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Hurricane events are scary enough, but there idiotsphere of connedspiracy theorists are performing their usual mucking up of the facts. I won’t honor a single one of them with a link, but they’re claiming the usual suspects: Hurricane Matthew is “intentional” and was “steered” for destruction and death. These claims are stupid beyond belief and lack any credible proof whatsoever. Moreover, they offer nothing in terms of “why” except some half-baked connedspiracy theory.

The video above only depicts wind damages (on a modern house). It’s much, much worse at sea level where storm surge, rain and low quality houses are very common on poor areas. These homes are literally wiped off the map, taking lives, dreams and future with them.


Hot Whopper has been trying for some years to shame the climate denial idiots into reality, but I’m guessing she’s had as limited success as I have. This is definitely a website you should be reading to find credible counter-arguments to the incessant stupidity being spewed by the denialists.

This problem is most acute with Americans, who have chosen stupidstitions and reactionary “experts” for their biased opinions and straw arguments. For those of you that live off-shore from the Land of the Indoctrinated Slaves, it’s like wading chest-deep through a polluted river here, it’s vile and really stinks.

Paul Beckwith (where I found the video above) discusses how climate change really does affect hurricanes, but nobody here is really listening to the scientists or the qualified experts right now.

That does seem to be the real problem. Nobody is really listening. The non-negotiable way of life (exclusive to Americans of course) remains as firmly fixed as ever, hurricanes be damned. The loss of life (primarily elsewhere of course) is acceptable for this unfair exchange of privilege and protection and “exceptionalism”. There’s no connection between our actions and inaction’s and the misfiring synapses in the brains of the idiotic morons that choose ignorance and denial.

I’ve been trying for a while now to get through the thick-skulls of the brain dead zombies that walk this land. From 2008 –

I am of course, talking about much more then climate change or dreadful weather patterns. Much of what I write is designed to make you think about all the other connections in life, because nothing is unconnected. There are threads that connect each and every one of us to everything else. Some call this chaos theory, I just recognize it as being one of those undeniable parts of life on earth.

We don’t want to hold ourselves responsible for the events in this world, so it’s pretty clear if we don’t, then nobody else will either. And if nobody is responsible, then we have absolutely no ability to change anything. Our course would be fixed and irreversible. We’d be on a collision course to the final destination of death and destruction which is the end of all things (entropy).

But that’s not how the real world actually works and thus, irresponsibility isn’t actually true. It’s a illusionary fabrication we use to get us out of doing something. Our actions = our consequences. Our inactions = our consequences. Therefore, we cannot escape the consequences no matter what. Prince Charles was hinting at this, as have many others, but they don’t come out and say it. We are going to be stuck with the results of our actions and our inaction’s no matter what. Truth & Climate and The Struggle For Survival

My articles convey too much for the average person. Their too long and too repetitive. They contradict the main stream propaganda, the right wing reactionary and even the liberal way of thinking. All I’ve ever wanted was a habitable future for my children. I know that I’m not going to get it and neither will they. They’re going to be horrible cheated from life. I traced the causes and reasons and thought that somebody should say something about all of it.

Our animalistic nature is only temporarily covered up by all of the confines and structures we have built to govern our base nature. But we’re still animals who will resort to our true nature in a heart beat like these two did in yet another Walmart (a store that seems to attrack the attack). Despite years and years of warnings to prepare for storms like Matthew in advance, people STILL wait for the panic to take hold and then take steps for their own survival. Seriously now, how STUPID can people be? But we’ve not seen anything yet because its very clear that much more destruction and suffering is to come.

What do you think it’s going to be like when back-to-back storms, floods, droughts, deluge and infrastructure / crop collapses happen? We will abandon our rules and standards and cherished beliefs and be again what we always were – predatory animals, increasingly preying on each other (before, during and after we’ve wiped out everything else).

We’ve been setup for a perfect storm of self-destruction. Greed, gluttony, overpopulation, monetization, indifference, apathy and centuries of rampant destruction and pollution have left our race completely incapable now of rational thought and actions. We’re irrevocably committed to protecting and enforcing these attitudes and methods to the death, even if it means our extinction. From a personal perspective, I expect no change from this trajectory at all. We will ride this monstrous ride of human horror right down into the ground when it finally stops and most, if not all of us, are forever gone.

The ism’s, institutions and structures we have designed and built for our (exclusive) use within civilization are not sacred. They will not last the coming storms. Moreover, they are not reality nor do they teach reality. They teach irresponsibility and a insidious denial of reality while promising something else altogether (which is never delivered). This is why I reject them. They are harmful to the human race and the life on this planet. They are manufactured artificial constructs of enforced and governed behavior and attitudes, but they do not coincide with the real world, which is collapsing faster and faster every day, precisely because of the false meme these ism’s and institutions have embraced.

