Surviving Conspiracy Theory – Part II

Another red herring ‘conspiracy’ being floated around: Earthquake caused by “geoengineering”.

The incredible lack of scientific understanding and assumptions posted there are stunning.  100 tons of iron oxide causes massive earthquake?  This isn’t conjecture, it’s absolute idiocy.Conspiracy Theory II

What bothers me about these kinds of postings is how it caters to stupidity in the population, promoting it, encouraging it and of course, the incessant conspiracy theories that spring forth.  Is it harmless?  Not really, because it encourages a serious lack of critical thinking, intelligent understanding and examination of actual facts. Over the course of decades, this sort of asinine conspiracy produces an entire generation of idiots — the same idiots who will be inheriting the world after you and I are gone.  What will that mean?

I guess it means I won’t have to worry about it or be concerned about it.  Still, every single day, I read really dumb “mind-fluff” being posted on the StupidNet.  There’s been a dramatic increase as we got into the (s)Election season, and post-(s)Election, we’ll probably see plenty more.  People are upset, angry, disillusioned, but that’s still no damned excuse for posting idiocy.

Elevating awareness, common sense, education and intelligence is CRITICAL for America (and every other country I’m sure). We’ve gone seriously backwards, scoring lower in education, mathematics and science year by year.  Many (millions) of high school graduates cannot read adequately or write a coherent sentence.  It is a problem — a huge problem.  The moniker “StupidNet” I’m using encourages some of this.  No critical thinking skills are being encouraged on many, many ‘alternative news’ sites, who tout themselves as educating the sheep.  But are they?  I think not.

Just how important is it to start dealing with common sense, reality and what is really happening in the world, versus conjecture, misapplied assumptions and red herrings?  Actually, its pretty important, probably one of the most important things people can do.  Instead of wasting their time pursuing or entertaining the ridiculous, they could be helping themselves by becoming smarter, better educated, better read and better equipped through understanding of the real world around them.  This would have a direct effect upon their own children.

My kids are some of the best educated children in the world.  Really.  They’ve been exposed to all kinds of things, including the inane, ridiculous, religious and outrageous.  I’ve seen them interact with others, or comment on a news story, they’re brighter then their peers by a large margin and put many adults to shame.  Their grasp on reality, how the world really works, who’s playing who and why it is important to not get caught up in the games all these people are playing is very good.  They’re learning how to be capable and more and more self-sufficient, not given to ridiculous pursuits that will lead them nowhere.

They’re not perfect — not at all, I’ve got plenty to say about things I’d like for them to understand better.  But they’re not following in the footsteps of the fools.  It’s simply foolishness to embrace what many authors and websites are promoting these days.  Pure, unadulterated foolishness, targeting 11-year old minds and the intelligence of lemmings.

Our world — the one we ALL live in — is FALLING APART.  We should be focusing on how to fix it, solve our issues, make it better and help each other.  Embracing the ridiculous does none of these things.  Promoting conspiracy creates division, stupidity and dissension, recruiting entire armies of idiots who are mental midgets, hamstrung by their own imaginations, incapable of self-help or critical thinking skills.  None of this is “harmless” in other words, it’s creating legions of mindless zombies who will be DEPENDENT upon smarter, more capable, more learned and more competent people then themselves to keep them alive.  Do we really need more people like this ?  Of course not.  So why are so many “news sources” promoting this kind of mental mind-fluff? Its as if their real agenda is to keep people stupid, divided, and disinterested in the real world going on all around them.

What we need is an America which wakes the hell up from its delusions and deceptions and starts to fully embrace the world that they actually live in.  We need people to stop promoting the sick, insane, absolute garbage that is keeping people blind, stupid, misled and in despair.  You do realize that these “theories” all lead to one place, which is despair?  If you don’t, think about this for a moment.  Nobody has ever come up with a “solution” to the endless conspiracies being promoted.  It means that despair and hopelessness is the final outcome, the “end result” of what these conspiracies mean.  Nothing can be done, all we can do is hide from them or complain, we’re always going to be the “victim”.  At the root of most of these conspiracies is how victimized we actually all are, and the subtle encouragement to remain helpless in their inescapable clutches.  This is complete bullshit.  You can be their “victim”, but personally, I refuse to do so.

