dollars in health care costs, mental breakdowns and result in family breakups. Children are generally more immune then adults to TDS, with the primary age group of the most infected being older members of the population and followers of the Fox News channel, a well-known TDS propaganda outlet.

Some States are now known to be nearly 100% infected with TDS and this must be taken as a clear warning to the vigorous spread of this disease. Isolated pockets of resistant individuals and groups have demonstrated that TDS can be successfully resisted.

TDS is known throughout the world as a debilitating mental disease that effects the capacity to think clearly, speak logically and conduct rational conversations on a wide variety of topics. Extreme claims and allegations of a conspiratorial nature are often made without substance or facts for those infected with TDS. Other symptoms can include bed wetting, crying fits, angry outburst, acts of violence and twitchy trigger fingers. Many TDS patients are rapidly buying assault weapons and other firearms. Some of the infected have engaged in extreme acts of violence, including killing of police officers, bystanders and the non-infected.

We urge extreme caution for all citizens when encountering a TDS infected person or group. The presence of firearms, bats, clubs, large trucks and Trump flags can be an indication that the disease has precipitated a critical mental breakdown within numerous individuals, and violence may ensue.

The national hotline for disease reporting has been activated to report all TDS cases – 1-800-TDS-CASE (800-837-2277). A team of mental health counselors, evaluators and fact-checkers will be dispatched as soon as these resources come available. However, due to the wide number of reported cases throughout the nation, please expect a extensive delay before professional help arrives for patient treatment. Fully one-half of the United States now appears to carry this disease despite the recent rejection of Patient Zero as President of the United States.

We advise all citizens to treat TDS infected persons with caution and compassion, using tactics of avoidance and non-engagement for your own safety. Most of the TDS infected are still capable of meeting their own daily needs and do not require immediate intervention or attention unless they are engaging in harmful acts. Extreme cases should be reported to the nearest law enforcement authorities, especially if they are making any threats, carrying weapons or engaging in harmful or violent act that may harm others.

TDS is fully curable provided sufficient facts and information and exposure to the real world are presented to the infected over a course of treatment. This treatment can take many months, and in extreme cases, years to accomplish a cure. Some individuals appear to be incurable, being highly resistant to facts and reality after utilizing all known treatment methods. However, the overall success rate remains relatively high for those that choose to accept and receive treatment. Individuals that refuse treatment can become harmful to themselves and other people and will require careful monitoring for life.

Do not under any circumstance engage with resistant TDS carriers for your own safety and protection. Follow the instructions provided on how to best assist and to avoid the TDS infection within your own household. This would include avoiding TDS themed television channels such as Fox News, Newsmax, and other TDS themed websites and news sources. Also avoid all TDS based rally’s and events, and limit your daily exposure to TDS infected persons to a minimum.




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