Surviving Trump

I listened to Trump’s speech (so you don’t have to endure this torture) and read through many of the comments from John Q. Public that followed.

It’s very, very clear that there are two worlds unfolding. The one that adheres to reality — and the one that doesn’t.

For Trump supporters, they were falling all over themselves with glee that this wondrous man, truly a gift from God, had the balls to issue such threats from the floor of the United Nations.

For non-Trump supporters, which encompasses virtually the entire rest of the world outside of our shores, and everyone at the United Nations, they were appalled that Trump would be trying to bring the world to a nuclear holocaust.

There was of course, a lot of other commentary, but it was clear that Trump supporters have no concept at all of historical facts. Trump was congratulatory of American exceptionalism and our unique position in history — or rather, his version of history. His speechwriter, who actually wrote the speech, doesn’t know our history either, apparently.

Trump, in person, unscripted, is nearly incapable of a coherent sentence. There are thousands of examples of this available online. But he did an admirable job of rote reading his speechwriter’s speech. I should not have to say this — but why do Americans think that what they saw and heard is the real Donald Trump? He didn’t write the speech. He went off-script at a few places (“rocket man” being one of them), which will actually tell you a lot more about who the real Donald Trump is.

He’s the same reality-television “star” as always. The same bellicose, belligerent and bullying thug he’s always been. He hasn’t changed one bit. He literally wants to the world to fawn at his feet, which many mysteriously are so willing to do, unable to see that man for what and who he really is.

We all now live in that twilight state of the Empire, where propaganda and misinformation and misdirection sway hundreds of millions of people into doing, accepting and believing absolutely ridiculous things. Trump is a product of that Empire; a virtual reality creation writing his own show. He’s graduated from a ridiculous and despised TV jerk to a Presidential jerk. Pretty amazing, really, but he’s had a lot of help. And there was a real clusterfuck happening with the Democratic party which also helped. But there he was, spewing slogans and making incoherent statements which stunningly got him the White House (which doesn’t say much for the voting public). He’s always craved the limelight, the attention, the fawning fans with his ginormous sized ego, that hasn’t changed at all, it’s only grown even larger. After this, well, who knows? World Emperor maybe?

He’s also the product of the connedspiracy theorists crowd, who have influenced Trump for years and now, his Administration who like George W. Bush’s, believe that they are actually active agents of God, doing God’s work. They tried that, killing millions and still failing. The first order of Trump business of course, is to stamp out evil, which according to Trump, is anything not American. Being white, privileged and now President certainly has its advantages. God help those who are none of these things, and especially so if they happen to live under a different government with different customs and different values.

Trump’s idea of national sovereignty apparently extends only to the soil between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and specifically to that patch of dirt we still call the United States. But we are not united, not even close. The division of Trump and his notion of Presidential leadership has created vast, lasting and increasingly dangerous divisions within the American people. Even the Mexican President, who just so happens to live between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans himself, didn’t bother to come for Trump’s speech. Nor did the Russian President, or the Chinese President or the German President. Why? Because Trump is a dangerous moron people. He does not deserve a fraction of the attention he’s now getting.

Trump noticed, no doubt, his giganormous-sized ego would not let him not notice. He took this opportunity to declare that under his increasingly dubious leadership, America was prepared to destroy and entire country at a whim. Because Trump isn’t getting his way. Because Trump demands it his way — always. This is not a case where Trump can say, “You’re fired!” and have it happen, nobody killed or injured. Or where he can pretend to slam-dunk a opponent in a faked scripted television show, when then can shake hands later for their acting skills. This is on the international stage, where even larger giganormous-sized nuclear weapons are being readied at this very moment to annihilate millions of people.

I wouldn’t have wanted to attend his speech either. The man is a complete idiot, a true moron in the 1st degree. Ego has no place on the world stage, not when you are threatening with nuclear weapons. Surviving Trump and what Trump may do to America and the wars to come has just become a lot more difficult, precisely because his words have now had a rather huge ripple effect all over the world. So I really, really have to wonder why Trump supporters remain unaware of this (or uncaring). Do they REALLY believe that they understand Trump better then the experts do? Or that they have more experience in diplomacy and international affairs? Of course they do. To them, if you read their commentary, Trump can literally do no wrong. That man could fart out of his ass and declare it was cheeseburgers for lunch and they would still support him.

Well, they said the same thing about the Antichrist in the bible. The nations fell at his feet as he brought the world under his rule. And almost nobody caught on to what was happening until it was far too late. Of course, none of that is true either, but you’d like to think that the religious contingent of Trump supporters (which describes 98% of them) would have at least considered this possibility.

Apparently, they haven’t — and won’t. Ever. So it’s up to the rest of the thinking, intelligent non-bamboozled world to constantly remind the Trump supporters that Trump still isn’t who they claim him to be. He’s not the savior of America. He’s not going to solve America’s problems. His stumbling, bumbling and foolish approach to democracy, foreign affairs, economic sanctions and denial of climate change will destroy this country (most likely). At the very, very best that we could possibly hope for — we will survive Trump, but not if there is a nuclear war. Which he seems hell-bent on trying out.

So there you have it. If Trump starts or engages in a nuclear war — it’s unlikely America would even be remotely recognizable again as that shining beacon on the hill again. Ever. I’ve got gas mask for radioactive fallout, but it won’t be enough. North Korea doesn’t even have nuclear weapons that can reach the United State mainland. But it’s not North Korea that I’m speaking about, it will be Russian bombs that will be deployed against the United States if Trump continues on his reckless path (or even Chinese). And they will level the United States.

That is a enormous threat to our safety and security, which Trump is willing to just totally ignore, despite his oft-repeated claims of putting “America first”. He doesn’t give a shit about America – and never has. Trump only cares about Trump and “winning” at ANY cost – and always has. His entire career has been about self-grandizement and self-promotion, economically crushing opponents, even at a personal financial loss, because he has to “win” at any cost. And THAT is the dangerous, deluded, self-absorbed idiot you have in your White House. He will sacrifice thousands, even millions to “win”.

He’s already made it clear too that he intends to arm America to the teeth. This isn’t rhetoric people — it’s the prelude to war. He needs to be stopped, before it is too late for us all.

If you have not read up on Trump’s actual business practices and how he ruined people, companies and destroyed lives and families – you should. The man is a total fraud. He’s on a dangerous path now that will lead to war. If this happens – you’ve been warned.


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