I have absolutely no doubt, that there are real conspiracies. I’ve uncovered a few of them myself. I’ve even survived a few that were pretty deadly. But what I learned from the experience is you cannot let these things rule your life.  Your one shot at this experience should be to live this life as if you don’t get another chance at it.  Get the priorities in your life straightened out, embrace what is good, honest and true.  You get to choose what kind of character you are, tossed to and fro by “every wind of doctrine”, or established in your mind to be steady, stalwart, capable and competent.  Subjecting yourself to stupidity will only bring you down.  Subjecting your own kids to stupidity is a crime.

This last deserves special mention. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of families self-destruct.  I mean seriously implode and lose everything.  Divorce, bankruptcy, suicide, even murder.  Children runaway, disowned, abused.  There are reasons why this happens.  Most, if not all of them (parents) fell for various forms of mind-control, usually through a powerful, influential source, such as their church.  But I’ve also seen all this in the non-church crowd too.  In my particular business, the end-timers, patriots, tea-baggers, doomers, gloomers and would-be cults are common.  They’re the ones who buy storable food, along with all the other people who clearly see the writing on the wall. Its virtually impossible to not be in contact with these people in this particular business.  Moreover, two decades of ministry (which I no longer do) to boot.

What I found, and what I still find, is some seriously deluded, mind-controlled people.  They’re all embracing some sort of warped reality that has little to nothing to do with the actual, physical and real reality that they live in. They’re being constantly encouraged to embrace this reality too by influential sources around them, and those that they have chosen to align themselves with.  Be it a group, church, website(s), mailing list, magazines or friends, they’re choosing these inputs into their lives.

It is their choice, and quite frankly, I do respect the freedom of choice.  What I don’t respect is the freedom to be willfully stupid.  Some of these things are seriously harming these people, affecting their lives, their finances, their own children.  I’ve seen kids abused, run away and put into harms way because of these belief systems held and promoted by their parents.  This stuff is NOT harmless, people are getting hurt.

I want to bitch slap them, seriously. Many are nice, caring, compassionate people you’d like to get to know.  But they’re making life-choices and decisions based on a warped reality and it causes all kinds of devastating fallout around them.  So when I see yet another ridiculous website promoting complete stupidity, I get a bit upset, because the truth is, I do care about what happens to people.  The Internet encourages a wild West atmosphere (and I wouldn’t have it any other way), so what I’m saying here is be very careful what you read.  Use some common sense.  Realize that much of what is being promoted and posted on these alternative sites isn’t news at all but pure propaganda to keep you stupid.  Don’t believe half or even a quarter of what you read without doing some research.  Self-educate by looking up the “facts” presented.  Check out the links, story, evidence.  Don’t mindlessly promote dumb-assed conspiracies (check out the comments on any website) like so many people do.  And keep your kids away from this crap.  That’s your main job — give them the education that they will need to have healthy, balanced, sane lives so that they can not make the same mistakes you did!

Finally, I’d like to mention another observation.  The more ridiculous, the more inane, the more outrageous, the more unprovable, the more conjecture and the more assumptions — the bigger the readership on these websites. Why is that?

Is it because we cannot deal with reality anymore?  Perhaps it’s bigger budgets and heavy advertising campaigns? But what does this say about people in general?  The educational system (or lack thereof)? Rejecting common sense seems to be a character “asset”.  The more outrageous, the more coverage it gets.