We are all now in an impossible predicament. We do not have the capacity, the will or even the intentions required to change. There is no solution. There won’t be any solution either because we are incapacitated now, too committed to false memes and selfish ambition. There will be many, many, MANY more disasters ahead, eventually culminating in the destruction of our civilization. So I’m not going to suggest hope or hopium, just some common sense advice. Prepare for your survival for as long as you can endure. Everything else is simply a false meme.

From the archives (there are many, many more):

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I

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15 thoughts on “Survival Ism’s

  • October 8, 2016 at 3:27 pm
    I used to think that if overheating-induced disasters got severe enough people would take notice and change their ways.

    Now I recognize the entire globalised Ponzi system is dependent on continued burning fossil fuels, and nothing will be done to ‘save the planet’ or ‘save humanity’ -just more meaningless ‘pledges’ from corrupt and incompetent so-called leaders.

    After Matthew has wreaked havoc along the SE coast, industrial humans will be out there consuming even more fossil fuels to put it back how it was.

    • October 8, 2016 at 5:40 pm

      Agree on all points. Nothing of substance will (or is) being done.

      Read in a local paper about ‘trading carbon credits’ as being used in the ‘fight against global warming’. More like propaganda for idiots. This won’t work. Nothing is going to work. Humans can’t stop even when their homes are wiped out by disasters. They’ll rebuild in the exact same spot and hope for a different result (wrong).

  • October 8, 2016 at 10:24 pm
    ‘Trees and plants have had enough. For the past few decades they’ve obliged us by guzzling ever-greater amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide every year – but now they’ve gone on a diet.
    New data shows ‘peak carbon’, when vegetation consumed its largest carbon dioxide feast, occurred in 2006, and since then appetite has been decreasing.
    “It’s the first evidence that we are tipping over the edge potentially towards runaway or irreversible climate change,” says James Curran, former chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and co-author of the study published in the journal Weather.
    The news has come as a shock. Previous estimates indicated that peak carbon would not be reached until at least 2030.
    Instead, the new data reveals that trees and plants are already 10 years beyond peak carbon. In 2014 alone, the shortfall in carbon absorption was equivalent to a year’s worth of human-produced emissions from China.
    “By next year the shortfall might equate to the emissions of China plus Australia, for example,” Curran explains.
    “Every year it is getting a little bit worse.”
    Carrying out the work in their own time with their own funds, Curran and his son Sam analysed the ups and downs in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations recorded at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii since 1958.
    During northern hemisphere summer, carbon dioxide levels dip as fresh plant growth draws out carbon dioxide (the southern hemisphere is ocean dominated and so fails to balance this effect out).
    The Mauna Loa data revealed carbon dioxide dips were deeper through the 1960s and early 1970s as northern hemisphere plants flourished in a rising carbon dioxide world.
    But beyond the 1970s that rate slowed, reaching a peak in 2006 and declining thereafter…….’

    • October 8, 2016 at 11:26 pm

      This is worth knowing (bloody obvious): Removing CO2 From the Air Only Hope for Fixing Climate Change, New Study Says

      The confounding bit is Hansen supports carbon credits… And something else worth knowing – the IPCC projections assumes that carbon can be / will be extracted from the atmosphere via some uninvented technology. These are the same projections that admit to catastrophic increases in temperature (no crops will survive).

      There is no way we can continue current emissions (or the slight reductions being proposed) AND extract 100 GIGATONS, and lest we forget, the bagazillion tons that are represented in the permafrost (melting) and methane hydrates (also melting).

      It really pisses me off that even at this late stage we cannot get an honest admission from the scientific community what our chances REALLY are of solving / surviving this (less then 5% I’m sure).

  • October 12, 2016 at 10:08 pm
    Looks like the financial house of cards will be coming down in a plainly visible way very soon. It was always for crap, of course, but I expect events this month will ramp it up substantially such that it can no longer be concealed from the masses.

    Anyway, I’ve been dealing with a lot of fear lately, perhaps for that very reason. My mantra has always been, as Frank Herbert once wrote, “The unclouded eye is better no matter what it sees.” But these days, the old anger and contempt is fading, and I’m starting to feel a strange sympathy for those who don’t know, aren’t listening, have never learned, and even worse, have actively denied. I think it has to do with fear and despair, and the burden of carrying it.

    It does get wearying.

    Economics, energy, ecology … the three “E’s.” In economics we’ve got a stock bubble, a bond bubble, a real estate bubble, zero interest, negative interest, mega-banking institutions turned fraud factories, money printing that defies physics, and massive global debt. Actually, we should probably start calling it “galactic debt,” since “global” is too small a descriptor.

    Energy? Diminishing returns on energy in/energy out.

    Ecology … well, no need to belabor the obvious here, right?

