Survival Mode Is Here, Now

The Texas drought is now “the worst in history” with a severe threat to food production, livestock and the ability of the state to continue like before.  Unfortunately, the author of that particular articles still remains clueless on climate change.

Here’s a tidbit:

Austin-Mabry’s high of 105 Sunday marks the 26th day of 105+ this year (all-time record), 86th day of 100+ (all-time record), 152nd day of 90+ (record is 159 in 1925), and 127th consecutive day of 90+ (all-time record).

$5 – $12 billion in losses are expected in 2011 Texas food production.

The Texas Water Development Board’s forecasts suggest that the total economic hit to the state, through lost food production and curbs in manufacturing and recreational opportunities, could exceed $12 billion by year’s end.

But during one recent visit, those terminals and monitoring stations sat empty — Rose and a ClimateWire reporter were the only two people in the room. Indeed, there’s a remarkable lack of panic at the LCRA in general, or anywhere else in the state’s capital, for that matter.

Every Farmer In The World Will Be Affected By Climate Change

Ya think?  Still, an important read for those who are not up to speed on what is happening on the ground.

Farmers are already selling off their livestock, since there isn’t going to be any hay (or water). Which also means beef prices are going to skyrocket.

Grain costs are still climbing, with all major food production worldwide imperiled: China, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Cambodia and many US States affected, here are a few — Oklahoma, Kansas.

There is also a growing (and real) fear that we’re going to see a gigantic crash:

Notice the desire to “make money” on the rise and the fall side of all this human suffering, just another sign of our moral depravity.

His advice to “get prepared” however is dead on. It’s not about making money however, it’s about survival.

We all stand a real chance of being “wiped out”.  That is, if this hasn’t already happened to you.  Savings, housing, retirement, virtually everything that we’ve taken for granted for so long, even affordable food. The world is changing very rapidly under our feet (and in the sky) and the domino effects of collapsing systems tear down many other dependencies as they each topple over.

It’s coming people…


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