I think this means “escapism”.  The need to avoid dealing with the truth, and the embracing / fabrication of an alternate reality.  The tools are there (the StupidNet for example, but prior to this is was shortwave, and printed media and still is).  The growing number of misled, deceived, disillusioned and discouraged people gives impetus to “something else” to relieve the frustration and even perceived futility of trying to cope with life.  Escape then, into another reality, another world-view, another belief system becomes the answer — and very often, much preferred.  I’ve done it myself, only belatedly realizing how dangerous it was to me, my family and those around me.  And I deeply, deeply regret it all.  I am “awake” now, aware and understanding what is actually going on around me, including real conspiracies, deceptions and how people are being controlled, but I”m trying really hard here to explain how the “alternative verse” is also being highly controlled.

I also would like to add that I don’t think it is any accident either (now there is a “conspiracy” for you). Some particular authors, like Jones and others, are actively engaging in deliberate campaigns. It’s very obvious now because it is so methodical, deliberate, and consistent (and it’s been uncovered as being false information, yet still continues).  The “conspiracy” here is to divide, identify, marginalize and separate out those who will become troublemakers.  Hardly harmless.  Their preying upon those who are getting caught up into these things.

One day, we will all look back and say something like “what an incredible waste of time all that was” — if we’ve managed to keep our sanity and our lives.  Just imagine if we could do that right now.  And get on with the business of living in the real world.  Making it work better.  Fixing what is wrong (including us). Helping each other.  Working through our problems.  Stop killing each other.  I can think of dozens more very valid reasons to do all of this right now.

Do we really have this time to waste?  Do you know when you are going to die?  If you did, or could have, would you really have spent your time and money on inane, ridiculous things?

America has just been slammed by another major storm.  Climate change IS the cause.   This isn’t “belief” or “conspiracy”, it’s fact. And it is an important fact — because it will have a very large impact upon you (if not already). It is one of the most pressing issues facing all of humanity.

This article is not about climate change however.  It is about embracing the real world we live in and rejecting the alternate “verse” that is conjecture, unsubstantiated and misleading. I know I’m wasting time and space writing these articles, but I’ve never been known for one who would stay silent when I see something ridiculous.  Educating Americans, even on how to buy storable food, is very, very difficult. Nobody actually reads anymore. Bullet points are supposed to be more effective, so here goes:

  • Be careful what you read. Be even more careful what you believe. It directly affects your entire life.
  • Don’t waste your time / life on unproven conspiracies.
  • Educate your kids to deal with the real world, even if you don’t like it much.
  • Ridicule the ridiculous.
  • Embrace common sense as your best friend.
  • Plant a garden.  Grow a tree. Start helping yourself. Nobody else will do this for you.
  • You are self-responsible — for everything. Education, intelligence, preparations, awareness.
  • Pick your news sites / sources carefully.

Commentators — if there are any (participation here is incredibly low) — do NOT promote your conspiracies. I’ve only edited two comments on this blog in the past year — which did exactly that. This “space” is for intelligent discourse and response.


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13 thoughts on “Surviving Conspiracy Theory – Part II

