System Failure

There are a handful of things you can do right now in regards to the coming apocalyptic crash headed our way:

1) Nothing. Pretend life is something that happens to you. You’re in good company.
2) Panic. Overreact. Join the Bush Administration.
3) Ignore it and hope it all goes away, while secretly dreading the reality of it all. You’re also in good company.
4) Start preparing yourself.

Are there really any other options? Not really. What other options would you like?

The reality is, there is only one viable option for you, me, everyone. System failure is a fact of life and our present society and culture is fast approaching the point of no return. One of the problems of system failure is the fact that there is little spare capacity built into the system when things go wrong. This is exacerbated by those in categories 1 – 3 who suddenly “discover” this, much to their dismay. Suddenly, their dependency becomes, IS, life threatening to them – and those around them.

With system failure, their dependencies cannot be met and they will quickly (immediately) overwhelm any spare capacity of the system. In other words, they will be a dollar late and day short when they finally realize that the system that nurtured them and kept them alive their entire lives, is either failing or it has already collapsed.

In collapse, there won’t be ANY spare capacity. And what little spare capacity that can be found right now during these times of system failure, is being quickly overwhelmed. The recent Katrina disaster demonstrated this fact. Gas pumps in numerous locations nationwide ran dry. Why? There was no hurricane in Portland or Miami – yet the people panicked and quickly overwhelmed the little spare capacity that existed.

Now, imagine that a thousand, a hundred thousand times worse. We are talking orders of magnitude here when widespread system failure kicks in. That, plus the tens of millions of panicking people will result in a near-instantaneous overwhelming of any existing supplies and stocks. And the reality of that is – it won’t be near enough. Not even close. All it will do is keep the millions alive for a few days more. That’s it. Then riots kick in. Starvation. Chaos.

And there won’t be any stopping it this time either. We saw this occur during Katrina, but the surrounding society / system had continued to function. That won’t happen in widespread system failure.

While this should be obvious, it’s not. People tend to believe that the stores will always be open, always be supplied and the goods that they need to survive will always be available. This won’t always be the case. In fact, this will become the exception, since most will have their shelves stripped bare in a matter of hours.

What we should be doing RIGHT NOW is utilizing that spare capacity that is still present within the system while it still totters along. Since this spare capacity won’t always exist, we should be using this now to prepare ourselves, individually and collectively as a society. But that is not being done on a large enough scale to avoid cataclysmic failures. The existing spare capacity of the systems at risk (all of them) should be directed towards long term sustainable answers. This is the only thing that makes any sense. It is beyond absurd to wait for government to “lead the way” or provide the necessary and needed direction, insight and expertise.

What I find so strange about this is its obviousness. Government should be doing this – but isn’t. But it is very clear that government is well aware of the peak oil crisis – they’ve been aware since the ’70’s when domestic production and new discoveries declined. They’ve had 30 years to get ready – and have done nothing. It is completely ludicrous for people to believe that anything can or will be done in time by the government sector.

Nor is any other “leadership” providing this direction. The reality is – if it hasn’t happened now, then it will be too late by the time they DO provide some direction (if ever, which is also a possible outcome). The truth is, they will simply start a panic – and perhaps they already know that. The system cannot handle tens of thousands, millions of people suddenly being told “you’re on your own”. People will panic because they simply do not know any other way to live, other then being totally dependent upon the systems that sustains them.

This is why option 4 – prepare yourself is the only viable option. Nobody else is going to do it for you – and you had better take advantage right now of the spare capacity that still exists within the system. That spare capacity won’t always be there, and when it’s not, you’ll be wishing like hell you’d done something when you had the chance.


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