Sustainable Communities

I’ve been reading about eco-villages and sustainable communities. This seems like an extremely good idea, at least to me, especially considering the exorbitant cost of living.

An answer is needed, desperately so, for the peak oil situation, where nothing will be affordable and great many things simply unattainable. Getting ready now, to take care of yourself makes solid sense. Doing it alone is possible with an extreme amount of hard work, but it would be easier if you had some help, the “village” concept is a possible answer.

From a sustainable point of view, the eco-village is one of the best approaches for ecologically sound living. There are other alternatives, but none too desirable (such as hunter / gatherer) for some of us. A much smaller “human footprint” can be made using sustainable living techniques.

So, if you are also thinking about this concept, share your thoughts here.

I’m interested in either starting or joining a eco-village community. I’m not much interested in trying to survive the future alone, I doubt if I could for very long (and I don’t want to). I’m also interested in sustainable living practices, peak oil or not. I’m absolutely convinced that there has to be a “better way to live” then the techno-consumer lifestyles we have today.

(Update – I’ve since learned in the past year, that the ecovillage is not entirely sustainable and may have some built-in flaws with its approach.  The hunter / gatherer lifestyle, once practiced by nomadic indigenous tribes, is the only sustainable lifestyle for mankind.  Nothing else even comes close. So if it turns out you’re truly interested in truly living sustainably, this ‘discovery’ that took me a year to find out will save you a lot of time.)


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