  • November 1, 2012 at 5:53 pm
    Hi Admin, very good writing I like the questions you bring up. And thanks for not editing me out. I hope I’m not trollish, I’ve read you for years so there must be a reason.
    I’d really like to hear from the doomer kids. I actually have to feel kind of sorry for them. After all they are pretty much slaves to ideas and plans of their parents.
    The apocalypse is almost here lets head for the hills and learn to live off the land. Though there has probably always been a survival crowd in our country to me it really started in the 80’s maybe late 70’s
    that means the people who took off for the hills to prepare for the end would now have grandchildren. What was it like growing up as someone trained to believe the end was just around the corner?
    And is it like religion did they train their kids just like they were? Or did they as soon as they were old enough get away from the parental unit and return to what we call a normal life?
    It would be very interesting to here their stories of growing up. It might even help parents going through the same situations now.
    Some therapy I’ve only met a few in my life that couldn’t use at least some. I hope all parents remember what it is to be a kid, and use some moderation.
    I think we must have got the same E-mail on the quake , so I am sure you have also heard that the Frankenstorm was just that .
    I’ve lost a lot of internet friends over Haarp. I just think that the thought that we control the weather (As in the shadow government).
    My main argument is that things now are totally beyond any control. Controlling the weather to use as a military and economic weapon sounds like something the PTB would do, if they could.
    I just don’t think they are that good. Plus as we can all see things are way past controlling.
    I don’t waste my time on conspiracies , yet you cant ignore the issue’s. The one that got me going was chem-trails. Something I could visibly see.
    One day I looked up while filming a hawk crossing the sky, and there they were. It’s a little different today but my research into the who what and why’s was a maze of internet doom.
    You could call this the wake up period. Personally I’d always knew things weren’t right , but it’s at this stage you realize how little you really knew is for sure the truth.
    So your receptive looking for truth. Very vulnerable until you learn that not only have you been lied to most of your life , it’s never going to stop either.
    It takes a few times of learning that most of the guys out there telling you that you are being lied to , can lie as well. It’s hard at first , but in the end it might be good for you to realize you can’t trust anyone.
    Not even yourselves think of all the things you have believed that you know are wrong now. how many things do you believe now , you suspect are already wrong?
    In fact I think it would be great if I am wrong now. Which is in a way lieing to myself.
    I wonder how many people actually lie themselves to death? Don’t we all ?
    Peace .
  • November 2, 2012 at 12:43 am
    Speaking of geoengineering, here is a recent (Oct 3rd) guest post by my brother did at Black Listed News. Note the part in it where he writes this: “Recently, when the government of Thailand drug its feet in regard to granting a new base in their country for the U.S. to “monitor” weather changes (conduct weather modification?) they were decimated by record flooding. Coincidence?”, of course the implication being that the massive flooding in Thailand a while back was caused by a geoengineered flood event. Well you can read the rest of the article to see the many other far fetched assumptions that are proposed in it.

    And regarding super storm Sandy, if you go to my brother’s friend Mauro’s site:

    you will find this stated at the top of this particular article posted there: “Our previous posts clearly show that this storm was geoengineered. The reality that geoengineering is taking place can no longer be ignored. Silence by the main stream media and denials by geoengineers can no longer be accepted as reality in the face of hard evidence and the unfolding of these horrific events”

    My brother now thinks geoengineering has made all weather on earth artificial and controlled, has caused the massive species extinctions, is melting the Arctic, caused this summer’s US mega drought, is the cause behind all sorts of illnesses, and if you google his name you can read about all of the other nonsensical things that he attributes to geoengineering, like pretty much everything bad that happens.

    But I would suggest if you really want to understand the reality of what the plane trails are about, then consider the sensible information posted at, and its associated site There is a regular poster there named Jay and this guy really knows his stuff about these “supposed” chemtrails and the implied implications that they are part of a massive worldwide geoengineering project which is in the process of decimating life and the ecosystems right before our eyes. I spoke with Jay for a couple of hours by phone an found him to be very knowledgeable on this subject.

    My brother has become completely wrapped up in this chemtrail / geoengineering conspiracy world and it has absolutely affected negatively his relations with friends and family. To me it has evolved into something akin to a cult like set of beliefs and viewpoints where the various players involved just essentially reinforce each others nonsensical ideas.

    You are a good man Admin, and I have always appreciated your insights and efforts over the many years.

  • November 2, 2012 at 6:12 am
    This might not be much as towards conspiracy theories although it is a conspiracy of a different making. One of mass marketing and brainwashing.

    If you read carfully into the stories coming out from “Sandy” and other disasters that have happened here and other countries, it’s funny to note, that NOT ONE of any of the people telling what it was like and what was needed or what they were lacking said “Glad I had my Gold and Sliver.”

    Things I’m reading are generators, batteries, batteries, batteries, heat, food, clean water, clothes, etc. but yet doom and gloom prep sites by the hundreds keep writing and advertising you’ll need to have gold and sliver. LOL

    By the way I don’t ever recall seeing any ads for G & S on your blog since I have been reading it since 2008…

  • November 2, 2012 at 8:41 am

    I’m no gold bug, as you know. There’s a half-dozen articles on why I think it’s actually a bad idea, a poor investment and virtually useless as a survival prep item.