    Anyway, I’m starting to feel a shameful sense of brotherhood with those who don’t want to slog their way through the knowledge pit. I sometimes feel like I’ve got the spiritual version of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. So I’m beginning to understand why people duck and run, and even adopt denial as a defense mechanism.

    Not defending or excusing, mind you; I’m just saying: when that fear and despair starts bubbling up, in that moment, I know what they’re running from.

    I hope that doesn’t get me kicked out of the club, but it is what it is.

    • October 12, 2016 at 10:57 pm

      Universal debt perhaps? Everyone’s got it. It’s a disease.

      I’m still in the total disgust stage, or whatever it is. All of the obvious signs are at our doorsteps and still there is little interest / action / reaction, thus my disgust. People won’t even try to save themselves until it is too damned late. I know that we are totally screwed on everything you pointed out and so much more, but still, with all this writing on the wall, it’s still pizza and beer, NFL and distractions. We deserve what’s coming.

      We could be trying harder, a lot harder, which is perplexing when you know so much but can do so little. There isn’t even any excuses for “ignorance” now, so that pig don’t fly. So no, I don’t feel the affinity at all that you express, just digust. My fellow humans refuse to help themselves and they KNOW what’s coming, they prefer idiotic distractions.

      And no, you’re not kicked out of the club.

      • October 13, 2016 at 12:56 pm
        I think most people in western societies still do not know what’s coming because either they believe the shit that comes from the mainstream media and the mendacious politicians, or they cut themselves off from all relevant information and focus on eating, drinking, texting, holidaying, shopping etc.

        I still attribute much of the blame for what we are witnessing to local so-called leadership -mayors, councilors, local bureaucrats etc. -who have been presented with irrefutable evidence that clearly demonstrates exactly how it is and where we are headed, and ignore all the evidence and carry on misleading at the local level.

        I too am at the disgusted stage.

        All that said, I believe the criminals who have been misleading western societies are going to come to grief within the next 5 years, as all their preposterous narratives unravel.

        In ‘clean green’ New Zealand things are getting very bad, politically, socially and environmentally; we just don’t have missiles and bombs to contend with (yet).

        • October 13, 2016 at 1:16 pm

          I doubt very, very much that politicians do any serious investigation like the rest of us have. This means that they are seriously disconnected from real news and the developments with the environment, depletion, climate, sea level, oxygen levels, etc., etc. In some ways it’s understandable, their world is far different then ours. I find this same trait / behavior in people who are simply focused on making money or committed to other time constraints / issues.

          The only people who really know and understand what is unfolding are those that have spent a lot of time on these topics. They’re definitely not all scientist, in fact, most of those that know probably aren’t. People like me and you that found interest and passion on these topics, read all that we could and assembled a more comprehensive and accurate world-view on what is actually taking place. It takes a lot effort and time and avoidance of other idiotic distractions.

          Most people simply never dig deep enough or stay with it long enough to really know the current state of affairs. Their news is highly filtered, compressed and reduced down to whatever news channels / sources they prefer. When I complain about the mainstream media, I’m partly complaining about this problem – nobody is really getting the information they really need. But it is also the fault of the individuals (multiplied a billion times) who don’t take this on for themselves.

          In any case, this lack of exposure by our so-called esteemed leaders and (s)Elected “officials” is their fault and the fault of the media. You are correct, they HAVE been presented with irrefutable evidence but not often enough. It never takes a top-priority in their daily lives. Alarmists are written off as crack-pots, anyone who rocks the boat or challenges the status-quo or denigrates capitalism or doesn’t have the right education or friends, they’re all invalid but accepted reasons to ignore the alarms going off as sounded by the “warning bells” you and I read.

          It definitely leads me to total disgust because frankly, there is absolutely no excuse for this. As officials, they are obligated to protect the public and they are choosing instead to remain willfully blind, stupid and uninformed. For this, there is absolutely no excuse, it’s now so serious that anyone who does this is engaging in a criminal act, ie., crimes against humanity. Of course, they absolutely do not see it this way and probably never will.

          Ultimately, the irresponsibility and unaccountability we’ve seen is what really drives this all home and why I harp on these two themes so much. They categorically refuse to accept this responsibility. Lip-service and deflection / distraction and as in the case of Dumpf, outright bullshit and manufactured claims “does the trick”. It’s outrageous we could be treated and disregarded so badly by these complete morons. You and I and a whole lot of other people are a LOT smarter and better informed then they are, the exact opposite should be true. We should be appointing to the halls of power those that are truly informed and have a comprehensive view of what humanity is now having to deal with, but instead, it’s childish hissy fits and stupid fingerpointing and school-yard bullying.

          Another reason to abandon all hope for those that dwell here…

          As for you, I’d expect NZ to come under the auspices and ‘protection’ of bombs and missles, probably sitting on destroyers and aircraft carriers from the United Terrorsts of Amerika. NZ certainly fits the bill as a capitalist / democratic society of western corruption. I once REALLY wanted to move there to escape the absolute insanity that Amerika has become, but now, it’s doubtful that it’s any better in terms of quality of life and individual rights. You may know differently, but I stopped wishing for this some years ago.