    Here’s a “conspiracy” (hehehehe). Sales are WAY down. Giant storm hits, affects tens of millions of Americants, results is very low sales for emergency food. Not just me either, but elsewhere too. I can “gauge” volume easily enough (years of experience) by how long it take the canneries (of which there are four major ones) to fill orders.

    Sure, plenty of people without power (the ones directly affected) who couldn’t order if they wanted to, but what about the rest of the entire country (hundreds of millions)? They’re witnessing the pleas for help, food shortages, suffering and endless news coverage. And yet they’re still not preparing themselves.

    Conspiracy? Hardly. Just cognitive dissonance. Disbelief that it can happen to them. They’ve already offloaded this new reality to something else (note: “Frankenstorm” implies unusual, never-to-be-seen again event, a media disconnect all by itself), someplace else, “won’t happen here”. They’re STILL unconvinced that being prepared BEFORE is actually necessary. Yet climate disasters are now a fact, and the new way of life for everyone.

    The economy factors in, in a big way too. Money is really tight. People are out of work, out of money, can’t hardly feed themselves now. Yet this “need” still remains, got to get ready to endure what is now happening, build in some resilience and some preparations. I’ve been harping on being prepared for decades, you’ve got to do this long before disaster strikes (if you can).

    This isn’t conspiracy, but I suppose someone else will grab it and call it that. They’ll also hype all their “spin” on the entire event, capitalizing on Sandy as the focal point and try to fleece the people even more. It’s pretty damned sad.

    But gold and silver? Whatever for?

    One last thing:

    The mainstream news is already showing the efforts at “rebuilding”. In the same damned places that are destroyed (low lying areas). If this is not stupid, I don’t know what is. People must finally learn that the game has changed, there is no point at all at rebuilding what will be re-destroyed. We are not going to “stop” these storms or the rising seas. Coastal infrastructure is at serious risk. You are now witnessing the “first wave” of climate refugees in America.

    Rebuilding on these same locations is just plain short-sighted and ill-advised. Refusal to change will simply mean more death, more suffering, more insurance claims and more desperation / frustration by the millions. I want to scream at these people, as in “wake the f*ck up, can’t you see why this has happened?”. However, greed, cognitive dissonance and obstinance will be all that we can expect.

    Americans are going to suffer greatly for their short-sighted, ignorant views. It actually can’t be helped, due to the massive input of false information being pumped forth by contrarians and anti-science / Big Oil / Fox News type of people. These sources are “ministries of disinformation”, propaganda arms for endless greed and the ongoing destruction. Frankly, I get so frustrated by all of it that I want to wash my hands and just walk away, just make my own preparations here for what will also be affecting me and mine.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do. The blog is my “voice” to try and reach out and speak some honesty and some truth, ie., common sense to a world gone completely insane with insatiable greed. In the end, the only conclusion I’ve reached in all of this is you have to change yourself. Belief, lifestyle, actions. Self-educate, find out the truth as best you can. The rest of the world IS going to go to hell, no matter what you do, so all you can do is try to help yourself. Maybe somebody else will benefit. Maybe not.

  • November 2, 2012 at 1:04 pm
    Hot springs wizard , yes I’m pretty sure I know jay , used to hang out in the chat room when the sight was forming.
    as far as chemtrails the best site is Personally I was in the camp that they are spraying us with something to keep us docile until they were ready to give us the killer germ.
    Crazy as it sounds it makes alot of sense. Everytime you hear or read people asking why We the Sheeple are so stoopid, well were drugged.
    But I can see the bit about 9/11 where they said the temperature rose 3 degrees when we stopped flying for a few days,
    So there just up there cooling us down?
    I wonder but today I got up in the morning looked up and the entire horizon on all sides of me was covered in trails. It looks like a war movie when they do they cover the sky.
    If you can’t ask yourself why they are there you have no imagination at all. However it becomes live possessing to keep focused on them.
    If the chemtrails were designed to keep us tired depressed and sick by constantly attacking our immune system with all kinds of nasty crap including barillium, and desacated blood cells. among the less crazy things said to be found in trail residue. then by worrying I am helping them do their job.
    In other words if they are trying to drive us crazy why help them? I researched them for , years now I try to ignore them, but it still really angers me what they are doing to the sky and everything under it.
    For about the last two years they had pretty much stopped the heavy chemtrail . really cloud making stuff in my local.
    At first I got nervous, almost everyday for the last 4 years they sprayed then just stopped, except for sunsets and I suspect sunrises. . My first thought was great now what are they doing?
    Two years of peace it felt like, then around August of this year there they were again. I guess it’s my turn again.
    Anyway just like before I figure there is only a few things I can do about it, one I shake my fist at the planes and cuss them out, and two I can tell everyone who will listen. The last one gets tiring people just don’t care , or actually there more worried about something else.
    It’s amazingly hard getting people to just look up and admit the trails are there. And to look long enough to realize it’s not normal. So yes everybody ends up not really wanting to call me for parties anymore.
  • November 5, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Like your comments a lot although I wonder a the restriction you want to place on web sites to look at. I think it is useful to know what crap is being spewed into the discourse too and there certainly is a plethora of that. Also need to have some critical thinking turned on when reading debunking sites as it may also be misinformation deliberately put out for folks with a desire for a happy ending or want to deny that it is happening. Lots of those kind of sites floating around on the net too.

    One of the interesting supposed facts that are being uncovered by archeology today is that geoengineering/terra reforming has been going on a very long time now, seemingly before recorded history and in some locations is very extensive. I read an archeology paper a while ago that said there is evidence that all of England has been terra formed. I tried to relocate that article and couldn’t find it again. sigh.

    It sure appears to me that mankind ha been messing around with the ecology for a long time and has accelerated it considerably since the 20th century and it is now showing up in rather extensive poisoning of the environment from a rather large assortment of sources.

    Mad Cowboy,

    In the summers of 2010 and 2011 on a daily basis, we observed a lot of jet trails in the sky in the morning, in our local, that spread out during the day and by afternoon there was a dark haze from horizon to horizon ie a big reduction in sunlight. This went on both summers almost every single day until winter. The summer of 2012 saw almost no days with this happening. The garden did better too in comparison to the previous two summers. Now, the debunking sites say that this is normal jet contrails that are persistent and not a spraying of some pollutants. They make a very large mistake in logic. I assume that it can be true in at least some instances, but that does not mean that it is true in all instances which is what the debunking sites insist. That is a false form of inductive logic that says that statistically, since it is true in some cases it is therefore true in all cases. At the same time on the other side of the coin, the folks that insist that there is chemical spraying (chemtrails) have not scientifically proved it either, at least I have not seen the proof.

    At this time, all I have to go on is the observable effects I have witnessed in my own circumstances. I have concluded until proven false that something is being sprayed in the atmosphere to change local weather patterns. After all, aerial spraying has been going on since the 40’s in an effort to produce local rain conditions. No reason to believe that those kind of experiments have stopped.