          • October 13, 2016 at 2:00 pm
            I have personally spoken at considerable length with four members of parliament, three mayors and dozens of councilors about all the factors that matter, and even had personal sessions with the current leader of the opposition, Andrew Little, who purchased a copy of my most recent book -the one that covered practically everything that needed to be addressed. Absolutely nothing changed, and the denial and idiocy continued, unabated.

            In addition, over a period of many years during the so-called public consultation process, I presented irrefutable documentation demonstrating that the council was on completely the wrong track and was causing irreparable damage to the local community the local environment and the global environment, and that all policies and strategies were completely unsustainable . For my trouble, my presentations were totally ignored and a trespass order was issued by the utterly corrupt CEO, banning me from entering the council building.

            it is now abundantly clear to me that we are governed by utterly corrupt liars, at the national level and at the local level. And most folk don’t know and don’t care to know, which is why I no longer bother with activism and just ‘amuse myself’ on truth websites such as this, as we are driven off the edge of the cliff by The Deplorables.

  • October 13, 2016 at 12:39 am

    I forgot an item on my list: the increased chances of nuclear war with Russia on account of American antics in Syria, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

    Well, it’s an understandable oversight. Haven’t been in the habit since, oh, the Cold War ended.

  • October 13, 2016 at 5:58 am
    Here’s one problem – so called experts say things like this – that we are okay until 2052 – 36 years from now. There is no sense of urgency from the people who are supposed to be experts. Because if they made a presentation to Cambridge and told them the financial system will collapse by 2020 and the earth’s temperature will be 4C hotter by 2030, producing massive loss of life across the globe, they would never be allowed to make a livelihood teaching again.

    Today, in Cambridge, a meeting was held with several of the authors of the “Glimpses” that were part of the “2052” book by Jorgen Randers. The idea was to update the forecasts that were published in 2012.

    Randers showed the update of his model, obtained with new data and with some modifications of the model itself. In five years, there have been modest changes and the basic results of the initial model are confirmed. Basically:

    1. Randers’ model sees the growth of both the economy (in terms of GDP) and of the population up to 2052; although the forecasted population is less than 9 billion people, much lower than the UN predictions.

    2. Randers’ model doesn’t see scarcity for any resource, at least up to 2052

    3. Inequality and poverty will remain as significant problems.

    4. The model clearly says that we are NOT staying below the 2 degrees limits. Renewables will be growing fast, but so will do fossil fuels at least for another couple of decades. Randers’ climate model (a different one) doesn’t produce a “climate tipping point” for the rest of the century, but the raising temperatures will do enormous damage to the world’s economy and to people.

    • October 13, 2016 at 9:21 am

      Well, it is just a model and we all know that they do not contain every possible real variable. This one is really ridiculous (imo). I did take a look at this, several key problems and erroneous assumptions:

      #1 on the chart claims “no planetary constraints”. This is truly ridiculous. Right now, nearly 2 billion people depend on ocean fishing for food. Severe declines / collapse of ocean fisheries are underway right now (2016). Increasing population / fishing pressure will decimate fishing. Expectations are total collapse of the world’s fisheries. This resource is just one of several others expecting to go away. There is also a growing shortage of rare-earth minerals which will have a significant impact on the growth / technology paradigm.

      I just read where serious oxygen depletion is now also expected from warming oceans. Ocean phytoplankton is in serious decline. This isn’t the recent link I had read, but it’s on topic:

      No mention of the catastrophic effects of climate change and the impacts upon civilization (sea level, acquifers, drought, extreme weather events, crop losses, immigration / refugees, etc.) in the article link provided (but maybe they did gloss over this at Cambridge – I don’t know). An astounding oversight, but then again, you hit the nail on the head – spread lies of constant growth to make the corporate masters happy. It’s a “nice story” that will certainly sell more books.

      Renewables all require fossil fuels, so any increase in renewables guarantees increase in consumption of fossil fuels. We will never be free of this relationship.

    • October 13, 2016 at 12:34 pm
      A decade ago I thought Ugo Bardi’s analyses were very good. But not now. He’s too enamoured with photovoltaics, and apparently completely lacking in ecological perspective.

      Cassandra’s Legacy is a website I look at occasionally, but I rarely find anything of much value there these days.

  • October 13, 2016 at 1:37 pm
    As well as all the environmental, social and economic factors looking worse by the week, we now have the international machinations of the past century coming to a head

    ‘Iranian warships deployed off Yemen coast after US bombs Houthi targets’

    The Saker has an interesting perspective on the unravelling that is underway:

    ‘By way of deception thou shalt lose your Empire’

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