  • November 5, 2012 at 9:40 pm
    Thanks for looking up Murph. I feel this is a shameless plug but I wrote this
    Cobwebs of Death. The story is kind of on me doing a public access show episode on chemtrails.
    If the administrater didn.t mind and it would matter I could show you thousands of peices of evidence , yet your right no real proof.
    I would think about this , weather control is the second most popular explanation, one being they do not exist.
    I think the biggest problem with calling it weather control is have they made it rain? If it does rain from clouds you have seen them build , there’s proof , take a petrie dish and get a sample of the rain that falls. See whats in it. with a microsope or if you have the access get it tested. But chemtrails are worldwide its not a local thing , and some of the worst I have ever seen were over Iraq , think we were weather experimenting there too? peace B this page has nice pics
  • November 5, 2012 at 10:15 pm
    Murph, You have made various wrong assumptions about what the people at or contrailscience think about plane contrails. Why don’t you go there and do a post ( at the chemtrail blog section ), citing the points you have made here, and see what response you get. My brother Dane, his friend Mauro and Mike Murphy won’t debate these guys, for obvious reasons IMO. I’d like to see you making your points there showing the proof of what you cite that they think, and your argumentation of why you think they are wrong on any given point. Then in that venue of course, they would get to have the opportunity to show how you are wrong in your ” assumptions ” about these supposed worldwide spray programs,and about their various viewpoints. Let me know ( you have my e-mail address ) if you end up doing that because I’d really like to see that discussion.
  • November 6, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    I do not think this blog site is an appropriate place for you and I to engage in a war of words. I would be amazed if admin encouraged this.

    As for debating the chemtrail vs contrail issue, piss off man. Neither you nor I nor you favorite debunking sites have enough information to do so adequately. Plus, as you so adequately pointed out on our blog site you do not feel adequate to debunk folks who have made up their mind. You evidently have made up your mind also.

    I refuse to debate this issue because in the end analysis, it makes no difference what I say or anyone else for that matter. There flat out is no proof positive for either contention and thus makes a pointless argument involving inductive logic, as I’ve pointed out. All I have to go on is my personal observations and correlations along with other folks doing the same and leaving it open that we could be wrong, which evidently you are not willing to do.

    I realize that you are in serious disagreement with your brother, who you did support some time ago if I remember rightly and I am not going to support either one of you nor am I going to engage in debate with little known factual material for either contention. Lets end it here.

    • November 6, 2012 at 1:58 pm

      Don’t be amazed, I don’t encourage this (the war of words). I’ve my own opinions on the topic.

      In the end, it matter not what anyone “believes”. It’s not as if anybody can do anything about it anyway.

      Ideally, we’d all like to learn something, but that doesn’t always happen. The entire point of the original article / post was to not allow conspiracy theory (any theory) “rule the day”, affecting lives, decisions, family, friends. Millions of people get seriously caught up into these things. Little changes, but valuable time, energy and money is spent. The real world remains, unfolding / happening every day. How are we dealing with that?

      I’ve seen people get seriously wrapped up tighter then a nine-day clock over issues, but utterly ignore other more pressing needs. We’ve all got to go on “living in the real world” and what that means for our survival.

      Lately, I’ve done a ton more reading of “peak everything”. How fast it’s all coming to a head. How it’s going to affect everything. How little prepared we really are. How this and climate change are coming together in a perfect storm of Armageddon like proportions. I often think that blogging is a total waste of my time, considering what I know to be headed our way. Whatever plans / projects I can do right now will dictate whether my own children will live or die. Clearly, what is important is right in front of me.

      I think humanity has seriously screwed the pooch. I think we are all in very deep do-do. Over on Cassandra’s Legacy, I’d posted a reply to his post that I’d like to share here, to “put things into proper perspective and what we are really and truly facing”:

      Scientific reticence is partly to blame.

      But you’re assumptions “Hurricane Sandy was the wake up call America needed” will be proven false.

      Americans are woefully under-informed and undereducated regarding climate science and the latest developments. Several studies have shown that Big Oil is behind almost all of this “dumbing down”. Money always controls the so-called “debate”. Greed rules in people’s minds and corporate boardrooms.

      It will take far, far more then Hurricane Sandy to waken the people to clamor for climate action, or support a treaty. Climate is considered low-priority, intangible “benefits”, even if this actually translates to the survival of the human race. People and especially politicians simply cannot make the connection or justify the so-called cost.

      There really is no doubt about what we are going “to do”. Just look around, the evidence is everywhere. The answer is very obvious and very simple: Nothing.

      It’s also very obvious that “stopping climate change” is impossible already. Positive feedback and decades-long lag times are already in effect. We are only currently experiencing the effects of 1970’s era emissions. What does this mean when the effects of the 80’s and 90’s and the millennium are finally experienced?

      Gigantic methane releases are now a documented fact. Methane hydrates are destabilizing in the Northern Hemisphere. This will greatly contribute to runaway warming.

      It took less the 2% additional heat to melt the Arctic to where it is today, yet the energy absorption is far higher then that.

      An ice-free Arctic is now virtually guaranteed — and so is the loss of Greenland ice except for a small lingering amount (maybe). Antarctica is losing ice, including entire sections the size of small countries. These events cannot be “stopped” by any human endeavors, certainly not by treaties or even geo-engineering now.

      What you fear the most will most certainly happen.

      Most scientist are VERY reticent about all of this, but if you look carefully, you can indeed find the evidence that this will all definitely occur.

      Humanity does not have the time that it wrongly assumes to adapt (forget “stop”). Mitigation remains “too expensive”, so they’d rather just “deal with the problem” when it arrives (somebody else’s future). Cognitive dissonance helps, but it all means what you think it means — humanity has really screwed itself over.

      What is needed will NEVER be considered. Desperation will increase in direct proportion to effects and events. Failure however, is really all that awaits as the climate continues to destabilize. Eventually and new equilibrium will occur, but not for hundreds if not thousands of years. By then most life forms on the planet will be dead.

      This sounds very doomerish, but it’s actually all based upon scientific facts and evidence. Wet-bulb temperatures will make many regions inhospitable to any life.

      So “discussions about what we can do” are woefully incorrect on the many assumptions being made. We are indeed chasing the wrong demons – asking the wrong questions – attempting to address the wrong issues. Our plight is severe, more serious then anyone can imagine. What we could be doing, what we SHOULD be doing isn’t even being discussed.

  • November 11, 2012 at 10:20 am
    what a sad sad world. It’s true we are on The edge of doom but when wern’t we? I have lived an almost life cycle believing this end is right around the edge.
    Before I even went to school I had some church to predict My personal doom. Then school where I learned to be ready to orderly lay down my life?
    It was there that I learned to put my head under a desk and hide. I thought this was as stupid then as I think hiding out from the end of the world as we know it is now.
    Like a one inch slab of wood was going to protect me from tornadoes , or even a nuclear strike. While it may have deflected glass the only protection it provides is a sense of protection.
    take that into prepping and it’s like hey all I really needed was a bigger desk, to hide under. If you really think about it , thinking you and your kids will survive , without a planet , you better have one good desk to hide under.
    I tell my less informed friends who say those lines ” I’m just going to worry about me and my kid’s” how are those kids going to have a life on a dead planet, and what happens when they grow up, as in finding a mate for them?
    I think what they are really saying, is that they are not going to do anything to help either. As they say if there is nothing we can do , why do anything.
    Plus its a great way for them to get out of accepting there part in the conditions we now face. It’s probably just a stage of denial , moving to an acceptance , the old tell yourselve enough and you might just believe it.
  • November 13, 2012 at 4:55 pm
    I like this I asked earlier about the fireball conspiracy. that objects from space were being observed and crashing all over the planet.
    An internet buddy sent me a heads up on the explosion in Indiana. Right from the photo if it looks like something hit the house.
    Interesting it seems most conspiracy theorist’s seem to be saying drone strike , while I’ve heard it could also be just a case of insurance fraud.
    Lots of fun will be had trying to figure this one out and the next one and the next.
    Not saying this is part of the conspiracy to keep us in the dark, and this was a meteor, possible though and hardly any stupider than thinking one of our drones from the middle east got loose.
    • November 13, 2012 at 6:06 pm

      It’s self-evident that this is not a ‘fireball from space’ as there is no witnesses to such an event, no radar, no crater, etc, nor is this supported by current investigation (ongoing). I do not accept the conspiracy of “fireballs falling from space” (at all) and find them completely without merit or fact (stop posting this garbage, it’s the reason you did not receive any replies).

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